Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views? How to Fix It!

Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views? How to Fix It!

When I first jumped into the crazy world of YouTube, videos were my main thing. But as the online scene changed, with stuff like TikTok changing the game, YouTube brought out “Shorts” – their version of quick and easy content. It’s kinda like YouTube’s way of getting in on our love for mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, but with short videos. But, when I started making these tiny gems, I hit a wall: Why are my youtube shorts not getting views?

Figuring this out can be a headache, but getting why the views are low is step one. So, let’s dive into this riddle, check out the main reasons, and chat about ways to get our Shorts seen by more folks.

Reasons Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views

The cool thing about Shorts is how they can grab tons of people and blow up overnight. But like the long videos, hitting it big isn’t a sure thing. There might be some stuff holding back your Shorts from getting the love they deserve. If your YouTube Shorts are kinda just sitting there, let’s check out where things might be going wonky and how to get back on track.

Misusing or Overlooking Hashtags

youtube shorts suddenly stopped getting views
  • The Issue:

You don’t have to slap on the #shorts hashtag for YouTube to get that it’s a Short, but using this tag can give it a nice boost. For folks like me who are new to Shorts or haven’t seen a bunch of vids take off, this hashtag is like a magic wand.

  • The Fix:

Always throw in #Shorts. Remember to get that ‘s’ at the end. And if you wanna go with a capital “S” or not, like #Shorts or #shorts, it’s all good. Pop this hashtag in your video’s title or description, and you’re golden.

The Format of the Videos is Incorrect

youtube shorts not getting views
  • The Issue:

With quick mobile vids being all the rage, YouTube Shorts is trying to get in on the action. These upright vids aren’t just a passing phase; it’s how most folks are watching stuff now. Every time I spotted a square or sideways video on Shorts, I could tell something was off. These vids kinda stick out, and when you watch them the tall way, you miss a bunch of the action, making the whole thing kinda meh.

  • The Fix:

I caught on fast that I had to roll with how everyone’s watching on their phones these days. To nail it with YouTube Shorts, make sure your vids are tall, aiming for that 9:16 look. If you’re tweaking old content, keep the good stuff in the middle so folks aren’t staring at blank space. And hey, if you’re also doing the TikTok thing: chill about the TikTok logo when you put it on YouTube Shorts. Some folks think YouTube gets all mad about it, but they really don’t care about the TikTok logo.

Short Content is Not Engaging Viewers

how to get views on youtube shorts
  • The Issue:

One of the biggest challenges of creating YouTube Shorts is getting people to watch them all the way through. With a maximum length of one minute, every second counts. If people click away too soon, YouTube’s algorithm won’t favor your video.

I’ve learned that YouTube is all about what the audience wants. If your Short isn’t resonating with people, YouTube will think “nah, not this.” A mediocre one-minute video can ruin all your hard work and make your Short miss out on the spotlight.

  • The Fix:

The best way to get people to watch your Shorts all the way through is to hook them right from the start. Forget about long, drawn-out introductions. Instead, start with a bang! Use eye-catching clips or tell a captivating story to grab people’s attention.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to “show, don’t tell.” People don’t want to watch a lecture. They want to see the goods. So focus on getting your point across quickly and visually. This will keep people engaged and make your Shorts more likely to succeed.

Not Creating Enough Content

youtube shorts no views
  • The Issue:

Looking at YouTube, Insta, TikTok and all those other apps, there’s this thing I’ve noticed: you gotta keep pumping out content if you want to grow. When there’s a new shiny toy in town, like a new feature, the early birds get loads of attention. That huge start can trick you into thinking it’s easy street. With YouTube Shorts, I’ve seen folks think they’re about to blow up, dreaming of hitting the big million subs after just a couple vids.

  • The Fix:

What’s worked for me in this crazy crowded space is just making vids non-stop. I ain’t about just chilling after a couple hits. I get that you gotta keep giving YouTube new stuff to show off. Every new Short ups my chances of getting seen, and once a few take off, it can really start snowballing. Any vid could be the golden ticket, so gotta keep at it!

Youtube Shorts are Too Long

youtube shorts view
  • The Issue:

While I was goofing around with YouTube Shorts, I hit a snag: just ’cause they give ya 60 seconds doesn’t mean you gotta use every last one. Sure, anything over a minute ain’t a Short anymore, but the real trick is thinking you gotta fill up every tick to make it pop.

I’ve seen some peeps, me included, thinking more time equals better vid. But all that does is jam-pack it with extra fluff, making the whole thing kinda meh and having folks bounce before it’s done.

It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. The more you drag it out, the more folks skip out, and then your watch-time takes a nosedive. And let me tell ya, in the world of Shorts, that low watch-time? That’s the silent buzzkill, making YouTube go “nah” when it comes to showing your vid.

  • The Fix:

My game plan? Keep it snappy, not just short. If I can spill the beans in 10 or 30 seconds, that’s what I’m doing. It ain’t about maxing out that 60-second timer, but giving folks the goods ASAP.

Plus, I got wise about not throwing in those “like and subscribe” bits at the end. Yeah, it’s cool to get folks to hit that like button or whatever, but sometimes it just makes ’em click away. If they dig it, they’ll hit like or sub on their own. By ditching those extra promo seconds, peeps stick around longer and I get more love on the vid.

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YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views FAQs

Why aren’t my YouTube Shorts catching viewers’ eyes?

On my YouTube rollercoaster, I’ve figured out that just throwing up a Short doesn’t mean it’s gonna blow up. There’s a bunch of reasons it might flop. But hey, before you freak out, get this: you gotta know the game. Check out the watch time, how peeps are vibing with it, and who’s actually watching. That stuff tells you a lot and helps you switch things up.

Why do some of my Shorts suddenly stop garnering views?

Digital world’s a wild place. With big names like Netflix and Hulu hogging the scene, sometimes peeps just wanna binge long stuff. Plus, there’s a ton of Shorts out there, so even if yours rocks, it might not keep getting hits. Things change, and you gotta roll with it to keep growing.

Why aren’t my YouTube Shorts going viral?

Going viral’s a mix of a lot of stuff. Even though I cross my fingers for every Short, it boils down to smart moves online, a bunch of fans, killer content, and shouting out about it. No magic button here, but keep grinding, figure out YouTube’s quirks, and you’ll get closer to making it big.

Is it a given that all YouTube Shorts will gain views?

Here’s the real talk: YouTube’s unpredictable. When you drop a Short, it’s kinda like throwing spaghetti at the wall. Some stick and take off, and some… just don’t. Get what your peeps want and switch things up based on what works and what doesn’t.

Figuring out YouTube Shorts can be a wild ride. Creators always hit me up like, “why are my youtube shorts not getting views?” There’s a bunch of reasons, from how long it is, if peeps dig it, to even how you tag it. But if you get what’s going on and use some tricks, you can get there. Wanna level up? Dive into stuff from sites like TubeLoop Youtube Repeat videos. Keep pushing, and with a bit of luck and some smart moves, your YouTube Shorts can seriously light up.

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