Why Does Youtube Keep Pausing? 12 Ways To Fix Issue

Why Does Youtube Keep Pausing? 12 Ways To Fix Issue

We’ve all been there. You’re engrossed in a fascinating video or music playlist on YouTube, and suddenly it stops. “Why does YouTube keep pausing?” you wonder, as you hastily click ‘play’ again, hoping for uninterrupted viewing. If this resonates with you, you’re not alone. This article will delve into the reasons behind this common issue and provide solutions. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to stop YouTube from auto pausing. Let’s get started!

Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing?

When I’m on a YouTube spree, all I want is to chill without interruptions. But, as any YouTube regular knows, it’s not always smooth sailing. One of the most annoying things? Those random stops in the middle of a video. If this drives you bananas too, let me guide you through what’s up.

stopping videos
  • YouTube’s Auto-Pause Setting: One of the main culprits messing with our flow is YouTube’s Auto-Pause thingy. It’s got good vibes – it stops videos when it thinks you’re not watching so you don’t miss the good bits. But, if you’re like me and love some background noise while doing other stuff – like whipping up dinner or getting stuff done – this thing can be a mood killer.
  • Connectivity Concerns: You know, sometimes even the best Wi-Fi goes a bit wonky. When that happens, videos can just straight up stop. YouTube’s got this thing where it’ll hit pause if it senses the Wi-Fi’s acting up (unless you’re watching stuff you’ve already downloaded, of course).
  • Browser Issues: It’s kinda wild, but the web browser you’re using can actually mess with your YouTube jam. I’ve seen some browsers get all glitchy because of old cache or cookies, making videos stop.
  • Inherent YouTube Glitches: Even the mighty YouTube isn’t immune to the occasional fault or bug. Sometimes, the issue isn’t on our end but is a platform-wide glitch.
  • The ‘Break Time’ Reminder: Ever tried out YouTube’s “Remind Me to Take a Break” thing? I gave it a go, and man, that’s why my videos kept taking random breaks. If you’ve got that on, it might be why does youtube keep pausing.
  • Headphone Hiccups: Okay, this one’s a bit out there, but hear me out. Some headphones and devices just don’t play nice. If YouTube thinks you’ve yanked out your headphones, it’ll hit pause. So if you’re bouncing around with wireless headphones about to die, or if your headphone jack’s being all moody, YouTube might think it’s time to stop the music.

How to Stop YouTube From Auto Pausing?

Navigating the vast world of YouTube, I’ve often been perturbed by unexpected pauses, disrupting my seamless experience. If you too find yourself grappling with this, I’ve delved deep and have come up with some solutions that have worked wonders for me:

1. Strengthening the Internet Connection

youtube keeps pausing


YouTube needs some good buffering to run smoothly. This basically means it loads up a bit of the video before playing so it doesn’t lag. When my Wi-Fi’s acting sketchy, buffering gets all messed up. Here’s what I do:

  • Run a Speed Test: I check how fast my internet’s going with sites like fast.com.
  • Test Other Apps: I see how other apps or sites are doing. If everything’s slow, it’s probably the Wi-Fi.
  • Restart Devices: Whenever my internet’s being a pain, I restart my modem, router, or even my phone. Works like magic most times!
  • Opt for Lower Video Quality: HD videos need solid internet. If things get choppy, I tone it down to 360p or something.

2. Addressing Headphone Issues

There’ve been times when my headphones just decided to be the problem child. Be it due to age, wear and tear, or just a random glitch, headphones can be sneaky culprits:

  • AirPods and Fit: My AirPods stop playing when they think they’ve fallen out. So if you use ’em or something similar, make sure they’re sitting tight.
  • Examine Wired Earphones: Some of my old earphones got all messed up over time. Swapping them out usually does the trick.
  • Inspect the Headphone Jack: Stuff gets in there, trust me. If my headphone jack’s looking grimy, I give it a gentle clean before thinking of getting pro help.

3. Disabling the “Remind Me to Take a Break” Feature

So, YouTube rolled out this “Remind Me to Take a Break” thingy to stop us from binge-watching for hours on end. Nice move, right? But let’s be honest, it’s a buzzkill when you’re deep into a video. Here’s the quick how-to:

  • Open up YouTube.
  • Hit that Profile picture, usually top right.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ from the dropdown.
  • Head to ‘General’.
  • You’ll see the “Remind me to take a break” switch. Slide that thing to OFF.

4. Cleaning Out the YouTube Cache

Every app has this cache thing – it’s like an app’s short-term memory, holding onto bits of stuff you’ve checked out before. For YouTube, it’s bits of videos I’ve peeped. But if there’s too much cache, stuff gets wonky, causing things to freeze or randomly stop. Clearing the cache was a total game-changer. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to your phone’s ‘Settings’.
  • Jump to ‘Apps management’.
  • Find the YouTube app in the list and tap it.
  • Hit ‘Storage & cache’.
  • Then, smack that ‘Clear cache’ button.

5. Addressing Conflicting Third-party Apps

I love the zillion apps on my phone, but sometimes they don’t all get along. Maybe it’s a new app, a picky antivirus, or a VPN, but clashes can mess up YouTube big time. Here’s my fix:

  • Think about any new apps that might be causing drama.
  • Maybe uninstall the iffy ones or just give the phone a quick reboot to chill everything out.
  • With a clean slate, I fire up YouTube to see if it’s still acting up.

6. Embracing App Updates

Old versions might be laden with bugs, performance issues, or they just might not gel well with newer, updated components on my device. Here’s my routine:

  • Regularly check my app store (like Play Store) for updates, especially for staple apps like YouTube.
  • If I spot an outdated YouTube app, I swiftly update it. More often than not, this simple action rectifies auto-pausing issues.

7. Ensuring Adequate Storage Space

Apps need their elbow room to work right. YouTube’s no different – it wants its space for buffering vids or holding onto ones you’ve downloaded. And when things get too packed:

  • YouTube’s performance might stutter, manifesting as random pauses or other glitches.
  • Periodically, I sift through my device, clearing out redundant files and apps.
  • After freeing up some space, I dive back into YouTube, usually to find a smoother streaming experience awaiting me.

8. Embrace Adblockers with Caution

On more than one occasion, I’ve been taken out of my viewing groove by an excessive number of ads popping up in videos. I soon realized that a handy solution might be adblockers. Sure, lots of browsers, even Chrome, have their own ad-blocking thingies. But here’s the deal: not every ad-blocker is your friend.

why does my youtube keep pausing

After digging around and trying a bunch, I’m vibing with AdGuard. It’s not just about ditching YouTube ads; it keeps other annoying pop-ups away when I’m browsing, gaming, or whatever. And it’s got my back whether I’m on my computer, phone, or tablet.

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9. Grant YouTube Unrestricted Background Data Access

I was digging around in my phone settings and stumbled upon this thing – background data being all restricted. While it’s cool for saving data, it doesn’t always jive well with YouTube. To let YouTube have its way:

  • Head to ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  • Tap ‘SIM card & mobile data’, then ‘Data Saving’.
  • Go for ‘Data Saver’ and then ‘Unrestricted data’.
  • I make sure YouTube’s got the green light (or toggle ON), letting it run free in the background.

10. Power-Down the Battery Saver

Here’s a wild thought: that battery saver thing, meant to keep my phone alive longer, might sometimes butt heads with my YouTube time. When it’s on, it gets kinda bossy with apps it thinks are draining the juice, like YouTube. To rectify this:

  • I simply pull down the Notification Panel on my phone.
  • Locate and toggle off the battery-saver icon, and voilà!

11.Clear Your Browser Cache

Sometimes, it’s the easy stuff we miss. A chunky browser cache could be making mischief. For the Chrome users:

  • Pop open Chrome.
  • Type in chrome: //net-internals/#dns and hit Go.
  • Smack that ‘Clear host cache’ button.
  • Give Chrome a restart and you’re back in business.

12. Disable Extensions/Add-ons

Browser extensions are like the spice cabinet of the digital world; useful but can become overwhelming when overstocked. They can occasionally cross wires with YouTube.

  • In Chrome, I click on the three-dot icon (top right corner) to access the Menu.
  • Navigate to ‘Extensions’, then ‘Manage Extensions’.
  • Here, I either disable or prune out extensions that I suspect (or simply don’t use).
  • A quick browser restart, and I’m ready to test YouTube again.


Navigating the intricacies of “why does YouTube keep pausing” can often be daunting, with multiple layers of potential issues, from device settings to the platform’s own features. As I’ve personally unraveled the causes and solutions, it’s evident that understanding and addressing each factor can lead to a seamless YouTube experience. Dive into the comprehensive guides on TubeLoop to ensure uninterrupted streaming adventures.

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