How To Leave a Blank Comment on YouTube?

How To Leave a Blank Comment on YouTube?

Interacting with YouTube videos can be an unpredictable experience. While some comments can provide valuable insights, others may stir up controversy, and some are just plain bizarre. However, amidst this vast spectrum of user interactivity, have you ever wondered how to leave a seemingly blank comment?

Given the fact that millions of users post comments on YouTube every day, the digital space is constantly evolving. For many reasons, learning how to post a ‘blank’ comment on YouTube can be helpful.

Using Online Web Tool –

For a more guaranteed approach, using online tools can yield more consistent results. Websites like allow you to generate invisible text and paste it directly into the YouTube comment box.

Step 1: Visit to copy a blank space.

Step 2: Hit the Copy button to copy one blank space character.

Hit the Copy button to copy one blank space character from


Blank/Empty Text Generator

Generate several blank spaces using the provided tools. Now paste it into YouTube’s comment section.

Using a Space From the Keyboard

The traditional approach involves using a specialized kind known as a non-breaking space, also a blank character. It prevents text from wrapping to the following line, so YouTube’s anti-spam algorithm won’t delete it. Here’s how to do it:

Begin by typing your comment as usual.

After your comment’s last word or punctuation, hold down ‘ALT’ on your keyboard and press ‘255’ from the number pad (Num Lock must be on for this to work). This is for Windows users.

For Mac users, it’s ‘Option + Space.’ Once you’ve entered the space and there’s no visible text, hit ‘Enter’ to post the comment.


What is a Blank Character?

A blank or invisible character is, as the name suggests, a character that appears empty. It occupies a spot but is not visually observable, creating the appearance of nothing in the text form. 

Will my blank comment be visible to others?

If done correctly, your blank comment will be visible to others. However, remember to use this feature responsibly and avoid spamming, as YouTube’s community guidelines come first.

Does posting blank comments affect YouTube’s algorithm?

Posting blank comments in moderation should not significantly impact YouTube’s algorithm. However, excessive or suspicious comment activity could lead to your comments being flagged as spam.

After reading this post, you’re ready to embark on your YouTube commenting journey. Before leaving blank remarks, review the platform’s guidelines to use the feature responsibly. As you navigate this new terrain, remember that moderation and creativity are key. Now go forth and put your stamp on YouTube threads with innovative invisible comments! Should questions arise during your efforts, our team is here to help troubleshoot each step of the process. Just contact us so you can keep moving forward on the path to success.

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