10 Most Profitable Youtube Niches for You In 2024

10 Most Profitable Youtube Niches for You In 2024

If you’re an aspiring YouTuber looking to turn your passion into a money-making machine, finding the right niche is key. Sure, you could post videos about random topics, but building a channel around a profitable niche optimizes your chances of monetization success.

In 2024, some of the most profitable YouTube categories include gaming, finance, beauty, food, family vlogs, education, DIY projects, fitness, music, and fashion. By creating videos in these popular and engaging categories, you can attract a large viewership, work with major brands, and tap into various income streams like YouTube Partner Program ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, coaching services, and merchandise sales.

With the right niche and monetization strategy, YouTube content creation can shift from being just a passion project to a full-time business. This post will dive into the 10 most financially rewarding YouTube niches this year and how to capitalize on them.

Most Profitable YouTube Niches Overview

1. Making Money Online Strategies for generating income online attract huge views. Affiliate marketing content earns up to $22 CPM.
2. Personal Finance and Investments Advice on money management and investing earns up to $12 CPM. Crypto and stocks are popular topics.
3. Health and Wellness Fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, etc. earn $9+ CPM. High engagement and sponsor potential.
4. Education and Tutorials Kids’ learning is hugely popular. Adult tutorials also earn $9.89 CPM on average.
5. Tech, Cars, and Gadgets Product reviews and comparisons attract tech fans. Photography and automotive lead sub-niches.
6. Lifestyle Relatable vlogs about travel, family, etc. earn $3.47 CPM via ads and sponsors.
7. Video Games Gameplay videos, streaming, reviews. Major potential but $1.40 CPM due to young demographics.
8. Comedy/Humor/Pranks Wide appeal but only $1 CPM. Integrations and collabs boost earnings.
9. Motivation & Spirituality Personal growth content earns $2.50-$4 CPM from invested viewers.
10. Cooking Universal popularity, especially for recipes and techniques. Affiliate income potential.

Making Money Online

One of the most lucrative YouTube niches is centered around making money online. With countless viewers looking to supplement their income through online strategies, this niche offers major monetization potential. Videos on affiliate marketing, dropshipping, social media marketing, and building online courses can earn over $20 CPM on average. The most successful channels in this niche provide actionable tips and comprehensive guides on proven methods to earn online. They build authority by sharing their own experiences, mistakes, and insights on everything from launching a YouTube channel to dropshipping physical products. There’s high demand for quality content that cuts through the fluff and teaches viewers tangible skills for generating real income.

Personal Finance and Investments

Managing money tops viewers’ minds, landing personal finance and investments in the top YouTube money niches. With CPM rates averaging $12, creators are raking in profits by providing advice on budgeting, taxes, saving, retirement planning, investing, and more. Especially popular are videos on cryptocurrency and stock market investing. The most viewed channels feature charismatic hosts breaking down complex financial topics into easily digestible segments. They explain essential terminology, compare investment options, highlight common money mistakes to avoid, and provide actionable tips tailored to different income levels and life stages. There’s major potential to monetize by partnering with financial companies and promoting budgeting tools, investing apps, retirement calculators, and other relevant products.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness remains one of the most popular and profitable niches on YouTube in 2024. With rising interest in physical fitness, nutrition, mental health, and overall wellbeing, creators can capitalize on viewers seeking guidance and motivation. Fitness channels featuring workout routines, recipes for healthy meals, and lifestyle tips attract especially high engagement. The most successful YouTubers establish themselves as experts by sharing credible knowledge, research, and real-world experience in their niche. There’s potential to partner with relevant brands, promote supplements/apparel, offer online coaching services, and more. Views translate to profits with CPM rates averaging $9 for videos on exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and holistic wellness.

Education and Tutorials

YouTube remains a go-to source for free educational content, earning this niche over $9 CPM on average. While kids’ learning channels drive major revenue, adult audiences also flock to tutorials and courses on software, design, photography, languages, and more. Successful channels feature charismatic hosts who explain complex topics clearly and offer actionable lessons. The most profitable blend entertainment with education, using dynamic visuals, humor, and unique formats to engage viewers. Partnerships with educational brands like Skillshare or Brilliant can provide additional income streams. There is especially high demand for timely, expert-led education on new technologies, creative skills, and professional development.

Tech, Cars, and Gadgets

Reviewing and comparing the latest tech products is a major draw for YouTube viewers, making this a highly profitable niche. Specific categories like photography and automotive attract the highest CPM rates, averaging $7 and $4 respectively. General tech reviewers also earn well with $2.39 CPM on average. The most successful channels feature charismatic hosts who deeply understand the products and provide in-depth, unbiased analysis and comparisons. Useful tips, dynamic visuals, and entertaining delivery are key. However, the high equipment costs can offset earnings, so working with electronics brands as sponsors helps maximize profits. Overall, tech content satisfies viewers’ product curiosity while providing ample monetization opportunities.


Lifestyle vlogging remains immensely popular on YouTube, with broad appeal across demographics. Offering a window into the lives of creators, these videos build a sense of connection and community with their audience. Average CPM rates sit around $3.47, though competition is fierce. The most profitable lifestyle channels feature engaging hosts who share authentic, relatable experiences. Even viewers with different lifestyles tune in for inspiration, entertainment or escapism. Capitalizing on this emotional appeal, successful channels partner with relevant brands, create merchandise, and leverage other income streams. Both deep monetization strategies and strong viewer bonds set the top lifestyle vloggers apart.

Video Games

With its explosive growth in recent years, gaming content creation has emerged as one of YouTube’s most popular and lucrative niches. All types of gaming videos from gameplay commentaries to walkthroughs and reviews cater to the platform’s passionate gaming community. Major players like PewDiePie and VanossGaming draw millions of fervent subscribers. While CPM rates average a modest $1.40 due to young demographics, sponsored videos and brand integrations with gaming companies can significantly boost revenue. Building an audience around a specific game like Minecraft or capitalizing on indie horror game trends maximizes views and engagement. Overall, the massive viewership and avid fandom surrounding gaming channels offer huge monetization potential.

Comedy: Humor, Challenges, and Pranks

Comedic content is universal crowd-pleaser on YouTube, although broad appeal lowers its CPM rate to around $1. Sketches, pranks, challenges, and other forms of pure entertainment attract a diverse viewership looking for laughs, escape and positive vibes. Capitalizing on feel-good emotions, humor channels can integrate brands seamlessly through sponsorships. Collaborations are also highly engaging. While slapstick or offensive humor is risky, witty, relatable comedy builds loyal viewership. Viral challenges and giveaways also draw traffic. Success requires natural charisma, consistently funny ideas, and understanding your comedic brand. With the right tone and content format, humorous channels cultivate dedicated audiences ripe for monetization.

Motivation & Spirituality

Channels focused on personal growth, mindfulness, and motivation resonate with viewers seeking inner peace, inspiration, and tools to overcome life’s challenges. With subject matter spanning everything from meditation to life purpose, these YouTubers attract spiritually-open demographics. Advertisers value reaching these invested audiences, driving CPM rates up to $4. However, success requires avoiding dogma and connecting authentically. The most profitable channels feature charismatic hosts who share practical, uplifting advice from their lived experiences. Viewers also respond well to short motivational speeches and easy mindfulness exercises. Overall, this niche allows creators to monetize purpose-driven content.


With universal appeal, cooking remains one of YouTube’s most popular categories. Viewers visit cooking channels for inspiration trying new dishes, learning techniques, and reviewing equipment. Top creators like Tasty attract millions of subscribers with mouth-watering recipes and slick production. But niches like baking, grilling, or 10-minute meals also thrive. While CPM rates are moderate, affiliate marketing for kitchen tools and ingredients offers additional income. Sponsorships with food brands are also a natural fit. To stand out, creators should spotlight a unique style or cuisine. Producing convenient, accessible content is key, as is demonstrating real cooking chops on camera. For passionate foodies, cooking channels provide a direct path to YouTube success.

When it comes to building a lucrative YouTube channel, choosing the right niche is critical. The most profitable YouTube niches tap into viewers’ passions and provide ample opportunities for monetization through ads, sponsorships, affiliates, and more. As we’ve seen, categories like making money online, personal finance, health/wellness, education, tech, lifestyle, gaming, comedy, motivation, and cooking can all lead to YouTube success. While CPM rates vary, these evergreen niches offer devoted audiences and growth potential for 2024 and beyond. Of course, standing out requires creativity, high-quality content, and a stellar presentation style. But by strategically selecting one of the most profitable YouTube niches and leveraging multiple income streams, you can transform your channel from a hobby into a thriving business. With the right niche and monetization blueprint, YouTube fame and fortune await!

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