How to lock YouTube Screen on iPad, iPhone & Android? Quick and Easy Tips

How to lock YouTube Screen on iPad, iPhone & Android? Quick and Easy Tips

YouTube is a video sharing platform, where people come to enjoy and watch videos of all topics from interesting to sad, informative videos, tutorials,… on this platform and want to know how to lock YouTube screen, preventing the video from being redirected and discontinuity.

Moreover, YouTube’s Video Store has a lot of cartoons for children and children are always curious to discover more things around. When watching a video, children will often continue to tap the screen causing the video to move from tab to tab, changing here and there. It will be very annoying when you have to work and fix mistakes. Show you how to lock screen on youtube iPad, in today’s article, TubeLoop would like to share with you how to lock YouTube Screen on iPad, iPhone & Android.

How to lock Youtube screen on iPhone?

By going to Settings > Accessibility Shortcut, enable Guided Access.

Go to Settings then click Accessibility Shortcut

Then, from the Passcode Settings menu, choose Set Guided Access Passcode.

From the Passcode Settings menu, choose Set Guided Access Passcode

Passcodes must be entered once, then again. From this point on, you can use Face ID or Touch ID to end a Guided Access session.

Return to the accessibility menu and confirm that Triple Click Home is set to Guided Access.

You now understand how to use Guided Access to lock the YouTube screen on your iPhone. The step-by-step instructions listed above are applicable to all models of smart TVs.

If you have to share your iPhone with your child, you might also try turning off some features.

To disable features or set a time limit, triple-click either the Side or Home Screen button. Then select Options (restricted mode). Triple-click either the Side or Home Screen button once more, and then enter your passcode if Options are not visible.

Choose the options you want, then click Done.

How to lock YouTube screen on your iPhone by using Guided Access feature

You now understand how to use Guided Access to lock the YouTube screen on your iPhone. You can also close the YouTube screen on an iPhone by turning off specific hardware components.

Your toddlers can watch their preferred movies, instructional materials, and TV episodes without interruptions while the screen is locked (child lock).

How to lock iPad screen while watching YouTube

We already covered how to use the Guided Access function to lock the YouTube screen on iPhones, now can you lock iPad screen while watching YouTube?

The iPad has a similar Guided Access feature.

Take the quick actions listed below:

  1. Access Settings
  2. Select “Accessibility”
  3. Select Guided Access feature
  4. Establish a passcode that your child cannot decipher or know.
  5. Return to the accessibility menu and confirm that Triple Click Home is set to Guided Access.
  6.  Go to the app or video whose screen you want licked.

Did you know that, in addition to using the Guided Function Access on the iPad or iPhone, YouTube has a built-in feature for Parental Controls?

Instead, you can help your youngster create a YouTube Kids profile.

Parents who have logged in to YouTube Kids on their own devices can create a profile for their child. The platform supports only YouTube Kids profiles.

You can manage what your children watch on YouTube by setting up parental controls for YouTube Kids.

Select Parent Settings in the YouTube settings for your parent account that is linked.

Set the time limit
You now understand how to use YouTube’s Parental Control and Guided Access features to answer how to lock a YouTube video on iPad.

Other mobile devices, such as Android phones, also have the parental control capability. The YouTube Premium is not required to use this feature.

Be sure to use the most recent version of the official YouTube app (or the YouTube music app, YouTube kids app, or the app’s screen, depending on your choice) from the App Store. You may also utilize several helpful screen-pinning applications.

Lock screen while watching YouTube on Android

Android phones have a function called Screen Pinning that allows you to pin any app, including YouTube. Android phones have a feature called screen pinning that enables users to lock the whole device and only allow one app to operate.

One illustration of such an app is YouTube. The kids are only allowed to use YouTube thanks to this feature, which stops them from utilizing any other apps. The procedures to activate screen pinning are as follows:

  1. Select “Settings” on your Android smartphone.
  2. From the drop-down option, choose “Security”.
  3. After that, choose “Advanced.”
  4. Screen Pinning is a function that is available in the Advanced feature.
  5. If you don’t see the Screen Pinning option, it should appear on your Android device as “Lock Screen and Security.”
  6. On the Android device, enable the feature.
  7. To lock the app, open YouTube and select the Pin symbol.
  8. Screen Pinning is a setting under Security > Advanced.

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How to lock iPad on youtube app

If you want to know how to lock screen on iPad while watching youtube, simply:
  1. Choose a video that you’d like to watch.
  2. Tap settings .
  3. Tap Lock screen .

Once locked, the video player will remain locked.

To unlock your screen:

  1. Tap anywhere on the video player for the lock button to appear.
  2. Select Tap to unlock.

Other Methods to lock youtube screen for babies when watching videos

1. Using Dolphin Browser

When you lock your screen in another web browser, YouTube mobile will pause video playback. There is one exception, however: the Dolphin web browser. If you’re using Dolphin to browse YouTube on your mobile device, you can lock YouTube and start playing the video you’ve selected by hitting the Play button on the lock screen.

2. Using Musi Mobile App

If Dolphin isn’t working for you, try the Musi app. For a tiny in-app cost, you can remove the adverts, but the program is otherwise free to use. The Search tab allows you to look for a YouTube video to watch. While you cannot exit the app, you can lock it and the video will continue to play.

Musi’s downside is that it does not allow you to play/pause videos from the lock screen. The software does not interact with the music controls in the Control Center, nor does it add a player to the lock screen. To pause a video, you must first unlock YouTube and launch the app.

Many “Lock Screen apps” for both Androids and iPhones are available on the Google Play store, allowing users to lock the screen of any selected app, including YouTube. Install this program, then enable it on the device after agreeing to the terms and conditions to disable the touch screen feature.

FAQ about how lock screen while watching youtube

Is there a screen lock on YouTube kids?

You can set a custom passcode for the YouTube Kids app to lock the screen so your kids can’t exit out of it. To do this, go to Settings > Passcode Lock and then create a four-digit passcode. If you forget your passcode, you can reset it by tapping ‘Forgot Passcode?’ in the settings menu.

How to lock YouTube Screen rotation on iPhone?

When watching YouTube videos on the iPhone, you can lock the screen to prevent it from rotating by enabling ‘Portrait Orientation Lock’ in your phone’s settings. To do this, open the Control Center (swipe down from the top-right corner) and tap the icon with a circular arrow in it. This will prevent the screen from rotating when you turn your phone to a different orientation.

With the above steps of TubeLoop – a free web tool to repeat youtube videos, hope to help you successfully how to lock youtube screen on your Android and iPhone. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends. Good luck.

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