Top 10 Most Hated YouTubers: The Dark Side of Fame

Top 10 Most Hated YouTubers: The Dark Side of Fame

In the YouTube universe, while many creators shine, the tag of most hated youtubers clings to a few. I’m super into the scene and have watched stars rise and fall. Loads get mad love, but some just can’t dodge the shade. Amidst those building epic fanbases, a handful have tripped up, either sparking drama or just not vibing with everyone. I’m diving deep into the tales of those who’ve won fans but also lots of eye rolls. Let’s explore fame’s wild ride and those YouTubers who’ve become major gossip fodder.

Top 10 Most Hated YouTubers

YouTubers are usually the cool folks who chat about the tricky stuff. While lots of people dig what they say, some aren’t all that into them. I will reveal the most hated Youtubers in 2023. These people have made headlines for negative reasons.

1. Jake Paul

  • Subscribers: 20.5M

If you know YouTube, you’ve heard of this dude, and yeah, not always for the coolest reasons. I’ve watched this guy’s wild ride, from his hyped-up videos to those “Did he just do that?” moments. He’s got a knack for stirring the pot and ending up in the spotlight, sometimes for things like, say, cyberbullying or causing a ruckus in public. But gotta hand it to him, he knows how to play the game. Even with folks throwing shade, he’s still killing it with his mix of pranks, stunts, and over-the-top drama, pulling in both die-hard fans and big-time haters.

2. Logan Paul

  • Subscribers: 23.6M

Talking about the Paul bros, Logan Paul’s had his fair share of facepalms. There’ve been times I’ve just wanted to hide behind my hands, especially with that super uncool video from Japan. Along with a bunch of other iffy moves, it kinda made Logan look like he cared more about clicks than being a decent human.

Showing off his bling, doing crazy stuff – some of his videos have left peeps pretty miffed. But hey, he’s also shown he can reflect and try to do better. Whether he’s truly turned things around in everyone’s eyes, though? Jury’s still out on that one.

3. Onision

  • Subscribers: 2M

Man, I’ve been keeping tabs on YouTube for ages, and dang, Onision really takes the cake for drama. He’s kinda got this rep as the most thumbs-downed dude on the platform. He’s always been out there with his videos, and honestly, a lot of peeps aren’t down for it.

It’s not just his wild vids, filled with some real questionable jokes, but the guy’s also all over the place with beefs and scandals offline. He’s been hit with some heavy accusations, stuff like manipulation and even worse. Loads of YouTubers just keep their distance from the guy now. He’s kinda lost the plot between making edgy stuff and just getting everyone mad.

4. Tana Mongeau

  • Subscribers: 5.38M

I’ve been keeping tabs on Tana Mongeau for a hot minute, and dang, she’s seriously everywhere on YouTube! I mean, her content can totally make you go “Wait, what?”, but she’s never one to back down from drama or beef with other big YouTubers.

What’s in her videos? A crazy blend of laughs, dares, and heart-to-heart chats. She’s all in on topics some folks might dodge, like mental health and her own ups and downs. And through all the drama, she’s got a ton of fans totally hooked on her unfiltered vibe.

5. PewDiePie

  • Subscribers: 111M

When it comes to PewDiePie, it’s like he’s two different dudes in one. He’s got a crazy number of subs, like over 100 million, and man, people watch his stuff like crazy. But those big numbers don’t mean everyone’s a fan. Some of his jokes? Yikes.

He’s stepped into some real touchy areas, and folks have called him out for racism and other not-so-funny stuff. Plus, some of his fans get way intense, even going after other YouTubers. He’s got a ton of power online, but sometimes I wonder if he really gets how much responsibility comes with that. Love him or hate him, he’s always in the mix.

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6. Keemstar

  • Subscribers: 192K

So, Keemstar’s DramaAlert claims to be the go-to spot for all the YouTube tea. But, when I really dig into it, the stuff Daniel Kem, the guy behind it, puts out kinda feels more like he’s stirring the pot than actually giving us the news.

A lot of folks, including me, aren’t cool with how he seems to be all about the drama rather than just laying out the facts. Some of the things he’s said, like making fun of really sick people, are just not okay. A bunch of people online are asking YouTube if they should really keep channels like his around. Makes you wonder, right? Can the online world really be chill when it’s folks like him running the show?

7. James Charles

  • Subscribers: 23.9M

In the glam world of makeup, James Charles looked like he was the next big thing. I watched him get creative and do some pretty cool stuff with makeup. But then, things got real shady real fast.

He took a break after some wild accusations came out, and it got a lot of us thinking twice about who he really is. And that’s not even getting into some of the other stuff he’s said, like those not-cool-at-all comments about Ebola and Africa. It’s crazy how fast things change: in 2019, he lost a chunk of his followers, going from a huge 16 million down to around 13 million.

8. Shane Dawson

  • Subscribers: 19.2M

Man, Shane Dawson’s YouTube journey? Total rollercoaster. When I first checked out his stuff, it was a mix of jokes, wild conspiracy theories, and deep dives into other YouTubers’ lives. But, hidden in there, was a bunch of stuff a lot of people had big problems with.

He got called out for being racist and doing some not-so-great things. And then came June 2020, when he got wrapped up in that whole James Charles and Tati Westbrook mess. That video? People caught the racist vibes quick, and not just fans, but other big names like Jeffree Star too. For a lot of us, it made us take a second look at who we’re watching and supporting online.

9. RiceGum

  • Subscribers: 10M

So, diving into the wild world of YouTube, I’ve bumped into RiceGum’s channel more times than I can count. It’s not really ’cause he’s super entertaining, but more ’cause there’s always some drama going on around him.

He’s got this thing where he often goes after other creators, and yeah, while throwing shade is kinda common on YouTube, the way he does it with all those offensive comments… it’s just too much. And then there’s him jumping on trends, like the whole “Cash Me Outside” thing. Honestly, he seems to thrive on causing a scene. Sure, it gets him views and all, but at the cost of a lot of hate. Even with all the drama, people can’t help but watch – millions still do.

10. Jacob Sartorius

  • Subscribers: 2.92K

I remember first spotting Jacob Sartorius back in the Vine days. That app pretty much rocketed him to online fame. But when he moved over to YouTube, things got a bit messy. A lot of peeps started calling out his over-the-top vibes and how he sometimes felt out of touch. And for someone like me who’s all about being real, hearing about the stuff he was up to and whether he was really sorry… it was kinda off-putting.

When it comes to his music, there’s a bunch who aren’t fans ’cause of all the auto-tune and, well, some songs feeling a bit shallow. It’s kinda a cautionary tale about what can happen if you let early fame get to your head.

Navigating the ups and downs of YouTube is wild. A lot of YouTubers get tons of love, but no one really wants that most hated youtubers badge. Everything they do, the good and the bad, is a heads-up for anyone wanting to get into this space. From all my deep dives into this, one thing’s clear: the line between getting love and getting hate on YouTube is super thin. For more juicy bits on what’s going on in the YouTube world, stay tuned to TubeLoop Youtube Repeat.

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