10 Youtubers that live in Florida you must follow 2024

10 Youtubers that live in Florida you must follow 2024

Discover the dynamic world of YouTubers that live in Florida, a state rich in culture and creativity. In 2024, these digital influencers are not just redefining entertainment but also showcasing the vibrant life of the Sunshine State. Join us as we explore the top 10 Florida-based YouTubers you must follow this year.

10 Youtubers that live in Florida Overview

No. YouTuber Name Channel Name Subscribers Total Views Content Focus
1 Thomas Sanders Thomas Sanders 4.22 million 580 million Versatile Entertainer with Skits and Collabs
2 Penguinz0 Penguinz0 14.2 million 8.57 billion Gaming and Deadpan Commentary
3 Danny Duncan Danny Duncan 7.37 million 1.83 billion Pranks, Comedy, and Adventures
4 Monster Mike Fishing Monster Mike Fishing 2,7 million 748 million Fishing Tips, Pranks, and Adventures
5 Baby Ariel Baby Ariel 2.89 million 320 million Vlogs, Parodies, Stories, and Music
6 Jordan Mae Williams JustJordan33 2.17 million 831 million Personal Vlogs with Positivity and Faith
7 Heath Hussar Heath Hussar 2.25 million 283 million Fun-Filled Vlogs and Adventurous Content
8 Traveling Robert Traveling Robert 257K 82 million Travel Videos Exploring the U.S. States
9 Jack Tenney JOOGSQUAD PPJT 5.63 million 972 million Pranks, Surfing, Skateboarding, and Adventure
10 Funky Dineva Funky Dineva 409K 130 million Pop Culture Humor and Entertainment

1. Thomas Sanders

Remember the days of Vine, the platform that launched many of today’s digital stars? Thomas Sanders, a standout creator on Vine, has smoothly transitioned to YouTube, continuing his streak of success. Sanders, originally known for his ‘Foster Dawg’ persona, skyrocketed to fame in 2013 when he surpassed a million followers on Vine. His unique blend of humor and creativity made him a Vine sensation until the platform’s closure in 2017.

Switching his skills to YouTube, Sanders started his channel back in March 2009. As of early 2023, his channel boasted over 3.57 million subscribers and had amassed more than 335 million views across 240+ videos. His channel is a vibrant mix of content, featuring collaborations with other famous YouTubers like Lilly Singh, Grace Helbig, and Dodie Clark. These collaborations span a range of formats, from funny skits and reaction videos to engaging live streams.

Apart from his online presence, Sanders has a passion for theater and is dedicated to advancing his acting career. His musical talent, frequently showcased in his Vine and YouTube videos, led to the release of an album, ‘Ultimate Story Time with Thomas Sanders’, featuring music from his stage shows. His 2016 national tour brought his internet fame to live audiences, further making him even more known as a multifaceted entertainer. Following Sanders is not just about watching videos; it’s about experiencing a journey of creativity and entertainment.

Thomas Sanders

2. Penguinz0

Penguinz0, known for his unmistakable deadpan humor and insightful gaming commentary, has become a staple in the YouTube community. With his unique blend of dry wit and in-depth gaming knowledge, Penguinz0 offers a totally different take on the typical gaming channel.

His channel features a mix of gameplay, reviews, and comedic commentary, making it a go-to destination for gamers looking for both entertainment and insight. Penguinz0’s ability to blend humor with critical analysis of games sets him apart in the crowded world of gaming YouTubers.

Staying true to his style, Penguinz0 often dives into various gaming genres, offering his audience a wide range of content. From mainstream hits to indie gems, his channel is a treasure trove for any gaming enthusiast. His commentary extends beyond games, touching on topics relevant to the gaming community and internet culture at large.

Living in Florida, Penguinz0 brings a unique perspective to his content, often incorporating elements of his local environment and experiences. This integration adds a personal touch to his channel, making him not just another face in the digital crowd, but a relatable and engaging personality. Following Penguinz0 is more than just watching gameplays; it’s about being part of an ever-evolving conversation about gaming and internet culture.


3. Danny Duncan

Born on July 27, 1992, Danny Duncan has become one of Florida’s most entertaining YouTubers. With a flair for creating humorous and engaging prank videos, Duncan has captured the hearts of millions. As of [Latest Update], his channel boasts an impressive 8 million subscribers and over 2 billion total views, reflecting his wide-reaching impact.

Duncan’s channel is a unique blend of comedy and his love for vehicles. His passion for driving is evident in his exhilarating off-road adventures and creative car pranks. While some of his content features playful destruction of cars, it’s all part of his humorous persona, showcasing his skills and respect for automobiles.

His videos are not just about pranks; they’re a celebration of Duncan’s lively character and his ability to turn everyday situations into memorable, laugh-out-loud moments. His content quickly goes viral, often garnering over five million views within just a couple of weeks of posting. Following Danny Duncan means signing up for endless entertainment and witnessing his creative journey in the world of YouTube pranks and car adventures.

Danny Duncan

4: Monster Mike Fishing

Launched on October 29, 2015, by the dynamic duo of Monster Mike and BryanTheCEO, the ‘Monster Mike Fishing’ channel is a gem among fishing enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate the vibrant backdrop of Miami, Florida. With over 3 million subscribers and 800 million total views, this channel has established itself as a major player in the YouTube fishing community.

Monster Mike Fishing offers a kaleidoscope of fishing experiences, ranging from freshwater exploits to thrilling saltwater adventures. Their videos are packed with useful tips, innovative fishing techniques, and, of course, a healthy dose of humor and excitement. The channel is not just about showcasing fishing skills; it’s an invitation to join in on the fun and enthusiasm that Mike and Bryan bring to every episode.

Their presentation style is energetic and intense, perfect for viewers who love a lively and engaging approach to fishing content. The channel’s consistent uploads ensure that fans always have something new and exciting to look forward to. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just someone who enjoys a good fishing tale, Monster Mike Fishing is your go-to YouTube destination for a fantastic mix of education, entertainment, and extraordinary fishing adventures.

Monster Mike Fishing

5. Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel, also known as Ariel Martin, is a name synonymous with internet stardom. Rising to fame through TikTok (formerly Musical.ly) and Instagram, she has since made a significant mark on YouTube. Starting her YouTube journey in June 2015, Baby Ariel has captivated a wide audience with her diverse range of content.

As of early 2023, Baby Ariel’s channel is a powerhouse with over 2.96 million subscribers and more than 316 million total views across 216 videos. Her channel is expected to continue its growth trajectory, reaching an estimated 3.07 million subscribers.

Her YouTube content is a vibrant mix of vlogs, parodies, stories, and original music. Each video reflects her dynamic personality and creative flair. Being an influencer at heart, Baby Ariel ensures her channel remains versatile, catering to a broad spectrum of viewer interests. Her ability to evolve and adapt to various content styles keeps her audience engaged and continually growing. Following Baby Ariel on YouTube offers a glimpse into the life of a digital trendsetter who seamlessly bridges the gap between different social media platforms.

Baby Ariel

6. Jordan Mae Williams

Jordan Mae Williams, the creator behind the JustJordan33 YouTube channel, is not just a YouTuber; she’s a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a prominent figure among Florida’s female YouTubers. Since joining YouTube on June 12, 2014, she has cultivated a significant following, boasting 3 million subscribers and nearly 900 million total views.

Jordan Mae’s content is a delightful blend of personal vlogs that showcase her life’s journey, experiences, and insights. Her videos are more than just entertainment; they offer a window into her world, filled with positivity and inspiration. Her channel is a testament to her dedication to spreading joy and uplifting messages through her digital platform.

Her unique perspective as a missionary adds depth to her content, making it not just relatable but also enlightening for her audience. Jordan Mae’s channel stands out for its authentic representation of her beliefs and values, resonating with a wide audience who appreciate her sincerity and warmth.

Following Jordan Mae Williams means joining a community that values positivity, personal growth, and a deeper understanding of life’s journey. Her channel is a refreshing change from the typical YouTube fare, offering a mix of fun, faith, and heartfelt storytelling.

Jordan Mae Williams

7. Heath Hussar

Born on April 5, 1993, Heath Hussar is a Floridian YouTuber known for his engaging and diverse vlogging content. Since launching his channel on April 24, 2012, Hussar has developed a significant following, amassing 3 million subscribers and 300 million total views.

Hussar’s channel is a vibrant mix of personal life experiences, showcasing everything from extraordinary events to everyday occurrences. His ability to turn ordinary moments into captivating content is evident in his diverse video range, including unique topics like eye surgery and hair transplant vlogs. One of his standout videos, detailing the rediscovery of his stolen truck, has garnered nearly eight million views, highlighting his knack for storytelling.

Heath’s authentic and down-to-earth approach makes his vlogs relatable and entertaining. His channel offers a genuine glimpse into his life in Florida, filled with humor, adventure, and heartfelt moments. Following Heath Hussar is like being part of a friend’s journey, making his channel a must-watch for those who enjoy lifestyle and adventure vlogs.

Heath Hussar

8. Traveling Robert

Traveling Robert, a channel started in January 2011 by Cuban-born Robert and Ily, who now call Florida their home, has become a beloved travel guide for many. As of early 2023, the channel has reached over 218K subscribers and amassed 59 million views across more than 1,000 videos. By early 2023, it is anticipated to grow to around 289K subscribers.

The channel offers high-quality travel videos that do more than just showcase various American states; they provide a unique perspective on the diverse landscapes and cultures within the U.S. Robert and Ily’s background as immigrants who have fully embraced their life in America adds a distinctive layer to their content, resonating with viewers who appreciate diverse viewpoints.

Traveling Robert’s videos are a mix of informative and visually stunning content, highlighting the attractions and hidden gems across different states. Their channel serves as an excellent resource for those looking to explore America through the eyes of people who have embraced it as their new home.

By following Traveling Robert, viewers embark on a journey that’s not just about sightseeing but also about understanding the myriad facets of American life and the beauty of its vast landscape, all from a Floridian viewpoint.

Traveling Robert

9. Jack Tenney

Jack Tenney, known in the online world as JOOGSQUAD PPJT, is a true Florida gem. Born on November 1, 1994, in the scenic Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, Jack has made a name for himself as one of the state’s most renowned YouTubers. With a channel that dates back to May 16, 2007, he has amassed a staggering 6 million subscribers and over 1 billion total views.

Jack’s claim to fame lies in his uproarious prank vlogs that never fail to entertain. A day in the life of JOOGSQUAD PPJT often involves surfing on Florida’s beautiful beaches or simply enjoying the sun and sea. Skateboarding and playful pranks on friends are also staples of his content.

His videos are a thrilling mix of adventure and humor, capturing the essence of life in Florida. Even today, Jack continues to churn out vlogs and sports-related challenges that promise an adrenaline rush and endless laughter. Following JOOGSQUAD PPJT means immersing yourself in Florida’s vibrant coastal culture, where every video is an invitation to join the fun.

Jack Tenney

10. Funky Dineva

Funky Dineva, a Miami-based YouTuber and influencer, is your go-to source for humorous takes on entertainment, celebrities, and all things pop culture. With a distinctive comedic twist, he has earned the admiration of his audience and the title of Miami’s best YouTuber by Miami New Times.

This top-rated Miami YouTuber proudly defines himself as an urban pop culture critic, and his content is a testament to his witty commentary and unique perspective. Funky Dineva’s real name is Quentin Latham, but his alter ego shines as the host of a talk show on Fox Soul.

His videos are a delightful blend of humor and insightful analysis, making complex pop culture subjects accessible and enjoyable. Funky Dineva’s comedic prowess has transformed him into a beloved figure in Miami’s entertainment scene and beyond. If you’re looking for a dose of laughter combined with a sharp take on the latest trends and news, Funky Dineva’s channel is the place to be.

Funky Dineva

In the vibrant world of YouTube, Florida boasts a treasure trove of content creators who bring their unique flavors to the platform. From the comedic brilliance of Danny Duncan to the adventure-packed vlogs of Jack Tenney, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Follow these 10 Floridian YouTubers in 2024 for a dose of entertainment, insight, and laughter. And when you find your favorites, remember to enhance your YouTube experience with TubeLoop, a handy web tool for repeating your favorite YouTube videos endlessly. Happy watching!

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