10 Youtubers That Live In Arizona You Need to Subscribe To

10 Youtubers That Live In Arizona You Need to Subscribe To

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, is so much more than breathtaking natural landscapes and scorching hot summers. This southwestern state is also home to some of the most entertaining, informative, and downright hilarious YouTubers on the internet.

So if you’re looking to add some Sonoran Desert flavor to your YouTube feed, look no further than these 10 talented Arizonan YouTubers. From comedy sketches to makeup tutorials, family vlogs to gaming livestreams, these diverse channels showcase the breadth of creativity blossoming in Arizona.

Whether you want to laugh until it hurts, learn a new skill, or plan an Arizona road trip after being inspired by scenic backdrops, you’ll find it all here. So subscribe now to these top 10 YouTubers that live in Arizona and let the binge-watching begin!

Youtubers That Live In Arizona Overview

YouTuber Genre Subscriber Count Notable Features
ExtremeToys TV Family Entertainment 8+ million Adventure videos, family dynamics
TheOdd1sOut Animation, Comedy 17+ million Animated life stories, humor
FaZe Adapt Gaming, eSports 6+ million Call of Duty, eSports insights
Jaiden Animations Animation, Storytelling 12+ million Relatable stories, mental health focus
SomeThingElseYT Animation, Comedy 4+ million Animated personal stories, humor
Just Ameerah Beauty, Lifestyle 4+ million Makeup tutorials, hijab styling
Dominic DeAngelis Gaming 2+ million Minecraft content, family-friendly
Ellie Thumann Lifestyle, Fashion 3+ million Fashion hauls, Gen Z focus
J Cook Beauty, Special Effects Makeup 1 million Costume makeup, creativity
tayloralesia Lifestyle, Motivation 2+ million Candid discussions, vlogs

ExtremeToys TV

With over 8 million subscribers and counting, ExtremeToys TV is one of the most popular family-friendly YouTube channels based in Arizona. Launched in 2015 by brothers Ethan and Cole and their parents, this Chandler-based channel delivers contagious excitement through imaginative adventure videos.

Each fun-filled video features the brothers battling mythical creatures, defending against alien attacks, and waging Nerf war. While the homemade special effects may be intentionally cheesy, seeing the boys’ enthusiasm and humor makes each video a blast. ExtremeToys TV has garnered over 4.9 billion views with its signature blend of goofy antics, action storylines, and family bonding.

What really makes ExtremeToys TV stand out is its warm family dynamic. Parents Sterling and Naomi have genuine fun playing pranks and goofing around with their sons on camera. The channel shows that you don’t have to take yourself too seriously to create entertainment the entire family can enjoy.

With new imagination-filled videos uploaded almost daily, ExtremeToys TV has cemented itself as a beloved YouTube channel for kids and kids at heart. Subscribers can expect even more fun as ExtremeToys TV continues growing in 2023 and beyond.

ExtremeToys TV


Animator and comedian James Rallison, better known online as TheOdd1sOut, is one of YouTube’s biggest breakout stars. Born in Arizona in 1996, James launched his channel in 2016 to share funny stories from his life in animated shorts.

His self-deprecating humor and down-to-earth storytelling quickly struck a chord. Stories ranging from awkward school days to his love of geeky pastimes resonated with millions. TheOdd1sOut has grown exponentially to over 17 million subscribers, with over 100 videos surpassing 10 million views each.

What makes TheOdd1sOut so engaging is James’ relatable persona. While recounting embarrassing moments from his past, he exudes an endearing humility. James’ vibrant stick-figure animations and goofy voice acting bring these anecdotes to life.

While based in Arizona, James’ channel connects with a global audience through universal themes like childhood memories, introversion, and pop culture obsessions. Still just in his 20s, TheOdd1sOut has cultivated one of YouTube’s most loyal, supportive communities. With new animated shorts uploaded monthly, James Rallison continues inspiring millions to embrace their quirks.


FaZe Adapt

Hailing from Phoenix, FaZe Adapt (Alexander Hamilton Prynkiewicz) has cemented himself as one of the biggest names in gaming and eSports. He rose to fame as a founding member of FaZe Clan, the renowned competitive Call of Duty team.

On his YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers, FaZe Adapt uploads Call of Duty live streams, gaming setup tours, challenge videos, and vlogs. His high-skill gameplay commentary and tips help fans improve their own skills.

As one of the directors of FaZe Clan, Adapt has contributed greatly to building the organization into a top eSports team. His channel offers a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a professional gamer.

While known for his Call of Duty dominance, Adapt also plays various popular games like Fortnite and Minecraft on his channel. His energy and passion for gaming shines through in every play session and video.

Now 25 years old, FaZe Adapt has accumulated over 1.2 billion lifetime views on YouTube. As one of Arizona’s top gaming influencers, Adapt continues growing his brand while inspiring future eSports stars.

FaZe Adapt

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations has become one of YouTube’s most beloved animators with her candid storytelling and comical illustrations. Born in Arizona, Jaiden found her passion for animation early on. She launched her YouTube channel in 2014 while still a teenager.

Jaiden quickly garnered millions of subscribers by turning funny and relatable stories from her life into engaging animated shorts. Her down-to-earth personality and self-deprecating humor make her videos feel like catching up with a friend.

Now in her 20s, Jaiden’s channel has surpassed 12 million subscribers and 2.4 billion total views. She continues growing her audience with unique content like documenting her Pokemon challenge journey and travel stories.

While Jaiden’s channel is lighthearted, she also uses her platform to have real conversations about mental health, embracing your true self, and overcoming past struggles. Her openness resonates deeply with supporters.

With achievements like winning a 2020 Streamy Award, Jaiden Animations has solidified her reputation as one of YouTube’s top animators. Yet she remains grounded, finding humor in everyday moments to inspire others to embrace their quirks too.

Jaiden Animations


The aptly named YouTube channel SomeThingElseYT delivers animated stories and comedy like nothing else on the platform. Created by Arizona-based animator Adam Ortiz, SomeThingElseYT has amassed over 4 million subscribers with its signature blend of humor and visual flair.

Launched in 2014, Adam finds inspiration for his videos in funny moments from his own life and imagination. His animated alter ego brings these stories to life through a mix of witty narration, vibrant character art, and spot-on voice acting.

SomeThingElseYT stands out for its family-friendly vibe and positivity. The channel captures universally relatable moments like awkward gym encounters, social media mishaps, and workplace humor. Adam’s wholesome persona and contagious laugh make every video a hilarious escape.

While uniquely humorous, Adam’s animation also impresses viewers with its quality and detail. His passion for the craft shines through in each scene’s fluid motion and vivid facial expressions.

As SomeThingElseYT continues growing, subscribers can expect even more ructions of laughter from Adam Ortiz’s blend of animation talent and comedic flair.


Just Ameerah

Beauty and lifestyle influencer Just Ameerah shares her bubbly personality with over 4 million subscribers. Ameerah Navalua was born in Scottsdale, Arizona where she launched her YouTube channel in 2014.

Just Ameerah has become beloved for her makeup tutorials, hijab styling tips, comedy sketches, and positive attitude. As a young hijab-wearing creator, Ameerah empowers her audience to confidently express themselves through beauty and fashion.

Beyond the glam, Ameerah offers a down-to-earth look into her life through vlogs, family videos, and relatable chatty content. Her fans feel like they know her as more than just a beauty guru.

Just Ameerah stands out in the crowded makeup space with her signature brand of glittery looks and bold styles executed with precision technique. She makes glam accessible for beginners and entertaining for beauty enthusiasts.

Now with her own slime and makeup line in addition to a successful YouTube channel, the Arizona native continues growing her beauty empire. Just Ameerah inspires fellow creators to embrace their passions and keep making videos that brighten people’s days.

Just Ameerah

Dominic DeAngelis

Dominic DeAngelis, better known online as DomTheBomb, is one of Arizona’s most popular Minecraft YouTubers. Born in Phoenix in 1993, Dominic launched his YouTube channel in 2009 while still a teenager.

With his friendly on-camera presence and family-friendly gaming videos, Dom has built an audience of over 2 million subscribers. His channel is filled with Minecraft gameplay, reviews of new mods, and lighthearted commentary that keeps fans engaged.

While skilled at the game, Dominic’s videos appeal to beginners as well. He offers tips and tricks for players of all levels looking to improve their skills and builds. His upbeat attitude makes learning fun.

Beyond gaming content, Dominic gives fans a glimpse into his life through vlogs, comedy sketches, and videos with his friends. His charismatic personality shines whether he’s battling Creepers or cracking jokes.

Having entertained and inspired millions since his teen years, Dominic DeAngelis continues achieving YouTube success while staying true to his mission – making people smile through his one-of-a-kind brand of Minecraft entertainment.

Dominic DeAngelis

Ellie Thumann

As one of Arizona’s top lifestyle influencers, Ellie Thumann shares her stylish world with over 3 million subscribers. Born in 2001, Ellie launched her YouTube channel from her Phoenix home in 2014 when she was just a teen.

Her hauls and tutorials quickly amassed a Gen Z fanbase drawn to her trendy fashion sense and relatable personality. Ellie takes viewers along on shopping sprees, music festival adventures, and even behind the scenes of her Sports Illustrated modeling gigs.

Yet she remains down-to-earth in video Q&As and life updates, tackling topics like confidence, relationships, and overcoming struggles with honesty. Ellie empowers her young female audience to stay true to themselves.

While flaunting the latest styles, Ellie keeps her content feeling fresh with creative cinematography and editing. Her production value rivals the top YouTubers twice her age.

Only in her early 20s, Ellie Thumann has already built an inspirational lifestyle brand with her blend of aspirational content and authenticity. She represents a new generation of influencers on the rise in Arizona’s thriving digital space.

Ellie Thumann

J Cook

J Cook (Justice Cook) brings unique makeup artistry and creativity to his nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers. Born in 1998 in Arizona, Justice launched his channel in 2014 to showcase dramatic costume and special effects looks.

While just a teenager, J Cook quickly gained a following for transforming into characters like the Grinch and Freddy Krueger using only makeup and prosthetics. His talent for illusions and intricate designs leaves viewers in awe.

Beyond spooky personas, J Cook creates editorial looks drawing inspiration from fashion, nature, and cultural events. He fearlessly experiments with bright colors and bold graphic shapes on his face.

J Cook sets himself apart not only with his artistic skills, but his fun personality. His goofy sense of humor and high energy keep tutorials from feeling too technical. Fans feel like they’re learning special effects makeup with a friend.

As one of the most popular male beauty YouTubers from Arizona, J Cook continues breaking boundaries and bringing creativity to the online beauty space. His artistry both inspires and entertains.

J Cook


Scottsdale native Taylor Alesia has built an influencer career across platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Born in 1996, Taylor launched her YouTube channel in 2015 while still a teenager.

Though she doesn’t upload as frequently as some YouTubers, Taylor has amassed over 2 million loyal subscribers. Fans are drawn to her candid videos on faith, confidence, relationships, and chasing dreams. Taylor embraces her imperfections and encourages her young female audience to stay strong.

Beyond uplifting content, Taylor gives viewers a peek into her life through beauty tutorials, day in the life vlogs, and trying viral trends. She has collaborated with other top creators like the Dobre Brothers.

While YouTube may not be Taylor’s main focus, her channel captures her bubbly spirit that shines bright on all her social platforms. As one of Arizona’s top Gen Z influencers, Taylor Alesia entertains and inspires millions worldwide.


Arizona is home to some of YouTube’s biggest stars across genres like comedy, gaming, beauty, and more. Talented creators like Jaiden Animations, FaZe Adapt, and Ellie Thumann have cultivated millions of loyal fans with their unique brands of entertainment. While diverse in content, these popular YouTubers share an authenticity and passion that resonates with global audiences. As the digital media landscape continues evolving, Arizona remains a thriving hub for fresh creative talent that will shape the future of YouTube.

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