10 YouTubers in Russia You Should Subscribe To

10 YouTubers in Russia You Should Subscribe To

With over 114 million internet users, Russia has become a hotbed for popular YouTubers in recent years. Russian YouTubers are creating all kinds of entertaining and informative content, garnering millions of devoted subscribers from around the world. From comedy sketches to ASMR, pranks to travel vlogs, there’s something for everybody.

If you’re looking to expand your YouTube subscriptions beyond the English-speaking world, Russia has a lot to offer. In this post I’m highlighting 10 of my favorite Russian YouTube channels that are definitely worth checking out. From the quirky science experiments of CrazyRussianHacker to the viral whispers of GentleWhispering ASMR, these entertaining YouTubers in Russia will give you a taste of Russian culture that goes beyond the headlines.

Whether you’re learning Russian, interested in Slavic culture, or just want to discover new and unique content, I highly recommend subscribing to these 10 Russian YouTube stars. Keep reading to see the full list! Let me know in the comments if you end up following any new favorite Russian YouTubers after reading this post.

10 YouTubers in Russia Overview

Name Subscribers Content Genres Notable Video Series
TheKateClapp 7 million+ Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Vlogs Beauty tutorials, Lookbooks
CrazyRussianHacker 12 million+ Science Experiments, Gadgets, Life Hacks “Gadgets You Need,” “Science Experiments Gone Wrong”
Gazgolder 6 million Hip Hop Music, Rap, Live Performances “Вопрос Ребром,” Concert Footage
FPSRussia 7 million channel closed Weapons, Explosives, Action “Explosive Ammo,” “Grenade Launchers”
Elena Krygina 800,000+ Makeup Artistry, Beauty Makeup Tutorials, Travel Vlogs
Ruslan Usachev 3 million+ Travel, Art, News & Politics “Пора Валить” (Travel Series), “Usachev Today” (News)
Wylsacom 10 million+ Technology, Gadget Reviews Smartphone & Laptop Reviews, Unboxings
AdamThomasMoran 11 million+ Comedy, Parody, Commentary Culture & Trend Parodies,Satire
GentleWhispering ASMR 2 million+ ASMR Content Roleplays, Personal Attention, Nature Sounds
Taganay 500,000+ Pop Culture Commentary, Russian History Absurd Cinema Critiques, Ironict Histories


Boasting over 7 million devoted subscribers, TheKateClapp has established herself as a YouTube powerhouse at a young age. The charismatic vlogger from Kazakhstan has won over audiences with her bubbly personality and incredibly creative content.

Since joining YouTube back in 2010, TheKateClapp has uploaded over 450 videos which have accrued nearly a billion views collectively. Her channel offers a diverse mix of vlogs, challenges, collaborations, and gaming content – primarily focused around popular games like Roblox and Minecraft.

No matter the video format, TheKateClapp infuses her enthusiastic and playful spirit into everything she films. Her positive energy is downright infectious! She embraces physical challenges and DIY experiments with plucky humor and determination. As a gamer, she accentuates the fun of gameplay with hilarious commentary and reactions.

While completely goofy and silly on-camera, Kate also comes across as genuine and down-to-earth during personal vlogs. This balance of wacky humor and relatability enables the young YouTuber to forge strong connections with her community.

So if you’re looking for a fun, engaging channel run by a creative and dynamic young woman, check out TheKateClapp. With her video views steadily growing, something tells me this won’t be the last we see of this ambitious Kazakh vlogger!



When it comes to crazy, fun YouTube science experiments, Taras Kulakov (better known as CrazyRussianHacker) takes the cake. With over 12 million subscribers across his channels, Taras has mastered the art of creating engaging videos that educate and entertain.

Originally from Ukraine before moving to the United States, Taras brings an eccentric Slavic flair to his content. His main channel, CrazyRussianHacker, focuses primarily on off-the-wall experiments, gadget tests, DIY tutorials, and useful life hacks. No matter the video topic, Taras approaches each task with a palpable enthusiasm and passion.

What makes his videos so enjoyable is his uniquely Russian style of presentation. He essentially transports viewers into a mad scientist’s laboratory, where excitement rules the day. His thick Eastern European accent only heightens the hilarity as he fumbles through scientific mishaps and inventions-gone-awry.

When he’s not donning a white lab coat, Taras also shares glimpses into his personal life across his secondary YouTube channels. From his love of feline friends to adventures on his North Carolina farm, Taras reveals he’s more than just a wild-haired scientist.

So if you’re seeking an unpredictable, engaging educational channel run by an eccentric Slavic inventor – subscribe to CrazyRussianHacker! With billions of video views under his belt, Taras continually proves the global appeal of one wacky Russian YouTuber pursuing science in his own signature fashion.



When it comes to Russian hip hop and urban music, Gazgolder is the top destination on YouTube. As the official channel of the Gazgolder label and crew, this powerhouse channel boasts nearly 6 million subscribers and over 4 billion views.

Gazgolder formed back in the early 2000s as an independent record label focused on spearheading the rising hip hop movement in Russia. Since then, the crew has expanded into a multifaceted urban culture brand – but YouTube remains their primary hub.

The Gazgolder YouTube channel offers a mixed bag of content for fans of Russian rap, R&B, grime and more. Viewers can jam out to the latest music videos from Gazgolder artists, rewatch exclusive concert performances, or dive into interview shows like the hard-hitting series “Вопрос Ребром.”

While especially popular during the late 2000s era, Gazgolder continues to showcase new generations of Russian hip hop talent. The channel stays active with frequent video premieres, concert uploads, and audience Q&As. Gazgolder’s strong social media presence across VK, Telegram and beyond also spotlights emerging artists.

So if you want your finger on the pulse of Russia’s hip hop scene, subscribe to Gazgolder’s YouTube channel. It offers both a time capsule into Russian rap history and a platform for the future stars of the culture. Over 20 years in, the Gazgolder crew keeps proving that Russian hip hop is bigger than ever.



One of the most popular yet controversial Russian YouTubers was FPSRussia, the bombastic fictional character portrayed by American podcaster Kyle Myers. With nearly 7 million subscribers at its peak, FPSRussia became an online phenomenon thanks to its over-the-top antics with firearms and explosives.

Adopting a thick Russian accent and persona as the trigger-happy “Dmitri Potapov,” Kyle starring in adrenaline-pumping videos that showcased an impressive arsenal of weapons. Each upload featured Dmitri gleefully showcasing dangerous guns or explosives in the field – though his safety protocols were questionable at best!

While completely absurd, FPSRussia’s flashy editing and production value made the videos admittedly engaging. Between Dmitri’s wacky one-liners to the dramatic slow-motion explosions, the channel built up incredible popularity worldwide. It essentially resonated with a certain demographic who enjoyed ‘splosions and fiery chaos from a bumbling Russian character.

However, FPSRussia inevitably courted controversy across its six year run. Critics accused Dmitri of recklessly glorifying guns and violence, as videos became increasingly bombastic. Such concerns proved valid when Kyle was arrested in 2016 for possessing explosives. While charges were eventually dropped, FPSRussia was cancelled permanently.

In the end, FPSRussia demonstrated the immense influence – and risks – of weapons-focused entertainment on YouTube. And though his channel met an untimely end, the character of Dmitri Potapov still remains one of the most unforgettable Russian personas to emerge from the platform.


Elena Krygina

With over 800,000 YouTube subscribers and counting, Elena Krygina has established herself as one of Russia’s top beauty and lifestyle vloggers. The stunning social media star from Surgut is best known for her makeup tutorials, style videos, and glimpses into her jet-setting life.

After graduating university in St. Petersburg, Elena moved to Moscow in 2013 to pursue her creative passions. She soon began documenting her fabulous makeup looks and fashionable outfits through viral YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

While charming on-camera, Elena also possesses impressive artistic talents off-screen. Her makeup skills are truly unparalleled, transforming both herself and clients with show-stopping cosmetic looks. From fierce cat eyes to contouring to special effects, she constantly wows viewers with her beauty expertise.

Yet Elena offers more than mesmerizing makeup across her YouTube channel and social platforms. Fans also follow this glamorous Russian IT-girl to explore exotic locales through travel vlogs, discover new restaurants in Moscow mukbangs, and more.

With sophisticated style, bombshell beauty, and creative vision, it’s no wonder Elena Krygina has developed an enormous fanbase as an influencer. If you love makeup motivation and a glimpse into the luxe world of Russia’s social elite, subscribe to Elena today! This cosmopolitan vlogger undoubtedly has even more stunning looks and adventures in store.

Elena Krygina

Ruslan Usachev

Ruslan Usachev is no ordinary YouTuber – he’s a modern Renaissance man. Boasting nearly 3 million subscribers, this Russian creative showcases his talents across travel vlogs, artistic projects, cultural commentary, and more.

Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Ruslan brings an intellectual and avant-garde flair to his content creation. His popular travel series “Пора Валить” offers striking cinematic glimpses into exotic locales everywhere from the North Pole to Southeast Asia jungles.

Yet he also uses his channel to offer sociopolitical commentary on current events back home in Russia. His satirical news show “Usachev Today” playfully tackles controversial issues with rebellious wit.

An artist at heart, Ruslan displays further creative breadth through animated shorts, music videos, and even running his own arts festival. He essentially elevates YouTube into a multimedia canvas for his versatile vision.

However, what makes his channel truly engaging is Ruslan’s charmingly eccentric personality. He maintains a fun-loving curiosity and adventurous spirit across every bizarre experiment or global wanderlust escapade.

So if you seek travel inspiration, artistic ambition, and clever cultural insights from a uniquely Russian perspective – subscribe to Ruslan Usachev today! It’s clear this globetrotting Russian creator will continue breaking the boundaries of conventional content creation.

Ruslan Usachev


In the world of Russian tech reviewers, Wylsacom reigns supreme. The YouTube channel, run by Valentin Petukhov, boasts an astonishing 10 million loyal subscribers – and counting. Known for his humor, eccentric style and comprehensive tech analysis, Wylsacom has become the top destination for gadget fans in Russia and beyond.

Initially focusing on mobile apps and gaming, Wylsacom expanded into general technology content over the past decade. Valentin brings contagious enthusiasm to every smartphone tear-down, laptop benchmark test, or lively product review. While undeniably geeky, he also exudes a playful spirit that makes complex tech concepts enjoyable for the everyday viewer.

When not conducting lab experiments on the latest gadgets in his trademark style, Valentin also shares fun glimpses into his life through lighthearted vlogs. Yet the main draw remains his expertise. Through concise, detailed reviews, he keeps viewers up-to-date on everything new in the digital space – with a uniquely Russian twist.

So if you’re seeking Electronics expertise paired with vibrant on-screen energy, Wylsacom’s channel is a must. It’s no wonder Valentin has emerged as Russia’s favorite go-to tech guru. With his subscriber count rising exponentially in recent years, the tech sphere should definitely prepare for the growing global influence of Russia’s nerdy reviewer extraordinaire!



Boasting an impressive 10 million subscribers, AdamThomasMoran stands as one of Russia’s most popular YouTube stars. The quick-witted creator has earned fame for his unique brand of cultural and political commentary – delivered with a hilarious satirical twist.

Hailing from Russia and currently based in LA, Adam originally started his channel to showcase funny homemade sketches back in 2010. But he soon found his voice through short-form videos tackling trending news and controversies with biting sarcasm.

His irreverent humor and scathing parodies of Russian current events resonated hugely. Over the years, Adam has broadened his commentary into more universal cultural criticism, while maintaining signature wit. Fans especially love his ironic critiques of absurd internet trends and online personalities.

Yet while earning his reputation as Russia’s king of parody, Adam also exudes unexpected warmth. His frequent vlogs provide a more personal glimpse into his everyday life, family in Russia, and reflections on his career journey.

So if you enjoy incisive satire wrapped in clever comedy, make sure to check out AdamThomasMoran’s ever-growing catalog of videos. It’s evident this pioneer of Russian YouTube commentary will continue making big comedic waves for years to come!


Gentle Whispering ASMR

When it comes to relaxing ASMR content, Maria Viktorovna’s channel Gentle Whispering ASMR reigns supreme. With over 2 million loyal subscribers, her channel stands out as one of the most popular destinations for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) on YouTube.

Originally from Lipetsk, Russia, Maria has won over fans worldwide with her calming demeanor and creativity. She carefully crafts intricate ASMR worlds for viewers to get lost in – whether through fantastical roleplays, library sounds, or zen nature visuals.

Yet the core of her channel lies in those signature gentle whispers. Maria’s soothing voice, when paired with delicate sounds like scalp massages or paper crinkling, never fails to elicit tingles. Thanks to her consistency since launching in 2011, Gentle Whispering has become synonymous with sleep and stress relief for millions.

However, Maria adds an intimate personal touch as well. In vlogs and Q&As on her secondary channel “Sassy Masha,” she opens up about her life and ASMR experiences. This genuine openness enables fans to connect with the humble artist behind those viral tingles.

So if you’re seeking an inviting escape from life’s stresses – enter Maria’s peaceful sanctuary through Gentle Whispering ASMR. As one of the pioneers of the community, her magical ASMR kingdom only continues growing.

Gentle Whispering ASMR


Offering a unique comedic take on Russian culture is the YouTube channel Taganay. Run by an enigmatic host known simply as “Taganay,” this channel of 500,000 subscribers serves up ironic commentary on history, cinema, and modern Russian life.

While newer videos tackle reviews of the latest box office releases, Taganay first garnered attention through sardonic retrospectives. His documentaries analyze Soviet and Post-Soviet eras, reimagined with tongue-in-cheek narration and absurdist editing.

He takes a similarly ironic approach in critiquing Russian and Western films depicting life in his homeland. Taganay playfully picks apart inaccurate cliches and tropes for comedic effect – showing he knows Russia better than any Hollywood director.

Yet his channel also provides glimpses into authentic local experiences. Earlier vlogs followed Taganay across Russia as he showed viewers majestic landscapes, extreme sports, and distinctive cultural sites from his youth.

So if you enjoy an unconventional lens into the Russian experience, make sure to check out Taganay’s ever-growing media library. With videos nearing 100 million views, his unique deadpan humor clearly resonates widely – both in and outside of Russia!


As you can see, Russia has developed a vibrant and varied YouTube landscape over the past decade. The top YouTubers in Russia are finding immense success – and international fandoms – by showcasing their unique talents, perspectives, and creative visions through engaging videos.

From the wacky science experiments of CrazyRussianHacker to Gazgolder’s platform for rising hip hop stars, these Russian creators are defining what content creation looks like in their country. Figures like Ruslan Usachev and TheKateClapp are also putting Russian culture on full display, whether through travel vlogs or beauty tutorials.

Other popular Russian YouTubers are making more universal connections despite cultural barriers. Channels like Gentle Whispering ASMR, FPSRussia and Taganay may represent Russian backgrounds, but the niche entertainment value keeps global viewers hooked.

Ultimately while their content may be in Russian, the appeal of these entertaining, informative and inspiring YouTubers in Russia continues growing worldwide. So next time you browse YouTube looking for something new, consider checking out a popular Russian channel or two! You never know what unique perspectives or talents you may discover by going beyond the English-language sphere.

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