10 Youtubers From Michigan to Subscribe To 2024

10 Youtubers From Michigan to Subscribe To 2024

From comedy sketches to gaming streams, Michigan has emerged as an unexpected hotspot for talented YouTubers captivating global audiences. Though the Mitten State is better known for its automotive industry and Great Lakes vistas, a vibrant community of creative entrepreneurs has taken to YouTube to share their passions. In a digital age where anyone can build an international following with some talent and hustle, these Michiganders are putting their state on the map.

This blog post will shine a spotlight on some of the most popular, unique and fast-rising YouTubers from Michigan. We’ll get to know the diverse voices and creative talents behind channels spanning everything from music reactions and food challenges to family vlogs and video game commentaries. Along the way, we’ll explore how these stars built their enthusiastic followings, overcame early struggles, and blazed their own trails as digital media mavericks repping the Great Lake State.

From small town upbringings to studios in Detroit and beyond, the journey of these famous Michigander YouTubers says as much about the promise of internet fame as it does the underrated magnetism of Michigan. Join us as we discover how they’re reinventing what it means to be an entertainer in the 21st century – and putting a distinctly Michigan spin on YouTube stardom.

Top 10 Youtubers From Michigan Overview

Name Subscribers Total Views Known For
Tyler Oakley Over 7.5 million 638 million LGBTQ+ advocacy, comedy videos
Queen Naija 5.15 million 1.4 billion R&B music, vlogs
Colleen Ballinger Over 8 million Over 1.9 billion Comedy as Miranda Sings
CoryxKenshin 17.8 million 7.5 billion Gaming walkthroughs and commentary
Shane Dawson 7.77 million 133 million Controversial comedy, documentaries
PontiacMadeDDG 3.28 million 518 million Pranks, parody music
Roman Atwood 15.4 million 5.5 billion Prank videos, family vlogs
Chris Sails 3 million 27 million Post-breakup vlogs, music
Chloe Moriondo 3 million 218 million Indie ukelele music
Kenny Knox 296,000 9.7 million Comedy vlogs, challenges

Tyler Oakley

If there’s one Michigander who embodies the promise of YouTube fame, it’s Tyler Oakley. Hailing from the small town of Jackson, Tyler began making videos in his bedroom as a young gay teen, using humor and fierce authenticity to document his life. What began as a creative outlet soon spiraled into a bonafide viral phenomenon.

Today, Tyler hosts three YouTube channels with over 7.5 million combined subscribers and 638 million lifetime views. Thanks to his frank discussions around LGBTQ+ issues and larger-than-life personality, he has become a leading LGBTQ+ icon for millennials. Even former President Barack Obama named Tyler as one of his favorite social media influencers.

Tyler rose to YouTube royalty not only through his candid videos about his personal experiences, but his effervescent charm in collaborations with today’s top celebs and YouTubers. Whether conspiring with Darren Criss in comedy sketches or interviewing Michelle Obama on serious issues, Tyler always brings his courageously authentic self to the screen.

Now building an empire that spans books, podcasts, TV and activism, Tyler shows no signs of slowing his mission to empower LGBTQ+ youth. In the process, he has cemented his status as Michigan’s undisputed YouTube trailblazer – one who transformed the trajectory of online video with his bold, unapologetic voice. For any aspiring Michigan YouTuber, Tyler Oakley remains the quintessential model of turning small town roots into global influence.

Tyler Oakley Youtuber

Queen Naija

Before she topped charts as an R&B singer-songwriter, Queen Naija was a YouTube vlogger captivating fans with her infectious personality. Born in Ypsilanti and raised in Detroit, Queen launched the popular channel “Chris and Queen” with her then-husband in 2016. Though the channel ended after their divorce, Queen rebounded quickly by launching her self-titled channel in 2017.

Leaning into her vocal talents, Queen began sharing covers and original songs that blended hip hop and R&B with relatable, diary-entry lyrics. Her breakout hit “Medicine” catapulted her to over 300 million YouTube views as fans connected deeply with the track’s themes of overcoming heartbreak. She swiftly signed to Capitol Records and began releasing Billboard-charting singles through 2018 and beyond.

Today, Queen Naija stands tall as one of the most-subscribed-to black female YouTubers in America, with over 5 million loyal followers. Having just dropped a new album in 2022, she continues using the platform that made her famous to gift fans acoustic versions of her hits, bumping vlogs and inside studio access. The small town Michigan native has even seen her fame come full circle through a sponsored video partnership with Chrysler.

Thanks to the authentic voice and talent that first resonated through a web camera, Queen Naija is now his rising to the forefront of R&B while still keeping YouTube close as both her creative sandbox and megaphone to the world. The Detroit songstress continues to inspire both listeners and creators everywhere that viral success can spring from the most genuine of roots.

Queen Naija Youtuber

Colleen Ballinger

Before catapulting to fame through her alter ego Miranda Sings, Colleen Ballinger charmed fans for over a decade with her popular “Colleen Vlogs” channel. Hailing from Santa Barbara, CA but planted firmly in Michigan after college, Ballinger broke out in 2008 by lip-syncing viral pop songs with her own quirky flare.

This initial momentum soon paled in comparison to the stratospheric success of Miranda Sings – Ballinger’s fictional talentless singer whose atrocious voice, misplaced arrogance and clownish garb parody the horrors of stage moms everywhere. With over 2 billion views across two channels, Miranda Sings has garnered Colleen Netflix specials, a #1 book on the NYT Bestseller list, and even a Broadway show.

Yet the YouTube icon remains loyal to her vlogging roots by continuing near-daily uploads that pull back the curtain on her writing sessions, cross-country travels and life as a new mom settled in LA. Thanks to her masterful juggling of comedy personas with authentic glimpses into her world, Colleen retains an incredibly loyal fanbase of over 8 million subscribers and growing.

While Miranda Sings may be the character that made Colleen Ballinger a household name, her journey from small-town Michigander to YouTube’s comedy queenpin shows how versatility and creative courage can transform passion into influence. She remains an inspiration for creators everywhere working to find their voice – no matter how off-key it may be!

Colleen Ballinger Youtuber


In an era where loud, over-the-top reactions reign supreme on gaming YouTube, CoryxKenshin stands out for his thoughtful commentary and chilled-out humor. The Detroit native, known affectionately by fans as the “Samurai”, built his following by slicing through horror and action video games while keeping spirits light with running gags and self-deprecating jokes.

In under 15 years, Cory has ascended to the upper echelon of YouTube gamers with nearly 20 million loyal subscribers. They tune in daily to see his signature kimono-clad, anime-inspired avatar tackle the latest releases – be it wincing through Five Night’s at Freddy’s or mastering Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Yet his gentle charisma and observational style keeps the focus on the games themselves rather than dramatic theatrics.

While health issues forced Cory to take breaks from creating, his transparency and perseverance only strengthened the “Kenshin Klan” community backing him. After resettling back home in Michigan, he continues uploading regular videos and vlogs that offer a window into his creative process.

As one of the most recognizable gamer personalities today whose calming presence counters the noise, CoryxKenshin shatters assumptions about what a top YouTuber can be. The samurai’s saga proves that laser focus, positivity and strong roots may be the most unstoppable traits of all.


Shane Dawson

You’d be hard-pressed to find a YouTuber who has shapeshifted more times than Shane Dawson. Originally a California kid before moving to Michigan, Shane burst onto the scene in 2008 with outlandish sketch comedy that often toed the line. But he soon reinvented himself as a documentary pioneer, bringing empathy to videos on internet controversy figures. Shane’s willingness to explore the fringe connected big time, raking in over 20 million spellbound subscribers.

Of course, resurfaced footage containing slurs led to lost deals and demonetization. After a year away, a humbled Shane returned to face his offensive past head-on via raw vlogs about therapy and growth.

While still divisive, his influence on long-form YouTube formats and propelling beauty influencers can’t be ignored. Today, with 7 million faithful fans awaiting his next move, Shane remains Michigan’s most unpredictable creator. Like his spirit animal the chameleon, we can never count Shane out from shedding his skin once again. Love him or hate him, his ever-shifting career serves as both cautionary tale and profile in resilience for anyone striving to evolve.

Shane Dawson Youtuber

PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS

When it comes to high-octane prank videos, few YouTubers bring the creative vision and humor of PontiacMadeDDG (or DDG for short). Hailing from the town that bears his channel’s namesake, DDG combined comedic skits and parody music to quickly cultivate a base of loyal followers after launching his channel in 2014.

While earning fame as a recording artist, DDG never abandoned the YouTube platform that launched him. He continues unleashing weekly vlogs and sketches that rack up millions of laughs. Fans dig his cool yet chaotic style – whether he’s doing extreme challenges with friends or baiting strangers with lighthearted traps.

Now branching into gaming streams and entrepreneurship, DDG builds his empire without losing touch with his Michigan hometown roots. He reminds aspiring creators that personality and persistence conquer all – even for a kid starting out in his Pontiac bedroom.

With over 3 million subscribers and counting, DDG represents the blueprint for converting YouTube stardom into a multi-platform empire. And the playful prankster proves Michigan remains a secret hotbed churning out talent ready to take over the internet. Judging by his unstoppable momentum, DDG won’t be the state’s last breakout star.

PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS

Roman Atwood

Few personalities have revolutionized prank culture and vlogging like Roman Atwood. Born in Ohio but an adopted Michigander, Roman transformed his passion for camcorder tricks into a YouTube empire of over 15 million subscribers. He rode the wave of viral stunts in the early 2010s before pivoting to document his growing family.

In his prime, Roman’s sly hidden camera tricks accumated over 1.4 billion views and cemented his status alongside legends like Remi Gaillard. But drama in his personal life led Roman to find new purpose through uplifiting family vlogs. Now settled down with wife Brittney and their three young kids, Roman gives fans intimate daily glimpses into the controlled chaos of parenting.

While pranks took a backseat, Roman’s evolution shows the power of adapting with your audience. He continues leveraging his name to sell Smile More apparel and pursue passion projects while remaining YouTube’s beloved patriarch.

From spearheading the prank genre to becoming a father figure for millions, Roman Atwood’s journey proves Michigan helps breed some of YouTube’s most enduring stars. And across reinventing himself multiple times, Roman stays genuine – a trademark of Great Lakes State creators.

Roman Atwood Youtube

Chris Sails

When popular “couple channel” stars Chris and Queen abruptly split, most expected Chris Sails’ creator career to sink. But the Detroit-born vlogger defied the odds by launching his self-titled channel just months after the breakup and continuing his rapid rise.

Chris won over nearly 3 million loyal subscribers by providing raw glimpses into his new single life. His candid vlogs, pranks and music videos offer an aspirational yet honest look at reinventing oneself after heartbreak. Fans dig Chris’ confident but vulnerable style as he copes with change through humor and self-motivation.

While his relationship crumbled, Chris’ creator empire only grew stronger. He exemplifies resilience by turning trauma into creative fuel. And by diversifying between videos, rap songs and entrepreneurship, he ensures longevity whether times are turbulent or calm.

Not many could transform a public breakup into renewed purpose and an expanded fanbase. But Chris Sails’ journey from Detroit underdog to inspiration for the post-breakup glow up shows why the Motor City and YouTube remain the perfect launchpads for unconventional success stories.

Chris Sails Youtube

Chloe Moriondo

At just 21 years old, Royal Oak native Chloe Moriondo has already cemented herself as one of YouTube’s most promising young indie artists. First picking up a ukulele at age 9, Chloe began sharing covers and originals on the platform as a teenager in 2013. Her relatable lyrics and mesmerizing vocals quickly garnered attention within folk circles.

Now with over 200 million total views, Chloe has evolved into a bonafide Gen Z songwriting icon. Her recent album “Blood Bunny” spawned viral hits that highlight her lyrical maturity, showcasing self-aware takes on relationships and mental health.

Yet the ukulele remains a staple of her lo-fi aesthetic, with many songs recorded casually at home. It’s this intimacy and honesty that has earned Chloe diehard supporters of all ages. Proving herself a relentless DIY artist, she handles her own editing, merch and even tour booking through Patreon.

At just the start of her career, Chloe Moriondo has already broken out by sticking to her musical guns. The small town Michigan native exemplifies how young artists can nurture global fanbases by embracing their unique creative voices. With her star rising rapidly, Chloe may soon take the folk-pop throne as the Great Lake State’s preeminent YouTube songstress.

Chloe Moriondo Youtube


When Vine shuttered in 2016, many of its top stars faded out of the limelight. But Detroit’s Kenny Knox quickly pivoted to YouTube and Instagram to keep his momentum alive. Known for comedy sketches and collaborations in Vine’s heyday, Kenny translated his highenergy presence to vlogs, challenges and Q&As.

Now managed by the influencer agency Viral Nation, Kenny has steadily built his new-media empire to over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and millions of video views. Fans dig his magnetic on-screen persona and contagious smile – whether he’s documenting his globetrotting travels or pulling hijinx on friends back home.

As one of Michigan’s top digital creators, Kenny Knox embodies the hustle required to reinvent oneself across platforms. He proved Vine’s closure wasn’t the end for talented personalities willing to evolve. And as his YouTube empire expands, Kenny paves the way for Detroiters to leverage personality into online longevity.


As this wide-ranging snapshot shows, Michigan has emerged as an unexpected hotspot nurturing some of YouTube’s biggest rising stars. From comedians and musicians to family vloggers and gamers, the Great Lakes State boasts impressive homegrown talent captivating millions of viewers. These creative and resilient YouTubers From Michigan have turned their passions into global online platforms thanks to authenticity and sheer hustle. Their journeys speak to the underrated magnetism and work ethic of Midwest creators, paving trails for future voices yearning to turn small town dreams into viral reality. So while the state flies under the radar, its impact on YouTube culture cannot be ignored – and likely more viral sensations await discovery.

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