Top 10 Best YouTube Tarot Reading Channels In 2024

Top 10 Best YouTube Tarot Reading Channels In 2024

In our modern digital era, where information and entertainment are readily accessible, one enigmatic world that has piqued the interest of many is the world of YouTube tarot reading. Some see it as a unique method to uncover the unknown, while others find it mysterious, even skeptical, believing it impossible to predict the future through a deck of cards. In this article, we aim provide you with insights into the world of YouTube tarot card readers. In contrast to the online mystique, you’ll discover that these talented individuals are, in essence, everyday people who have honed their craft and are eager to share their knowledge.

How do YouTube Tarot Readings Work?

If you’re drawn to the captivating world of Tarot, you’ve likely encountered the concept of “intuition” or that unmistakable “gut feeling.” Learning to trust and follow your intuition can be a powerful tool in navigating the complexities of life.

Amid the vast sea of videos available on YouTube, imagine closing your eyes for a moment and seeking guidance to find the perfect video, whether it’s for personal insight or to address a burning question.

It matters not who you direct your request to—be it your spirit guides, departed loved ones, a higher power, or even your own inner wisdom. Afterward, you sift through the search results, carefully selecting the video that resonates with you the most.

The majority of tarot readings on YouTube fall into the category known as “Pick a Card” readings. Some may be themed, focusing on topics like love or career, while others offer general readings reflecting the current energies.

In “Pick a Card” readings, you’ll typically encounter an array of cards, decks, or stacks to choose from. The reader will encourage you to select the one that intuitively draws you in. Trust that your inner guidance will lead you to the right choice, and that the cards selected will hold relevance and accuracy for your current life circumstances.

Even if the specifics of a reading don’t seem to align with your life at that moment, there’s often wisdom and insight to be gleaned. You can approach these readings with skepticism, highlighting any inaccuracies, or you can embrace the potential for valuable insights and clarity that each reading can offer.

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10 Free YouTube Tarot Reading Channels

As you journey through the fascinating world of YouTube tarot readings, you’ll discover a multitude of talented and insightful readers who are ready to guide you on your path. Here are ten free YouTube tarot reading channels to explore and gain valuable insights:

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Pamela Georgel

Pamela Georgel, also known as Pam, is a renowned tarot reader on YouTube. With a channel dating back to 2014 and over 128k followers, Pam offers a wealth of knowledge through her 1.6k+ videos. Besides tarot readings, she also dives into psychic insights. Connect with her through email or follow her on social media for more insights.

Divine Love Tarot

Sai, the creator of Divine Love Tarot, provides clarity and guidance to her 44k+ followers since starting the channel in 2018. Her 1k+ videos cover a wide range of topics, and she even offers personalized readings for those seeking deeper insight. Watch her weekly couple readings for relationship guidance.

Tyler’s Tarot

Tyler’s Tarot, established in 2016, boasts a substantial following of over 555k subscribers. While personal readings aren’t available, the channel offers a treasure trove of over two thousand informative videos. Based in the United States, Tyler’s Tarot is an excellent resource for gaining a broader understanding of the tarot.

The Gem Goddess

The Gem Goddess stands out in this list with an impressive 815k subscribers, making it one of the most popular tarot reading channels on YouTube. Established in 2015, it has garnered an astounding 70 million views. This channel serves as a unique space for sharing inner thoughts and seeking genuine advice and insights. While live feeds aren’t part of the offerings, The Gem Goddess provides engaging stories, shorts, and a related channel called “Gem” featuring personal vlogs. Explore various playlists for zodiac predictions, astrology lessons, tarot readings, spiritual insights, and meditation sessions.

Shonnetta’s Divine Tarot

Shonnetta’s Divine Tarot is helmed by Shonnetta, a psychic and tarot card reader. This channel, which started in 2016, boasts an impressive 592k subscribers, making it one of the top channels in this list. Shonnetta is also a Shamanic practitioner, offering a unique perspective on spiritual insights. Explore her videos and playlists to gain insights into her work. If you feel a connection, you have the option to book a personal insightful reading, where she guides you through matters of divine energy and spirituality. Membership details are available on her YouTube channel, and you can find more information on her website. Dive into her videos for valuable insights into money magic and more.

Nicholas Ashbaugh

Nicholas Ashbaugh is a seasoned Tarot card reader with a YouTube channel dating back to 2013. With an impressive following of approximately 347k subscribers, Nicholas doesn’t offer personal readings, but he possesses many intuitive gifts, including reading and empathy. Tune in to his live streams on specified days, where he shares short stories and concise yet informative content. You can also connect with Nicholas on social media for updates and insights.

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Indigo Mystery

Indigo Mystery, a relatively new tarot card reading channel, hails from the United States and began its journey in 2017. Despite having just over 80k followers and 1.5k video uploads, the channel offers valuable content. While live streams aren’t a part of this channel, the community engagement is thriving. Join discussions, exchange opinions, and explore content related to weekly forecasts, emotions, celestial phenomena, zodiac signs, and horoscope tarot readings.

Astro in Wonderland

Astro in Wonderland, led by Ella, is renowned for being one of the best tarot readers and astrologers on YouTube. With over a decade of experience and a global journey that spans more than 30 countries, Ella has honed her expertise. Despite starting her channel in 2018 and having approximately 82k subscribers and fewer than 500 videos, her knowledge in tarot readings shines through. While there are no live streams, Ella’s insightful shorts make for an engaging watch.

Irish Gypsy Psychic

Irish Gypsy Psychic is a tarot card reading channel that traces its origins back to 2011. With around 69k followers, this channel distinguishes itself with private readings available via Skype, phone calls, or other means. Session durations are flexible, ranging from 5 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on your preferences. You can seek answers to questions related to compatibility, love, career, or finances. Quick responses to queries via email or videos ensure a unique, personalized experience.

The Quietest Revolution

The Quietest Revolution, led by Amber Khan, is a captivating YouTube channel focused on tarot card readings. Amber, a renowned tarot reader from New York, started this channel in 2015. While the subscriber count is around 260k, the channel offers a delightful mix of psychic readings and meditation sessions. There’s no mention of private readings, as the emphasis is on having a fun and informative experience while exploring psychic insights. Check out the website and videos for a unique perspective on tarot.

Are the Tarot Readers on YouTube Reliable?

Determining the reliability of tarot readers on YouTube can be a nuanced task due to the vast diversity of practitioners on this influential platform. As mentioned earlier, this world hosts a spectrum of individuals, including genuine experts with a deep-rooted understanding of esoteric spiritual practices, as well as those with less noble intentions seeking quick financial gains.

To navigate this landscape effectively, we suggest exploring multiple tarot readers to identify those with whom you feel the most comfortable and aligned. Delving into the comments section beneath their videos can offer valuable insights into their authenticity and the impact of their readings on their audience. Additionally, conducting a quick Google search on a tarot reader can provide further background information and reviews from other users.

It’s important to note that many seasoned and knowledgeable tarot readers utilize YouTube as a free platform to impart education, guidance, and support to their viewers. Their dedication to sharing insights and wisdom with the public reflects a commitment to the art of tarot and the well-being of their audience.

For many tarot readers, YouTube serves as a gateway to building a dedicated following, which, in turn, may lead to opportunities for private readings and consultations. This symbiotic relationship underscores the significance of their paying clients in sustaining their practice. So, while there may be a mix of motivations among YouTube tarot readers, it’s essential to approach your exploration with discernment and an open mind to uncover the trustworthy and reliable guides within this captivating world.

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Is it Possible for Anyone to Become a YouTube Tarot Reader?

In a word, YES. But the path to becoming a successful YouTube tarot reader entails more than mere desire—it requires dedication and effort. The YouTube platform is teeming with psychic practitioners and tarot enthusiasts, making it essential to stand out if you aim to build a substantial audience.

Creating a significant presence on YouTube involves two key aspects: delivering high-quality content and maintaining an honest and credible online persona. Viewers are discerning, and they won’t hesitate to disengage if they sense that a tarot reader lacks genuine expertise or authenticity.

Some tarot readers effortlessly connect with their audience by sharing personal life stories and engaging in Q&A sessions, allowing viewers to get to know them beyond their tarot readings. On the other hand, some prefer to keep their focus strictly on tarot-related content, revealing little more than their skilled hands deftly shuffling and laying out the cards.

The road to becoming a YouTube tarot reader is open to all, but the journey to success demands a commitment to producing valuable, insightful, and authentic content. By striving for both quality and transparency, aspiring tarot readers can carve their own unique path in this captivating online world.tarot with youtube


In the enchanting world of YouTube tarot reading, countless channels offer valuable insights and guidance. From renowned readers like Nicholas Ashbaugh to newer gems like Indigo Mystery, these channels provide a wealth of knowledge and spiritual exploration. Whether you seek zodiac predictions, meditation sessions, or personalized readings, these tarot readers on YouTube offer a diverse range of content. Follow TubeLoop for more useful information and embark on a journey of self-discovery through the captivating world of YouTube tarot readings.

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