YouTube Keeps Crashing? Quick Fixes & Solutions Guide!

YouTube Keeps Crashing? Quick Fixes & Solutions Guide!

I don’t know about you, but I often hit up YouTube for a quick chuckle, a cooking how-to, or to see what’s new with my favorite vloggers. Now picture me freaking out when, right as I’m mastering a recipe or getting to the juicy part of a video, YouTube keeps crashing. A lot of us get this, especially since YouTube is our go-to for fun and learning stuff. If you’re feeling this, you’re with the squad. There’s loads of stuff, like old app versions, weird network vibes, and plain old device drama, that can mess up our YouTube groove. Hang tight, we’re gonna dive into why this happens and give you the lowdown on getting your YouTube jam back on track.

Why Does YouTube Keeps Crashing on Your Smartphone?

youtube keeps crashing iphone

Feels like my phone’s ghosting me mid-convo. But before we all rage-quit, let’s figure out the drama.

  • An Outdated App: A lot of times, it’s just our YouTube app being old-school. Vintage might be cool for vinyl and thrift store tees, but not so much for apps.
  • Insufficient Storage: Think about cramming your squad into a tiny car. Tight squeeze, right? That’s your phone when it’s out of storage, and YouTube’s like, “Nope, I’m out.”
  • The Web of Network Issues: YouTube’s all about that strong Wi-Fi life. Got a weak signal? Expect YouTube to be like a toddler throwing a tantrum.
  • YouTube’s Down Time: Sometimes YouTube itself needs a break. Server mess-ups or cyber weirdness means we gotta chill and wait for it to wake up.
  • Interfering Third-Party Apps: You know when you’re vibing to a tune, and someone kills the mood? Some apps do that to YouTube, making it crash and burn.
  • Device Software Glitches: Sometimes, our phones just decide to join the dark side. If the system’s acting up or there are some funky files, YouTube’s gonna trip and fall.

Dive in to discover why your YouTube comments aren’t showing and grab the ultimate guide to fixing it!

How I Tackle the “YouTube Keeps Crashing”

Every time I hit that annoying “YouTube keeps crashing” pop-up on my phone, I’ve got this cool little fix-it routine down pat. Let’s dive in, so next time YouTube throws a fit on you, you’ll know just what to do. Alright, game faces on, let’s tackle this!

1. Restarting Your Smartphone

youtube app crashing

You know how sometimes all you need is a quick nap to get back in the game? Phones kinda need that too. A quick off-and-on can be a total game-changer. Like, when YouTube’s giving me the cold shoulder, I just let my phone catch some Z’s and usually, when it wakes up, YouTube’s ready to play nice again. That mini meltdown it had? Often sorted with a little power nap.

2. Update Your YouTube App

youtube crashing

Every once in a while, my YouTube starts acting all high and mighty. And I’ve clocked that keeping it fresh and updated sorts that attitude out real quick. See, it’s not just about being all trendy and new. YouTube’s peeps are always jazzing things up, fixing little monsters inside it and adding fun new stuff. By chilling with an old version, I’m not just missing out on a smoother ride but also some of the fun new tricks they’ve added.

3. Don’t Overcrowd Your Phone

Here’s the lowdown: my phone’s space isn’t just a closet for all my pics and random apps. It’s kinda like the magic juice making sure everything, including my fave YouTube, is rolling smooth.

Check it: when my phone’s getting too full, it’s not just being a drama queen. It’s kinda hinting that apps like YouTube might soon start throwing tantrums. YouTube and other apps kinda need their own space to do their thing. And if my phone’s nearly maxed out, sometimes it’ll just shut stuff down so it doesn’t go totally bonkers.

I’ll toss some files up into the cloud or dump ’em onto a hard drive. And for a mega clean-up party, the Google Files app is my go-to wingman. With that baby, I can spot and zap useless files, apps collecting dust, and more.

4. Network Issues

youtube app keeps crashing

When YouTube starts acting all snail-paced on me, keeps buffering like it’s 1999, or flashes that “500 internal server error”, it’s a dead giveaway my network’s being a diva.

First thing I do? Often, I’ll hit up – a nifty little tool that shows if my internet’s got its groove on. I just pop that URL into my browser, do a quick test, and bam! I’ll know if my speed’s chugging along at at least 1 Mbps. Just a heads-up, though – while YouTube can grind it out on slower speeds, to get that crispy video and skip-free watching, you’re gonna want things faster.

5. Check YouTube’s Pulse

Before I start thinking my YouTube’s gone rogue, I like to see if YouTube itself is taking a little nap. Yep, sometimes the big YT might be down for a bit, maybe doing a lil’ maintenance, getting a fresh update, or even having a hiccup thanks to some pesky cyber rascals.

Quick tip: to see if YouTube’s on a break, I jump onto Down Detector. I get the 411 on what’s up with YouTube. If it’s napping, it’ll tell me. Plus, I can peep at any outage reports from other peeps over the last day.

6. Force Stopping the YouTube App

Apps can be like moody cats sometimes, YouTube included. When it’s acting all kinds of crazy, I’ve found that a little “time out” does wonders. Yep, I’m talking about force-stopping the app. This isn’t just about the current tantrum; it’s about stopping any behind-the-scenes drama that might be causing the fuss.

Think of force stopping as giving the app a lil’ break. It’s a quick move, but it’s saved me from losing my marbles more times than I can count.

7. Clearing the YouTube App Cache

You know how sometimes our rooms just need a good tidy-up? Our phone’s kinda the same. There’s this thing called ‘cache’, and when YouTube starts acting all glitchy, this is the first place I check. Think of the cache like your room’s junk drawer – after a while, stuff piles up, and you just gotta dump it out and start over. So, when giving YouTube the ol’ restart doesn’t help, cleaning its cache is my Plan B.

Doing this every so often keeps YouTube running smooth and keeps my phone feeling all sprightly.

8. Uninstalling and Reinstalling YouTube

you tube crashing

Ever had one of those days where you just need a fresh start? That’s how I feel about YouTube sometimes. Uninstall, then reinstall. It’s like giving it a proper reboot. All the gunk, the clutter, the stuff that might be messing things up? Gone. Then, when I get it back, it’s like YouTube’s moved into a newly cleaned room.

Now, if I’ve downloaded any videos to watch offline, those will vamoose. But all my subs, watch history, and all that jazz tied to my account? Safe and sound.

9. System Software Updates

Whenever YouTube starts acting all wonky, I take a sec to see if my phone’s software is stuck in the past. It’s not just about making sure my apps are on point. It’s also about keeping my device safe. These updates come with all sorts of cool stuff, like fixes, performance boosts, and sometimes even snazzy features. So, for YouTube’s sake (and mine), I make sure everything’s current.

10. The Last Resort – Reset

You know how sometimes you just gotta turn it off and on again? Well, sometimes, when all else fails and YouTube’s still throwing a fit, I’ve just gotta hit the big ol’ reset on my phone. Yeah, it’s kinda like the nuclear option, but man, it can be a game-changer. It’s like spring cleaning for your phone, getting rid of all the sneaky bugs and glitches.

But, before you even think about it, remember this – hitting reset is like wiping your phone’s memory. And let’s be real, our phones are like our digital diaries. Pictures, work stuff, all those hilarious memes – poof! Gone. So, before I go all in, I make sure to back up all the stuff I don’t wanna lose. Cloud, computer, USB stick – whatever floats your boat, just make sure your goodies are safe.


So, when YouTube’s acting all cray and you’re pulling your hair out, remember – you got options. It could be old software, not enough space, some weird network thing, or maybe some deeper tech voodoo. But, as we’ve seen, there’s a way out. Maybe it’s a quick fix like updating or cleaning out junk, or maybe – just maybe – you gotta hit that reset. As we always say on TubeLoop, it’s all about tackling it step by step, using all the tricks up our sleeves. Our gadgets and apps, YouTube included, are kind of complex beasts. Get to know their quirks, and you’re halfway there. So, the next time you’re yelling, “YouTube keeps crashing“, pull up this TubeLoop guide.

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