Youtube Comments Not Showing: Cause and How to Fix it

Youtube Comments Not Showing: Cause and How to Fix it

Are you a content creator on YouTube and your comments do not display correctly? If so, this post is for you! Commenting features have become an important part of the ever-growing online community – playing a vital role in fostering conversations between content creators and their viewers. So when they don’t show up or end up hiding, it can be disheartening. In this blog post, we’ll explore the cause behind why sometimes youtube comments not showing and what to do about it. Be sure to read through as there might be some tips that could apply to your situation!

Causes of YouTube Comments Not Showing

There could be various reasons why your comments aren’t showing up on YouTube. Understanding the origins of this problem can assist you in determining the best method to restore your comments.

Technical Issues

A technical issue is one of the most prevalent reasons for comments not appearing on YouTube. Here are a few examples of frequent technical faults that can cause this issue:

Slow Internet Access

A poor internet connection may prevent YouTube comments from loading. This can cause the comments area to load slowly or not at all. Try connecting to a faster internet connection or resetting your router to resolve this issue.

Slow Internet Access

Browser that is no longer supported

An out-of-date browser might also prevent comments from appearing on YouTube. YouTube uses cutting-edge web technologies to give consumers the greatest experience possible, thus it’s critical to use a contemporary browser that is fully supported by the platform. To resolve this issue, update your browser to the most recent version.


Ad-blockers can potentially interfere with YouTube comments. Because comments are considered advertising, certain ad-blockers may prevent them from loading. On resolve this issue, temporarily disable your ad-blocker or add YouTube to the whitelist of your ad-blocker.

Account Issues

 One of the most common causes of comments not showing is linked to user accounts. A user may not have a properly verified account or their account settings may not be configured correctly. Alternatively, the creator who posted the video may have disabled all comments from showing up on their post – meaning that even if a user has a properly configured account, they still won’t see any comments allowing them to interact with other viewers or the creator themselves.

Video Issues

One common cause is if the video privacy settings are set to ‘private’, restricting visibility only the person who uploaded it. In this case, you will need to request access from the uploader in order to view any of the comments. Additionally, comments also sometimes don’t appear if they have been deleted by either the uploader or YouTube’s moderation system; unfortunately, in this case there is no solution to restore missing comments.

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How to Fix YouTube Comments Not Showing

Now that we’ve investigated the causes of comments not appearing on YouTube, let’s look at how to resolve the issue.

Technical Solutions

A technical issue is one of the most common causes of Youtube Comments Not Showing. Here are a few possible solutions to the problem:

Clear Browser Cache

Clearing your browser cache can aid in the resolution of technical issues with Youtube Comments Not Showing. Simply follow the instructions for your specific browser to clear your browser cache.

Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies to fix youtube youre offline check your connection error

Disable your ad blocker

Ad-blockers can sometimes interfere with YouTube comments. If you use an ad-blocker, try temporarily disabling it to see if the Youtube Comments Not Showing appear.

Update Browser

Making sure your browser is up to date can aid in the resolution of Youtube Comments Not Showing on YouTube issues. If you’re using an old browser, it may not be fully supported by the platform, causing comments to fail to load. Updating your browser to the most recent version is a quick and simple solution.

Account Solutions

Here are a few alternatives you can try if your account is having trouble with YouTube Comments Not Showing:

Reactivate Inactive Account

Just log back in to resume using your account if it has gone dormant. Your account should be activated once more as a result, enabling you to once more comment on YouTube.

Contact YouTube Support

You must get in touch with YouTube support if your account has been blocked or banned for further guidance. They will be able to tell you more about the circumstances surrounding the blocking or banning of your account and what you can do to fix the problem with YouTube Comments Not Showing.

Video Solutions

If you’re having trouble with YouTube Comments Not Showing, try the following solutions:

Check Video Privacy Settings

When the privacy settings on a video are set to “private,” the comments are visible only to the person who uploaded the video and those they have invited. To view a video’s privacy settings, click the “Info & Settings” button below the video and look for the “Privacy” section.

Restore Deleted Comments

Unfortunately, there is no way to restore deleted YouTube comments. If you delete a comment, it is gone forever and cannot be recovered.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Youtube Comments Not Showing can be a frustrating and perplexing experience. However, by understanding the various causes of this problem and implementing the solutions outlined in this article, you can quickly restore your comments. Having a working comment system is essential whether you’re a content creator looking for feedback on your videos or simply someone who wants to participate in the discussion. By following these steps of TubeLoop– web for people to repeat YouTube videos, you can ensure that your YouTube experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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