Why Is YouTube Using So Much CPU? Unraveling The Mystery!

Why Is YouTube Using So Much CPU? Unraveling The Mystery!

Man, like so many of us, I’m always getting sucked into the endless world of YouTube vids. But here’s the kicker: Why is youtube using so much CPU? Ever had your computer just give up or crash while you’re watching something dope? Ugh, same. When our machines start acting all weird and freezing or just conking out, it’s a real pain. From my own goof-ups and shooting the breeze with buddies, I’ve sussed out a bunch of reasons – from no-brainers like video quality to sneaky stuff like outdated software. So, let’s dive deep and see why YouTube’s making our computers freak out.

Why is youtube using so much CPU?

youtube causing high cpu usage

Hopping on YouTube, I’ve always scratched my head thinking: Why is youtube using so much CPU? Digging deeper, there’s a mix of stuff going on.

  • The Video Codec: The big deal with streaming is this thing called the video codec—it’s like the brain behind squishing and stretching videos. YouTube mostly uses this VP9 thing. Even though it’s super smart, it can make the computer sweat, especially when you’re binging on super clear videos.
  • Resolution Stuff: So, the clearer the video, the more stuff to handle. Watching a super clear 4K video makes your computer sweat more than if you’re just watching a regular HD one.
  • Fancy Video Extras: Some videos have cool tricks like letting you look all around or have super bright colors. While they’re awesome to watch, they make the computer work even harder.
  • Other Stuff that Adds Up: It’s not just about the video. Things like how fast your Wi-Fi is matter too. Slow Wi-Fi means the computer is playing catch-up with the video. And don’t even get me started on old computers—if yours is a bit old or doesn’t have a lot of muscle, YouTube might just be its weak spot.

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How to Fix High CPU Usage When Watching YouTube?

youtube high cpu usage

I’ve dug around and found some cool tricks to chill things out. If you’re dealing with the same drama, check these out:

  • Change the video codec: So YouTube’s all about this VP9 codec thing, but sometimes, it’s just not the vibe for every gadget. Think about flipping to the H.264 codec. It’s like the older cousin that’s a bit more laid-back. Head over to YouTube’s settings to mix things up.
  • Lower the video resolution: An easy peasy fix? Just drop the video quality a bit. Sure, 1080p or 4K looks super crisp, but going down to 720p or even old-school 480p can give your computer a breather. Just poke around the YouTube player, and you’ll find where to switch it.
  • Changing Up Video Extras: Some YouTube vids have all these extra bells and whistles, like those spinny 360-degree views or super bright colors. If things are getting jumpy, maybe turn off some of that flashy stuff in the YouTube player.
  • Improve your internet connection: Crummy internet can make your computer work overtime, trying to keep up with videos. Maybe think about leveling up your net, either by going for a beefier plan or jumping ship to a faster provider. It’s a game-changer.
  • Upgrade your hardware: Sometimes, the real headache is your old gear. If you can swing it, maybe think about boosting some of your computer bits like your CPU, that main board thing, or even the graphics card. Throwing some cash here can make your binge-watching way smoother.

How To Know How Much Of The CPU YouTube Is Using?

youtube using too much cpu

YouTube’s been mad hungry lately, chomping on your computer’s juice, right? Thought it’d be rad to check out just how much it’s snacking on. So, wanna snoop on YouTube’s CPU appetite? Here’s the tea:

Step 1: First, give that Windows logo a cheeky click. In the menu that slides out, ‘Task Manager‘ is my go-to.

Step 2: Once you’re in, hit up the ‘Processes‘ tab. It’s like peeking behind the curtain at all the stuff your computer’s juggling.

Step 3: See that first column? That’s the gossip column, dishing out how hard each app is working.

Step 4: To get the 411 on YouTube, hunt for ‘YouTube’ (if you’ve got the app) or the browser you’re using. It’s like seeing how many brain cells your computer’s burning just for your YT fix.

What is normal CPU usage for Youtube?

I’ve spotted that when I’m hanging out online, sometimes my CPU goes bananas, shooting up to like 80-90%. And man, when I’ve got Chrome open? Dude’s hogging like 60-70% of it. So, what gives when I’m just kicking back watching YouTube vids?

From what I can tell, how much the CPU’s working boils down to a couple things: the video quality I’m grooving to, the browser I’ve got going, and, well, how rad my computer’s specs are. Usually, with YouTube running, my CPU’s just hanging out around 5% to 25%, mostly ’cause of the video quality.

If I’m digging a 1080p vid, it might bump the CPU between 10% and 20%. But if I’m feeling fancy and go for that crispy 4K? Man, that’s gonna crank the CPU to like 25% or maybe even more.

And check this – if I’m juggling stuff, like running those big-boy apps or games that look real nice, YouTube’s gonna ask for even more juice from my CPU.

For the most part, anything up to 25% CPU with YouTube in the mix feels all good for me, and my computer’s cool with it. But if it’s always going nuts or stuff’s acting weird, I’m like, what’s going on? Maybe it’s old gear, some shady malware, or some other nerdy stuff I gotta look into.


When I’m on YouTube, sometimes I think, “Why is youtube using so much CPU?” Between the fancy video stuff, the resolution, the other apps I have open, and even the tech I’m using, there’s a ton that affects how much power YouTube needs. Getting what’s ‘usual’ and knowing when things are off can make the whole experience smoother. And if you want to watch a YouTube repeat video, please visit TubeLoop to enjoy.

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