Why Am I Getting No Views on YouTube?

Why Am I Getting No Views on YouTube?

You pour your heart and soul into crafting a killer YouTube video. You edit it with meticulous precision, sprinkle it with humor and insights, and hit “publish” with the giddy anticipation of an internet explosion. But then, like a tumbleweed rolling through a ghost town, nothing. Zero views. Crickets. The crushing silence of the YouTube void.

Been there, felt that pang of dejection? You’re not alone. Getting views on YouTube, even with the most awesome content, can feel like cracking a bank vault armed with a plastic spork. If you’ve ever asked yourself “why am I getting no views on YouTube?”, this post is your roadmap out of the viewless wasteland. We’ll dissect the common culprits behind the dreaded “youtube video no views” syndrome and equip you with actionable strategies to turn those zeroes into a view-pocalypse.

Did You Accidentally Set Your Video to Private or Unlisted?

We know this sounds completely obvious, but we need to start with the basics, right?

If your video’s visibility is set to Private, no one but you can see it. No wonder you’re not getting any views!

Similarly, if your video is Unlisted, people can only see it if they have the direct link. But the video won’t pop up in YouTube or Google searches. And if no one can find your video, you won’t be getting many clicks.

Set The Visibility To Public Youtube Video

So first things first – double check that the “Visibility” setting for your video is set to Public! It’s an easy mistake to make. We actually went back and combed through the videos on our own channel, only to find one that was left Unlisted down on page 3. Oops!

Pro Tip: Use YouTube’s visibility filter to quickly scan for any videos that aren’t set to “Public.” It’s an easy way to check for accidental privacy or unlisted videos lurking on your channel. Catch the issue early so those amazing videos of yours have a fighting chance to be seen!

Your YouTube Thumbnail Too Boring to Click

Your video thumbnail is the very first thing viewers see when browsing YouTube. It gives them a quick preview of your content while scrolling through search results. For this reason, your thumbnail plays a huge role in views and clickthrough rate.

Think of thumbnails like digital billboards – they help viewers instantly decide whether your video seems interesting enough to watch. A thumbnail that catches the eye alongside an intriguing title acts like a tractor beam, sucking viewers into your video.

Many YouTube videos languishing with zero views simply don’t have an exciting or dynamic thumbnail. As viewers scroll, they end up skipping right over the visually unappealing thumbnails.

Pump Up Your Thumbnails to Mesmerize Viewers

Start making thumbnails that pop by following these pro tips:

  • Use high-contrast colors that grab attention, like red, orange, and yellow.
  • Incorporate captivating facial expressions like excitement, shock, or laughter.
  • Include tempting visuals showcasing what’s inside the video – money, food, gear, etc.
  • Add bold, contrasting text that further teases the value of clicking.
  • Maintain sharp resolution so details don’t get fuzzy on different devices.
  • Keep it simple and uncluttered so the focus is clear.

Remember, first impressions matter big time. Spend time making thumbnail art that hypnotizes viewers into your irresistible video vortex!

Infrequent Uploads are Viewership Kryptonite

Consistency is super important for building a loyal viewership on YouTube. Uploading videos regularly trains your audience to expect exciting new content from you on a predictable schedule. This retains their interest and gets them eagerly awaiting your next upload.

By contrast, inconsistency is viewership poison. Sporadic and infrequent uploads will see your view counts plummet. Subscribers won’t know when to anticipate your next video, killing their enthusiasm.

Even worse, YouTube’s algorithm favors consistent uploaders. Channels that repeatedly publish quality videos are more likely to be promoted across the platform. Inconsistent upload schedules can therefore sink your channel’s discoverability.

The solution? Commit to a steady upload schedule and stick to it no matter what.

Here are some tips for keeping your uploads frequent and consistent:

  • Set a regular day and time for new video releases so viewers know when to tune in.
  • Create an upload calendar and backlog of videos so you’re never scrambling for new content.
  • If life events occasionally disrupt your schedule, notify viewers beforehand to set expectations.
  • Find shortcuts that streamline your process – templates, batch filming/editing, etc.

With a disciplined system for consistent uploads, your channel will thrive. YouTube will reward your dedication by sharing your videos with more interested viewers!

Your Video Is Not Optimized For Search

Want your videos to get discovered in YouTube search? Then you need to master video SEO and metadata optimization.

When uploading a video, you’re prompted to fill out key details – title, description, tags, thumbnail, etc. This metadata gives YouTube insight into your video’s topic so it can match the content with relevant user searches.

Videos with poorly optimized metadata often fly under the radar. Without proper SEO, YouTube’s algorithm simply can’t connect the dots between your video and searches for related topics.

Follow these tips to optimize your video metadata for maximum discoverability:

  • Research target keywords and organically work them into your title and description. Don’t keyword stuff.
  • Write detailed descriptions summarizing your video, using natural language.
  • Include a full list of descriptive tags relevant to your niche and video topic.
  • Use a customized thumbnail image that represents the video.
  • Select the most applicable video category and audience demographic.

Properly optimizing your video metadata gives YouTube the signals needed to recognize your content’s value for certain searches. The result? More visibility and traffic from viewers hunting for your type of video.

Try using VidIQ or TubeBuddy to simplify and automate the process of filling out metadata that ranks.

Youtube Keyword

Low search volume keywords for your topic Youtube

Let’s say you create an amazing video all about cleaning wooden spoons. It’s perfectly optimized and engaging – but hardly anyone is searching for “how to clean wooden spoons” on YouTube.

Even the most epic wooden spoon cleaning tutorial will struggle to get views if the target topic has low search volume.

The solution? Research keyword and topic volume before creating videos to ensure there’s enough demand.

Head to YouTube Analytics and click into the “Research” section. Here you can explore the estimated monthly search volume for any keyword or topic.

Look for topics with enough search volume to indicate an active audience, but not so much that competition is through the roof. The sweet spot is usually at least thousands of monthly searches, but not millions.

Double check search volume trends using Google’s Keyword Planner as well.

With a healthy amount of target searches, your videos will have a built-in audience waiting to discover them. But chasing overly obscure topics with little search volume is a recipe for anemic views.

Low Video Quality is a View-Repellant

Here’s an important fact – the highest viewed YouTube videos are almost always high-quality productions. Viewers have little patience for shaky, dimly lit videos with poor audio.

Low video quality screams “amateur” and is an instant turn-off for many potential viewers. It implies the video isn’t worth their time to watch.

The solution? Step up your production value with the right equipment and editing tools.

Invest in a decent camera and microphone to capture clean footage and crisp audio. Proper lighting is also essential – natural or with softbox setups.

Use editing software like Filmora to take your raw clips to the next level. Correct shakiness, color, brightness, and audio issues. Add professional touches like graphics, transitions, and effects.

Study how top creators in your niche stylize their videos and aim to emulate that. Ask other successful YouTubers for production tips too.

Paying attention to high-quality aesthetics demonstrates pride in your work and respect for your audience. The visual payoff will be evident in your rapidly rising view counts!

Low Video Quality Youtube

Forgetting to Tag Your Video is Keeping it Unfindable

Want your video to get discovered in YouTube search? Then you absolutely must use relevant tags.

Tags are keywords and phrases that describe your video content. YouTube’s algorithm uses tags to understand what your video is about and match it with related user searches.

Untagged videos or those with vague, irrelevant tags often get buried. They simply don’t signal to YouTube the value of the content, so the platform’s search has no clue how to rank them.

Follow these tips for tag optimization that ranks:

  • Research target keywords people search for in your niche and incorporate the most relevant ones.
  • Place your most important keyword first – YouTube prioritizes this.
  • Include important long-tail variations and related keywords too.
  • Use a mix of generic and specific tags – around 15-20 total.
  • Use a tagging tool like VidIQ to quickly find smart tag ideas.
  • Revisit tags and update based on search volume and performance.

Properly tagging your video provides the metadata breadcrumbs for YouTube to connect your content with relevant searches. Don’t leave the tag section blank – get strategic with tags to send views surging!

Forgetting the Value Proposition is a Viewership Dead-End

At its core, creating YouTube videos is about providing value to your audience. Viewers come to your channel because your content enriches their lives in some way – whether through entertainment, information, inspiration or more.

Videos that fail to clearly deliver value often flatline with zero views. Without a compelling value proposition, viewers have no incentive to hit play and give you their precious time.

Before creating a video, clearly define the value you’re offering to viewers.

  • Are you educating them on a complex topic?
  • Making them laugh till they cry?
  • Helping them master a skill?
  • Providing inspiration and emotional uplift?

Understand the needs and desires of your target audience. Then craft videos deliberately designed to satisfy those needs in a meaningful way.

Provide true value, and your fanbase will grow as enthralled viewers can’t resist sharing your videos with others. Skimp on value, and you’ll quickly bore viewers back to the cat videos.

Deliver fulfilling value at all costs. It’s the key to viewership riches on YouTube!

You Pick an Overly Competitive Niche

It’s tempting to create videos around wildly popular topics in hopes of tapping into massive demand. But high search volume alone doesn’t guarantee views success on YouTube.

Super competitive niches are viewship minefields, even if keyword search volume is sky-high. Your video risks getting utterly buried under bigger channels dominating the space.

For example, a niche like “gaming” or “beauty tutorials” sound great in theory. But established creators have already cultivated enormous loyal followings around these topics. Trying to compete as a small channel is an uphill battle.

A better approach is identifying a tightly focused niche with enough search volume to indicate interest, yet not one already overrun by channels.

Look for rising niche topics that still offer room to establish yourself as an authority before competition gets fierce.

Use YouTube analytics and Google Trends to research niches before diving in. Make sure it’s not so obscure it gets no searches, but not so crowded your videos vanish in the herd.

With the right balance, your videos will rise above the noise instead of drowning in it.

Find YouTube Niches with Low Competition with TubeBuddy

Copyright Strikes Silencing Your Video

Few things are more frustrating than seeing your brilliant video get slapped with a copyright claim, muting the audio or blocking it entirely.

YouTube’s algorithm aggressively detects copyrighted material used without permission. This could be music, movie clips, images, etc. Even small samples can trigger automated flagging and restrictions.

Receiving multiple copyright strikes can lead to your channel being permanently banned. So what can you do?

  • Audit your videos to remove any copyrighted content slipping through.
  • Use only original or royalty-free media you have rights to use.
  • Dispute erroneous claims through YouTube’s system if you believe your use qualifies as fair use.
  • “Flip the script” and pivot your content strategy to avoid copyright issues altogether. Create videos using 100% original concepts and assets you own.

While it takes more effort than repurposing popular content, a legal and original approach means full monetization potential and no viewing restrictions.

With creative thinking, you can produce engaging videos completely avoiding copyright boobytraps. And nothing beats the freedom of showcasing your own unique talents!

Final Thought

Getting views and growing an audience on YouTube is certainly not easy, but it’s far from impossible with the right strategy and persistence. If you’ve ever wondered in frustration “why am I getting no views on YouTube?”, this post has hopefully shed light on the common stumbling blocks and offered solutions to turn that around.

By avoiding rookie mistakes like privacy settings, crafting clickable thumbnails, uploading consistently, optimizing metadata, providing value, researching competitive and high-search niches, and avoiding copyright issues, you can make sure your videos get a fighting chance at being discovered.

Patience and continuously improving based on analytics is also key – overnight YouTube fame is rare. Stay committed to the YouTube grind, learn as you go, and your “youtube video no views” worries will gradually transform into an avalanche of enthusiastic viewers.

Remember, zero views today doesn’t mean zero views forever. With the right adjustments and relentlessness, those view counts will start climbing. Now get out there, create some kickass videos, and launch your channel into the YouTube stratosphere!

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