Who Is The Oldest YouTuber Still Producing Content in 2024?

Who Is The Oldest YouTuber Still Producing Content in 2024?

Hey there! You know when people say we’re the “YouTube generation”? Well, they’re spot on. As I’m poking around YouTube, which has this mind-blowing number of over 1.3 billion users, I’m like, “Whoa!” Seriously, every single minute, 400 hours of all kinds of videos get uploaded. Jumping into the world of YouTube, I was curious: who is the oldest youtuber?

I thought I might find a couple of older folks giving vlogging a shot. Boy, was I wrong! Turns out there’s a whole crew of senior champs absolutely nailing it on the platform. So, buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the universe of these seasoned YouTubers. By the end, I bet you’ll be hitting ‘subscribe’ on a channel you never expected!

Who Is The Oldest Youtuber?

While most YouTubers are members of the younger generation, like with most forms of Internet media, that doesn’t mean that senior citizens can’t enjoy the art of making YouTube videos! Here are the 5 oldest YouTubers who are still creating content.

1. Mastanamma

  • Age: 106
  • Channel: Country Foods
  • First video: Aug 19, 2016

YouTube’s full of awesome cooks, but nobody has wowed me like Mastanamma. She’s from India and her Country Foods channel just blew up, especially back in 2017.

You wanna know why? She made this killer video where she cooks chicken. But here’s the twist – inside a watermelon! Yup, you read that right! That video alone got 10 million hits. Talk about mixing old-school wisdom with some fresh ideas!

Get this: Mastanamma lived for more than 100 years! Not only did she whip up some wicked dishes, but she’s also the oldest YouTuber out there. Pretty rad, right?

Now, Country Foods has over 100 million views with more than 600,000 subscribers. They keep sharing new videos every week. And trust me, I’m always waiting for my next fix of Mastanamma’s magic!

2. Hamako Mori

who's the oldest youtuber
  • Age: 93
  • Channel: Gamer Grandma
  • First video: Dec 19, 2014

I first heard about her from a CNN bit, and man, was I blown away! Even though she’s been gaming for almost four decades, she only jumped onto the YouTube bandwagon in 2015. And she’s not just dabbling. She’s super committed, dropping four videos every month. And trust me, she’s not just playing around.

I’ve seen tons of peeps unbox the newest game consoles, but Hamako? She’s got this cool, unique style that’s all her own. It’s so fun watching her get excited about the latest gadgets and then getting straight to the gaming. And she’s not just playing easy stuff. She’s nailed big games, like “Grand Theft Auto”. Watching her tackle those tough missions and totally own it is proof that age doesn’t hold her back.

And if you’re thinking folks haven’t noticed her mad skills, think again. It’s not just fans like me who are all about Hamako. The Guinness World Records gave her a shoutout, naming her the oldest gaming YouTuber. Moments like these just show how the online world is busting age myths and shaking up stereotypes. Big props to trailblazers like Hamako for leading the way!

3. Shirley Curry

the oldest youtuber
  • Age: 81
  • Channel name: Shirley Curry
  • First video uploaded: July 8, 2015

She dropped a killer ‘Let’s Play’ of Skyrim, and it blew up. I mean, we’re talking a whopping 1.4 million views here. And get this: Shirley wasn’t just hopping on the Skyrim bandwagon. Nope, she’d been at it for ages. But with her YouTube gig, she decided to just wander around in the game and do her own thing instead of just sticking to the main story. And guess what? People, including yours truly, loved it.

Fast forward to now, and her channel’s blown up! She’s got over 250,000 subscribers and more than 7 million views. I’m still all about her Skyrim vids – she’s got like 300 of them – but she’s also trying out all sorts of other cool games. Think games with sick 3D graphics and super real-looking characters.

She’s also super active, dropping videos for us multiple times a week. Channels like hers totally flipped how I see the gaming world. It’s a place for everyone, no matter how old you are. So here’s a big shoutout to the awesome Skyrim Grandma, Shirley Curry!

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4. Judy Graham

oldest youtube channels
  • Age: 80
  •  Channel name: knittingtipsbyjudy
  •  First video uploaded: November 23, 2007

Dude, Judy’s channel is a knitter’s paradise. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re pretty much a yarn wizard, her vids are super fun and full of tips. What really got me was how clear and easy to follow her tutorials are. And guess what? Her hubby’s the camera genius capturing all that knitting magic.

Here’s a little throwback: Judy started knitting when she was just a teeny 13-year-old. Fast forward, and she’s got this awesome business, Topaz Knitwear. Get this: her company’s made stuff for celebs and been on TV. And it all started with her selling these rad “sexy little tops” to fancy shops in New York. Everyone was talking about her stuff, and most of her fame? Just good ol’ word of mouth.

The fun twist? Judy decided to dive into YouTube after her son wrote this piece about old-timers getting into the internet and social stuff. Taking that as her cue, Judy decided to show off her mad knitting skills to the world.

And, boy, did the world tune in! She’s got 46,000 subscribers and a wild 16 million views now. Oh, and if you’re into knitting, check out her tutorial on the ‘cast on’ technique – it’s slow and super clear. And, good news, she’s always dropping new videos, so you won’t be left hanging if you’re trying to up your knitting game.

5. Tim Rowett

  • Age: 73
  •  Channel name: Grand Illusions
  •  First video uploaded: July 9, 2008

Check this out: Tim’s been collecting the coolest, sometimes weirdest toys from everywhere for over 30 years. Can you believe he’s got more than 20,000 toys? And the dude’s not stopping!

Every video? It’s like stepping into Tim’s own magical toyland. He doesn’t just go, “Here’s a toy.” Nah, he gets right into the nitty-gritty, breaking down how the thing works. And if you’re a curious cat like me, he even dives into the brainy science stuff behind these wild toys. I remember cracking up watching “Tim Whistles” – it’s him showing off these bonkers whistles, all looking and sounding different.

So, “Grand Illusions” is kind of a big deal, right? I mean, 640,000 subscribers and a massive 160 million views? That’s wild! Tim’s channel is like a shoutout to the inner kid in all of us. And the cherry on top? He’s always dropping new videos, so we can get our toy fix pretty much every week.

Diving into the YouTube rabbit hole, it’s obvious age ain’t nothing but a number when you’re passionate. Between Judy Graham’s knitting awesomeness and Tim Rowett’s toy kingdom, finding out “who is the oldest YouTuber” has been a rollercoaster. Do you want to keep up with these legends and others? Or watch YouTube repeat videos forever, check out TubeLoop. These timeless YouTube stars totally deserve the limelight!

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