Who Is The Fastest Growing Army On YouTube In 2024?

Who Is The Fastest Growing Army On YouTube In 2024?

YouTube’s been the big dog in the video world for like, over ten years now. I’ve seen so many peeps try to get all famous and stuff there. Tons of folks are making a living off their vids, which is pretty cool. So here’s the biggie: Who is the fastest growing army on youtube right now? But man, with so much going on, actually getting big and having a bunch of die-hard fans ain’t easy. It’s more like a marathon than a sprint. Even with loads of newbies joining in every day, only a handful really blow up big time. Buckle up, because I’m about to dive deep into this digital phenomenon! Let’s unravel this together

Who is the Fastest Growing Army on Youtube?

fastest growing army on youtube

Whenever I’m bouncing around YouTube, trying to find a good laugh, one dude keeps popping up: Danny Gonzalez. If you don’t know him, Danny’s an OG from the Vine days. He had a massive crowd of nearly 3 million fans before Vine pulled the plug.

Jumping from Vine to YouTube? Not so easy. But Danny? He made it look like a breeze. Looking at his vids, you can totally see that he’s been in the funny biz way before he blew up online. When he was just a kid, he was already into video editing, and by the time he was in high school, he was the dude everyone knew for the funniest parodies and bits. YouTube wasn’t just some app for him; it was where his heart was.

So, if you’re still wondering, “Who’s got the fastest growing crew on YouTube?” – you’ve got your answer. But there’s more to Danny than just his epic vids. Stick around, and I’ll take you on a trip through Danny Gonzalez’s world.

Curious about ‘The Collector’ on YouTube? Dive in now to uncover his mysterious world!

All About Danny Gonzalez’s Life

what is the fastest growing army on youtube

Danny kicked things off at Wheaton North High School in good ol’ Wheaton, Illinois. Everyone knows him for making us crack up, but not many know he was into theater big-time and even jumped into the debate team back in the day. Cool, right? And guess what? In 2016, dude bagged himself a computer science degree from the super fancy Georgia Institute of Technology.

Now, Danny’s pretty chill about keeping his family stuff on the down-low. But with some digging and snooping around, I’ve found some cool bits. Like in some of his older music vids, there’s a little nod to his folks, Judi and Dave Gonzalez. Makes you think they’ve had his back from the start.

Now, here’s the juicy part. Danny and Laura Fuechsl? They started dating when he was 16, and she was 17 and made it official in July 2017. Big respect to Laura – she’s been there for him, and sometimes you even catch her in his videos. These days, the two of them, plus their super cute dog Sundae, are living the good life in Illinois.

Why Did Danny Gonzalez Become the Fastest Growing Army on YouTube?

Let’s chat about Danny Gonzalez’s wild ride to the top of YouTube! Vine is where our boy kicked things off. He brought all that laugh-out-loud energy to YouTube, serving up comedy and commentary like nobody’s business.

When 2018 hit, Danny was already counting a million subs. That’s when he slapped a name on his fan crew, calling them ‘Greg.’ Super unique, right? And those Troom Troom reaction vids from that year? Dude, they went viral and no doubt pumped up his rise to the YouTube big league.

In 2019, Danny was on fire. He teamed up with all sorts of YouTubers – influencers, comedians, bloggers – you name it. And he didn’t just stick to parodies. Plus, if you’ve peeped his videos roasting the Paul bros, you know they’re legendary.

By the close of 2019? Danny was sitting pretty with about 2 million followers. Fast forward to 2022? Bam! 7 million subs and counting. Just think about it: the guy raked in 300 million views in 2019, 500 million in 2020, and a jaw-dropping 800 million in 2021.

He’s been totally acing it on YouTube since 2018 and snagged the “fastest-growing army” badge in 2022. And the best part? He’s still king of the hill in 2024.

With all this momentum, Danny ain’t stepping off the throne anytime soon. On top of his killer content, he’s also making bank with some merch – shirts, accessories, and more, all stamped with fun lines from his vids.

Frequently Asked Questions About Danny Gonzalez

So, I’ve been deep-diving into Danny Gonzalez’s YouTube world and trust me, there’s a bunch of stuff people keep asking about. Let’s break down some of these burning questions, shall we?

1. How rich is Danny Gonzalez?

Word on the street is that Danny’s sitting on a cool $3.2 million.

2. When did Danny start jamming out to music?

He’s been vibing with music since high school, but really jumped into the scene big time in 2019. And, well, the dude’s been killing it since!

3. How old was Danny when he started messing with video editing?

He started getting his editing groove on in the 7th grade.

4. Got any pets, Danny?

Heck yeah, he does! Outside all the jokes and vids, Danny’s got a soft spot for cute critters. He’s got two guinea pigs chilling at his crib.

5. What did Danny study at school?

He went down the Computer Science route. So, he’s rocking both the creative and smarty-pants vibes.

Danny’s taken the YouTube world by storm, and people are buzzing, asking, who is the fastest growing army on youtube? That’d be Danny and his crew, ‘Greg’. From editing vids as a kid to leading a YouTube army, it’s clear this guy’s got something special. If you’re into awesome YouTube stories and more, you gotta check out TubeLoop. It’s your pass to the world of digital creators and their epic stories.

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