Who is Matt The Collector on YouTube? Dive Into His World!

Who is Matt The Collector on YouTube? Dive Into His World!

As I’m usually surfing around YouTube, every now and then I bump into something super cool that grabs my attention. Recently, this channel called “The Collector” really got me, not just ’cause it’s super interesting, but man, they’re showing off a whopping $1M gun collection! Mind blown, right? Made me wonder, Who is Matt The Collector on YouTube? Why’d they choose to flash such an epic collection on YouTube?

In this article, we’re gonna dig deep into the mystery dude of “Matt The Collector“. We’re talking about the dude or dudette behind it and the mad collection and all the tales it’s got.

Who Is Matt The Collector On Youtube?

the collector gun guy

Who is The Collector on YouTube? Matt, or the collector gun guy, seems super passionate about guns. When Matt’s like, “My name’s Matt, but peeps just call me The Collector,” you can feel the hype in his voice. After over 15 years of grabbing all sorts of guns—from the big old ones to the super cool new ones—it’s clear Matt’s gun game isn’t just a side gig; it’s his whole vibe.

Matt The Collector and his passion

So, who’s this Matt dude, the brain behind ‘The Collector’? Since hopping on YouTube in 2012, he’s been all about showing off his love for not just guns but cars and arcade games too. With a mad gun collection worth a cool million bucks, Matt’s made a name for himself. Tucked away in his basement across four rooms is where all the magic’s at. And those walk-through videos? Man, they give us an epic peek into his range and collection, and they’re total hits on his channel.

Matt’s pretty chill about his collection and his YouTube thing. Behind all those cool guns and massive collections, he’s just a regular guy who’s mad about guns and wants to share that with everyone. While everyone knows him as ‘The Collector’, deep down, Matt’s just a dude with a big passion, trying to vibe with peeps who get him online.

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What’s Matt The Collector On Youtube Up To?

The Collector YouTube

First off, The Collector’s stash of stuff is next level. Sure, he says that mad $1 million price tag includes not just guns but also some cool rides and old-school arcade games, but let’s be real: it’s the guns that steal the show. From what I’ve seen, his gun game is so on point, it could easily hang with some of the sickest gun rooms out there.

But here’s the kicker: it ain’t just about looking at cool guns. The dude’s got his indoor shooting range. Talk about spicing things up! Instead of just showing off the weapons, Matt makes ’em sing, showing off just how badass they are.

From the buzz around his channel and the epic vids I’ve checked out, I bet he’s got some killer content coming up. I can’t wait to see him rock some rare ARs, nail those precision shots, and bust out other rad weapons. It’s not just staring at cool gear; it’s getting into the stories, the tech, and the pure firepower that The Collector dishes out. And that, for a YouTube junkie like me, is why I keep hitting that replay button on his vids.

What’s Matt The Collector Channel Got?

the collector youtube real name

Just peeping the start of 2024, here’s the scoop on his channel:

  • Approximately 504,000 people subscribed
  • A massive 74.766.072 total views

Matt’s always like, “I’m all about the collectibles.” And you can feel it. He’s all about vibing with folks who are just as into it.

Ever since Matt hopped on the YouTube scene, his channel’s been blowing up big time. Just looking at the numbers, you can tell he’s all in, and people are loving it. Some of his videos? Crazy numbers. Check these out:

  • Walkthrough My 1 Million Dollar Collection – This one’s racked up a solid 2,5M views.
  • In Depth Walkthrough of My $250,000 Vault Room – Getting all detailed, and it’s pulled in 4,1M views.
  • Shooting An Electromagnetic Rail – Over 10 million views. We’re talking 11M views to be exact.

But here’s the kicker: Matt’s channel ain’t just for gun nerds. Dude’s got videos on his sick cars and those old-school arcade games. As he says, “Having all this cool stuff is dope, but sharing it with peeps who get it? Even better.”

What does The Collector do for a living?

You might be wondering how did matt the collector make his money, so here’s the thing.

Collaborations & Sponsored Content

With over 500 million loyal subscribers on YouTube, there is a lot of potential income from ad revenue and sponsorship. If brands with the same target audience want to reach his views, they will spend a budget on Matt The Collector’s new content. These partnerships bring him revenue while offering viewers useful products or services, thereby increasing more subscribers.

Creating merchandise themed Matt The Collector

What the collector does for a living is launch a merchandise line featuring apparel, posters, and collectibles. Fans eagerly support him by buying these items, strengthening their connection and fueling a reliable revenue stream.

Affiliate Marketing and Live Events

“The Collector” further expands his income through strategic affiliate marketing. He leverages his influence by recommending products and services that viewers might find valuable. These endorsements come with exclusive offers, incentivizing purchases that benefit both “The Collector” (through commissions) and his viewers (with great deals).

Moreover, Matt participated in live events and workshops to interact with fans, gaining more awareness and boosting revenue.

So, now you know “Who is Matt The Collector on YouTube? and other useful information about him. Matt, aka “The Collector,” is not just some YouTuber; he’s a dude with a rad collection with millions tuning in. The growth of his channel and all the love from the community? That’s the magic of YouTube. And if you’re looking to deep dive into more creators like Matt, TubeLoop – a web-free tool for repeat YouTube videos is the spot for you.

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