What Does Highlighted Comment Mean On Youtube?

What Does Highlighted Comment Mean On Youtube?

When scrolling through the comments section on a YouTube video, you may notice certain remarks pinned and highlighted by the video’s creator. These spotlighted comments stand out from the rest with distinct styling and prime positioning directly under the video. But what exactly does a highlighted comment on YouTube mean? Why are some comments elevated above others?

In this article, we’ll explore the purpose behind YouTube’s highlighted comments feature. You’ll learn why creators choose to pin specific remarks, what message it sends to viewers, and how to interpret highlighted feedback as you participate in community discussion. Whether you run a YouTube channel of your own or regularly enjoy watching videos, understanding the meaning behind highlighted comments provides helpful context. So read on to uncover what that special callout signifies and how creators utilize it to set the tone for constructive exchanges with their audiences.

What does highlighted comment means on YouTube?

A highlighted comment on YouTube means the video creator has pinned a specific comment to highlight it for their viewers. YouTube offers creators the option to elevate comments and pin them so they will stand out from other comments on their videos.

Highlighter comments appear directly under the video, making them more visible. They have a distinct background color, font, and icon to differentiate them from regular comments. These highlighted remarks stay pinned to the top, even as new comments roll in.

But what does it mean when you see a highlighted comment on a YouTube video? Should it affect how you view other comments or the video itself? Here’s an in-depth look at the purpose of highlighted comments, what they convey, and how to interpret them as a viewer.

Highlighted comment on YouTube

What Is the Purpose of a Highlighted Comment?

Creators have full discretion regarding which comments they highlight. Typically, they select remarks that:

  • Share an interesting perspective or additional context about the video topic
  • Provide positive feedback or say something nice about the video
  • Answer a question the creator posed or a question commonly asked in other comments
  • Surface information the creator wants to emphasize or make sure viewers see
  • Give viewers a laugh or moment of levity
  • Represent the type of comments the creator hopes to promote in their community

Essentially, it allows creators to model and feature the kinds of responses they find meaningful. Highlighting a comment demonstrates what they consider a valuable contribution worthy of increased visibility.

Viewers can then better understand the type of communication style creators prefer in their comments section. The highlighted remarks set the tone for thoughtful, relevant, and constructive discussion.

Do Highlighted Comments Represent the Creator’s Opinion?

Not necessarily. Just because the creator spotlights a specific comment doesn’t always mean they endorse what it says or agree with the opinion it expresses.

However, they do think it contributes something of interest to viewers that aligns with the supportive environment they wish to cultivate. The pinned comment likely captures the creator’s attention as being on-topic, insightful, or likely to spark meaningful discussion.

For example, a creator may highlight a respectful debate between viewers about an issue addressed in the video. They aren’t taking sides in the debate itself. But showcasing the back-and-forth demonstrates the kind of thought-provoking yet thoughtful dialogue they want to promote.

Does the Creator Highlight Their Own Comments?

Possibly. Creators can pin any comment on their video, including their own responses.

Why would a YouTuber highlight their own remark? Often it’s to ensure viewers see an important announcement, piece of news, update, or response to frequently asked questions. Posting the details as a comment allows them to edit or update it later. And highlighting it guarantees viewers won’t miss it.

For instance, if a creator mentions an upcoming event or deadline for an opportunity like a giveaway, highlighting their comment keeps the details prominently displayed. Or if they see viewers consistently asking the same questions, they may post an FAQ comment response and spotlight it for clarity.

How to Interpret Highlighted Comments as a Viewer

When coming across a video with pinned comments, keep this context in mind:

The highlighted remarks give insight into the type of community the creator hopes to build. They demonstrate the creator’s preference for positive, relevant, and meaningful discussion they believe brings value for viewers.

However, not every viewer will agree with or relate to the highlighted perspectives. Having your own opinion is reasonable too. The pinned comments mainly serve as models for constructive exchanges the creator wishes to promote.

While highlighted comments represent the creator’s ideals, expect regular comments to reflect wider perspectives. Some may align closely with the creator’s views, while others diverge or take an opposing stance. This range of opinions sparks debate through respectful disagreement at times.

Finally, don’t assume highlighted comments automatically reflect the creator’s personal beliefs or positions. They appreciate what the highlighted feedback contributes, but may not directly endorse its viewpoint. Focus more on how the comment furthers the discussion in a meaningful way.

In summary, highlighted remarks spot examples of exchanges the creator wants to encourage. Although they capture the creator’s attention in a positive light, they do not necessarily indicate outright endorsement or agreement. Consider them aspirations for the type of community the creator hopes to cultivate.

Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube Bad or Good?

A highlighted comment is neither intrinsically good nor bad. As part of a creator’s vision for their channel, highlighted remarks aim to be constructive overall, though opinions on them may vary. Here’s a balanced perspective on assessing them:

Potential Pros:

  • Gives viewers context on communication style preferences
  • Encourages constructive discussion
  • Surfaces exciting announcements or important info
  • Sparks debate through respectful disagreement

Potential Cons:

  • Doesn’t guarantee creator endorsement of the comment’s viewpoint
  • May not align with every viewer’s opinion or experience
  • Only represents the creator’s ideals rather than all perspectives
  • Discussion sparked could become heated at times

Ultimately, highlighted comments create awareness for the creator’s hopes in cultivating a thoughtful, engaged community. Their goal is to spark meaningful exchanges of ideas aligned with their channel values.

The comments themselves aim for constructiveness through relevant on-topic feedback. But they capture specific viewpoints the creator finds meaningful, which viewers may interpret differently based on their own opinions or background.

Rather than judging highlighted remarks as universally good or bad, view them as part of the creator’s efforts to lead by example. Models for constructive discussion, they showcase preferred communication styles through diverse perspectives.

Is a Highlighted Comment on YouTube Bad or Good?

How Do You Make a Highlighted Comment URL on YouTube?

As a creator, you can generate a special link to any highlighted comment on your YouTube video. This direct URL allows you to:

  • Share it easily so viewers can jump straight to the pinned remark
  • Feature it prominently on other platforms like your website or social media
  • Embed it on a page so the comment displays outside of YouTube
  • Spotlight it in end screens to increase visibility

To create the unique link, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to YouTube Studio and locate the video with the highlighted comment
  2. Open the comment section to view all remarks
  3. Find the comment you have highlighted and click the three dots next to it
  4. Select “Copy link to comment” from the dropdown menu
  5. The unique URL is now copied for you highlight anywhere

For example, the link will follow this format:


The video ID identifies the specific YouTube video on your channel. The comment ID tags the exact highlighted remark.

This direct link takes viewers straight to the pinned comment you specify on that video. It’s displayed prominently since all other comments are minimized on opening that URL.

So if you have a particularly meaningful highlighted comment containing an announcement, popular response, or inspiring feedback, generate its unique link. Feature it prominently wherever you engage with your audience outside of YouTube too. It offers another touchpoint for visitors to connect with your content while showcasing constructive discussion.


A highlighted YouTube comment symbolizes a creator’s ideals for community discussion. It sets an example for the type of constructive, thoughtful engagement creators wish to nurture. Consider it aspirational feedback rather than outright endorsement of that comment’s specific viewpoint.

Keep in mind the creator’s goal is to spark meaningful exchanges of perspectives, information, encouragement, or new ideas. Highlighted remarks showcase models for this through relevant on-topic comments. But not all viewers will interpret them the same way based on their own opinions or background.

Rather than judging the worth of highlighted comments universally, view them as part of a creator’s efforts to lead by example. They demonstrate preferred communication styles aligned with their channel values. Aiming for constructiveness, they grant visibility to viewpoints the creator finds meaningful in cultivating their community.

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