Best Lifestyle Youtubers You Need to Subscribe To 2024

Best Lifestyle Youtubers You Need to Subscribe To 2024

Looking to add some motivation into your daily life? The lifestyle sphere of YouTube is full of creators that will inspire you to improve your health, productivity, budgeting, and more. With the huge range of options, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best lifestyle YouTubers to subscribe to right now.

These entertaining vloggers are producing binge-worthy content covering topics like fitness, nutrition, organization, personal growth, and travel hacking. Beyond surface-level inspiration, they provide science-based advice, step-by-step tutorials, candid reflections, and plenty of laughs along the way. Their videos will re-energize your routine and provide new perspectives.

For example, Anna Newton’s organization techniques will revolutionize your home. Her relatable personality alongside decluttering wisdom makes chores almost fun. Or flexible dieting coach Remington James will awaken your inner chef with drool-worthy recipes to satisfy any craving.

Each featured creator offers a unique flavor of lifestyle advice. Find the ones that best fit your personal goals and let them motivate you to success. Hit subscribe and let the binge-watching begin!

10 Best Famous Lifestyle Youtubers Overview

YouTuber Subscribers Total Views Content Focus Unique Selling Point
Refinery29 3.18M 948M Fashion, beauty, politics, feminism, finance Amplifies diverse women’s voices
CaseyNeistat 12.6M 3.2B Vlogs, short films, travel Showcases cinematic adventures in NY
Rachel Talbott 1.2M 124M Home, lifestyle, music Nashville mom with musical flair
Sarahs Day 1.55M 302M Fitness, wellness, health Australian wellness guru
Zoe Sugg 4.95M 1B Beauty, fashion, seasonal content Quintessential charming British vlogger
Marissa Lace 1.12M 97.6M Fashion, beauty, lifestyle LA-based relatable glam lifestyle
Fancy Vlogs By Gab 3.1M 466M Lifestyle, music covers, acting Gabi DeMartino’s musical variety channel
Emma Chamberlain 12M 1.6B Vlogs, coffee, mental health Gen Z’s funny and authentic role model
Tess Christine 2.29M 111M Fashion, beauty, motherhood Style icon turned family vlogger
Sydney Serena 2.74M 368M Beauty, lifestyle, positive vibes Minnesota’s upbeat lifestyle beacon


As one of the leading digital media companies focused on amplifying women’s voices, Refinery29 has made its mark across YouTube and beyond. With over 3 million subscribers, Refinery29 uses lifestyle content spanning fashion, beauty, money, and more to uplift and inspire young women worldwide.

Going beyond surface-level entertainment, Refinery29 leverages insights from its engaged community to tackle topics that matter most. Whether discussing career growth, budgeting tips, mental health, or social justice, the channel moves the cultural conversation forward through an intersectional feminist lens. Their award-winning original series and documentaries bring compelling women’s stories to light.

While best known for style and shopping, Refinery29 has also seen tremendous growth in its money and work content vertical. This expansion allows further connection with partners in the financial space who seek to reach their substantial female millennial and Gen Z audience.

At its core, Refinery29 gives women from diverse backgrounds the tools to live life on their own terms. Their motivating messages will inspire you to make more informed, independent choices while their topical videos teach you how.



With over 12 million subscribers, Casey Neistat has cemented his status as one of YouTube’s top lifestyle vloggers. The filmmaker-turned-YouTuber gives an inside look into his eventful days in New York through engaging daily vlogs that racked up over 3 billion views at their peak popularity.

While he has stepped back from the daily upload grind, Casey still publishes numerous cinematic vlogs and short films monthly that inspire viewers to live life to the fullest. His creative vision, storytelling chops, and colorful personality shine through unique adventures like kayaking through flooding streets, traveling the country in an RV, and showcasing the behind-the-scenes work for his companies.

Beyond entertainment, Casey also utilizes his massive platform to raise awareness for causes close to his heart. From highlighting issues with the New York subway system to promoting aid for Ukrainian refugees, his authentic passion comes through. Fans can’t help but feel motivated to make the most out of life after watching Casey cram meaningful experiences and impact into each day no matter the obstacles. With Casey as your guide, mundane moments transform into cinematic memories.


Rachel Talbott

Rachel Talbott brings southern charm and musicality to the lifestyle space with her DIY home and self-care content. The Nashville mom of two carries on her family’s musical legacy by sharing her vocal talents, while also cultivating an audience of over 1.2 million as an influencer.

Originally from California, Rachel moved to Tennessee to raise her young boys and enrich her country music pursuits. When she’s not touring or recording new singles, you can find Rachel posting weekly lifestyle videos or collaborating with brands like QVC.

Rachel’s channel spans cleaning tips, home organization, budget-friendly DIYs, healthy recipes, and self-care routines. Her soothing presence and relatable advice make tasks like tidying up or taking “mom time” seem far more enjoyable. Viewers adore her genuineness as she navigates both the glamorous and messy sides of motherhood.

Between crystal-clear vocals in her latest music video and cleaning motivation in an organizational haul, Rachel Talbott inhabits all her passions. Tune in for southern hospitality with an authentic twist! Rachel’s channel will awaken your inner rockstar, homemaker, and wellness guru alike.

Rachel Talbott


Sarahs Day

Based in Australia, Sarah’s Day (Sarah Stevenson) has cultivated an audience of over 1.5 million subscribers with her cheerful brand of lifestyle content spanning wellness, fitness, health, and more. Her holistic approach and glowing persona have earned her the nickname “health princess” from fans seeking motivation.

Uploading 3 times a week, Sarah shares realistic routines focused on nourishing both body and mind. When she’s not unveiling healthy recipes in her kitchen, you can find her doing at-home workout challenges, testing wellness trends, and documenting her pregnancy journey over the years.

Sarah’s content stands out for providing equal parts inspiration and practical application. Beyond surface-level positivity, she equips fans with specific tips and plans for boosting nutrition, activity, self-care, and mindfulness in their day-to-day. Her authentic viewpoint makes better health feel happily achievable.

If you’re seeking wholesome wellness inspiration from down under, subscribe to Sarah’s Day today! Her radiant presence and holistic knowledge will rejuvenate your lifestyle journey.

Sarahs Day

Zoe Sugg

As one of the UK’s top lifestyle creators, Zoe Sugg enchants over 4.9 million subscribers with her quintessentially British charm. Better known by her channel name Zoella, the fashion and beauty guru has been delighting fans since 2009 with hauls, routines, vlogs and more.

Beyond the vibrant aesthetic, Zoe’s content connects through witty humor and refreshing honesty as she navigates career, relationships, mental health, and adulting. Her successful books and merchandise further showcase her knack for engaging storytelling.

While uploads have slowed down over the years as Zoe focuses on other projects, her videos still pack a nostalgic punch for long-time viewers. They can count on adorable countryside wanderings, cozy seasonal vibes, and plenty of hygge moments when new vlogs do appear.

Much like tea and biscuits on a rainy English afternoon, Zoella’s channel delivers feel-good vibes with delicate sweetness. She tackles lifestyle content with grace and vulnerability that her millions of subscribed fans admire.

Zoe Sugg

Brittany Vasseur

With over 1.55 million subscribers, Brittany Vasseur has cultivated a vibrant online community with her weekly lifestyle content focused on home, beauty, organization, motherhood, and more. Her relatable personality and actionable advice make tasks like decluttering, cleaning, and self-care seem fun rather than daunting.

Originally from San Diego, Brittany shares an inside look into life with her young kids and husband in Texas. When she’s not testing the latest viral beauty trends or TikTok home products, you’ll find colorful cleaning motivational videos and budget-friendly home makeovers.

Brittany’s channel stands out for its positive encouragement and step-by-step practicality. She spurs viewers into action by breaking down organizational methods, cleaning routines, and DIY projects into easily digestible bits. Her wholesome family adds plenty of laughs along the way too!

If you’re seeking inspiration to transform your living space, self-care rituals, or lifestyle habits, Brittany Vasseur has you covered. Come for the beauty tips, stay for the decluttering motivation!

Brittany Vasseur

Fancy Vlogs By Gab

Boasting over 3 million subscribers, Gabi DeMartino captivates fans with her signature blend of lifestyle content and musical talent. Originally one half of the Niki and Gabi beauty channel, Gabi has since flourished into a solo internet sensation under her Fancy Vlogs moniker.

Beyond the expected hauls and routines, Gabi floods her channel with creative passion projects spotlighting her vocal chops. From emotionally charged song covers to entertaining musical web series, her artistic flair shines through. She also utilizes her platform for deeper messages about mental health and female empowerment.

When she’s not unveiling a mermaid-themed music video or belting Broadway tunes, you’ll find relatable chats about dating, moving woes, and adulthood. Gabi’s down-to-earth attitude makes each upload feel like catching up with a lifelong bestie.

For a taste of lifestyle content infused with plenty of pizzazz, subscribe to Fancy Vlogs today! Gabi DeMartino will leave you feeling both inspired and entertained with her multi-talented variety channel.

fancy vlogs by gab

Emma Chamberlain

In just a few short years, 20-year-old Emma Chamberlain has become Gen Z’s most relatable role model, boasting over 12 million YouTube subscribers. With her down-to-earth personality and tongue-in-cheek humor, Emma tackles lifestyle topics from a refreshingly honest lens.

While still a teenager, Emma shot to fame through vlogs sharing embarrassing stories and self-deprecating jokes. Since then, she has matured into a multi-faceted business mogul with a coffee company, successful podcast, and clothing line while still producing weekly videos.

Beyond the ever-popular routine videos providing a glimpse into her globe-trotting life, Emma digs deeper in candid chats about mental health, trends, and growing up in the spotlight. It’s this authentic vulnerability that resonates most with her young audience.

As Emma continues trailblazing as one of YouTube’s top lifestyle creators, her impact only grows. Subscribe to Emma Chamberlain for motivation mixed with plenty of Gen Z realness!

Emma Chamberlain Youtuber

Tess Christine

Boasting over 2.29 million subscribers, Tess Christine has been delighting fans for over a decade with her signature style videos focused on fashion, beauty, hair, and lifestyle. The glamorous influencer built her audience documenting modeling gigs, get-ready-with-me routines, and seasonal lookbooks.

While still creating her coveted styling content, Tess has evolved her channel in recent years to provide a peek into life as a new mom. Follow along on school drop-offs, playdates, family trips, and all the chaos in between! Her realistic mom content adds relatability to her traditionally aspirational channel.

Beyond the candid vlogs, Tess empowers fans to look and feel their best with detailed beauty tutorials and outfit inspiration. Her polished aesthetic with a down-to-earth twist keeps viewers hooked. Subscribe to Tess Christine for equal parts glitz and realness!

Tess Christine

Sydney Serena

Hailing from Minnesota, Sydney Serena has won over 2.74 million subscribers with her cheerful lifestyle content focused on beauty, fashion, cooking, DIY, and vlogging. Her weekly videos provide a peek into her charming Midwestern life as she shares makeup tutorials, trendy outfits, recipes, and more.

Sydney’s channel stands out for spreading positivity through every upload, no matter the topic. Her bubbly persona and words of affirmation in the captions make viewers feel welcomed into her circle of support. Beyond the glam, she tackles real issues like body image, anxiety, bullying, and self-love.

Having started her channel as a creative outlet when activities like gymnastics and musical theater were no longer possible, Sydney encourages viewers to transform obstacles into opportunities. Her relatable story resonates with fans who see her not just as an influencer, but also as a friend.

If you’re seeking beauty inspiration paired with spiritual pick-me-ups, subscribe to Sydney Serena’s bright corner of YouTube today!

Sydney Serena

As you can see, there is no shortage of talented and inspiring lifestyle YouTubers creating binge-worthy content. From Hilary Rushford’s lush travel vlogs to Anaysa Figueroa’s fashion and beauty tips, these diverse creators are elevating the lifestyle space. Beyond surface-level entertainment, they provide community, empowerment, and practical solutions for living your best life. So pick a few that speak to your interests and let the motivating videos begin! Stay tuned for more recommendations on the top lifestyle YouTubers to follow.

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