How To Upload Multiple Videos To Youtube at Once in 2024

How To Upload Multiple Videos To Youtube at Once in 2024

Uploading videos to YouTube is a great way to share content, but uploading multiple videos one by one can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, YouTube offers tools that allow users to upload multiple videos at once, saving huge amounts of time. This article will teach you exactly how to utilize YouTube’s multiple video upload feature, allowing you to upload an unlimited number of videos through a simple and quick process. By following these steps for how to upload multiple videos to YouTube, you’ll be able to batch upload an entire folder or playlist of video content instantly. Whether you are trying to upload lots of footage, series episodes, or any other videos in bulk, this guide has you covered on the fast and easy methods for uploading multiple videos to YouTube all at once.

How to Upload Multiple Videos to Youtube?

To upload multiple videos to YouTube at once, first open YouTube Studio and click the “Create” button in the top right corner. Then, select “Upload videos” like you normally would to upload a single video.

Open YouTube Studio and click the “Create”, then click upload videos

Next, click the arrow icon in the middle of the screen and navigate to the folder containing the videos you want to upload. Use Shift + Click or Ctrl/Command + Click to select multiple videos at once. For example, if I want to select two videos in a row, I can Click the first video, Scroll to the next video, Hold Shift, and Click the second video. This will select those two videos and any videos in between.

Use Shift + Click or Ctrl/Command + Click to select multiple videos

Use Shift + Click or Ctrl/Command + Click to select multiple videos

Once you’ve selected all the videos you want to upload, click “Open” and YouTube will add those videos to the upload queue. You’ll see the upload progress for each video on the right side of the screen.

You’ll see the upload progress for each video on the right side

The videos will upload one by one into the “Drafts” section. You can then access them from YouTube Studio to edit information like the title, description, tags, thumbnail image, etc. And that’s it! By using Shift/Ctrl + Clicks and selecting “Open,” you can easily upload multiple videos to YouTube all at once.

When You Should Bulk Upload YouTube Videos

Bulk uploading videos to YouTube can be a major time-saver, allowing you to schedule out content in advance. However, there are also risks of overwhelming your audience or hurting video quality. Deciding when to batch upload depends on your goals and channel style.

For channels focused on evergreen, informative content, bulk uploads can be quite effective. Whether you’ve filmed multiple tutorials or have a backlog of stockpiled videos, scheduling uploads in advance allows consistency even during busy periods. Staggering release dates avoids flooding subscribers, while still efficiently maintaining momentum.

Vloggers and channels more reliant on viewer interaction may want to avoid bulk uploads. Covering daily events or having personalized commentary means your content stays fresh and timely. Uploading as you film avoids disconnect by allowing ongoing dialogue with your loyal viewers.

Striking a balance is key – utilize bulk uploading strategically when you have a special series or creative burst of content, but assess whether quality over quantity is better suited for your channel objectives overall. Analyze past upload experiments to guide what your subscribers respond to best.

Pay close attention to SEO best practices no matter the upload approach. Rushing bulk uploads can compromise video details, while consistent individualized attention helps browse features and clickthrough rates for the long haul. Evaluate if edited batch uploads still allow tailored descriptions, tags and titles per video.

The upload approach depends on channel goals, audience and resources. Assess benefits like efficiency versus risks like lower engagement. Find the strategy, whether staggered bulk uploads or individualized attention, that optimizes content quality and viewer experience.

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Best practices for titles, descriptions, and tags

When batch uploading videos, taking the time to optimize each video’s metadata remains vitally important for discovery and driving traffic. Rushing this step compromises quality and consistency. Consider these best practices:


  • Hook with clarity. Clearly communicate topics while using intriguing phrasing to stand out.
  • Prioritize key terms early. Front-load essential keywords in the first 50 characters without stuffing.
  • Brand and differentiate. Include channel branding while making each title distinct.


  • Summarize insightfully. Expand on titles with informative, engaging paragraph summaries optimizing for extended text SEO.
  • Sprinkle keywords naturally. Work critical keywords into flowing sentences within the first hundred words.
  • Structure content. Use timestamps and bullet points formatting to make text scannable for viewers.


  • Map around topics. Include a variety of specific and broad terms accurately reflecting covered subject matter.
  • Research strategically. Identify keyword gaps through analytics to pinpoint additional relevant tags.
  • Group in clusters. Use similar tags between interconnected videos to better serve user intent.

Streamline Optimization:

  • Use templates for efficiency. Maintain consistent title formulas, tag categories and description sections for time savings.
  • Collaborate across team. If working with others, collectively develop optimization guidelines.
  • Employ workflows. Setup checklists and use software to apply metadata at scale for quality assurance.

Diligent upfront planning and optimization even during bulk uploads results in more discoverable content long-term, while rushed metadata compromises consistency and quality for viewers. Invest time in optimization workflows.

Uploading videos in bulk to YouTube can save massive time, but optimizing each video properly remains essential. By using Shift/Ctrl selection tools, planning metadata ahead, and developing efficient workflows, you can reap the benefits of batch uploads while ensuring strong discoverability and quality. Following proper steps for how to upload multiple videos to YouTube will let you scale your channel efficiently.

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