How To Delete Live Streams On Youtube? Step by Step Guide

How To Delete Live Streams On Youtube? Step by Step Guide

Have you ever gone live on YouTube, only to later wish you could remove the video? Maybe your stream didn’t go as planned or you shared something you no longer want public. Whatever the reason, deleting a live stream video on YouTube is easy once you know how.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explain exactly how to delete live streams on YouTube so they completely disappear from your channel and video manager. While YouTube makes it simple to upload and stream live content, the process of removing streams is less intuitive. We clear up any confusion about taking down your live videos for good.

Even if you don’t currently stream on YouTube, bookmark this post. You may want to test out the platform’s live streaming capabilities someday but don’t want the recordings to remain public forever after. By following our simple instructions, you can stream freely and delete previous broadcasts hassle-free. Read on to learn the quick process of erasing your YouTube live stream videos for good.

How to delete Live Streams on Youtube?

Deleting live streams on YouTube is a straightforward process! Here’s how to do it:

Open the YouTube app on your phone and tap on your profile picture in the top right corner.

Go to the YouTube Studio

On the bottom side menu, click on “Content“.


Select the “Live” tab at the top. This will show you a list of your past live streams.

Select the "Live" tab at the top

Hover over the live stream you want to delete and click on the 3 dot menu icon next to it.

Click on the 3 dot menu icon from Youtube Studio

Select “Delete” from the menu.

Select "Delete" from the menu

In the pop up, click on “Delete from Youtube” to confirm you want to permanently delete the live stream.

Click on "Delete from Youtube"

The live stream video and chat replay will now be deleted.

Note that if your live stream was public, deleting it will only remove it from your channel and YouTube search results. Anyone who already has the URL link can still access the video playback and chat replay until YouTube fully removes it from its servers, which can take a few months.

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Why Delete Live Streams on YouTube?

There are a few reasons you may want to remove a live stream video from your YouTube channel:

  • The stream didn’t go as expected: Technical glitches, poor audio/video quality, or other issues can negatively impact the viewer experience. Deleting allows you to start fresh.
  • You shared something unintended: Accidentally broadcasting inappropriate content or sharing things you didn’t mean to makes deleting the prudent option.
  • The video no longer fits your channel: As your channel evolves, old content may seem out of place. Removing outdated streams helps keep your channel cohesive.
  • You want to update strategies: If you’re testing different streaming approaches and frequencies, deleting old attempts creates room for new ideas.
  • The content is time-sensitive: Live events like product launches or timely announcements lose relevancy over time. Deleting past events declutters your video list.
  • You wish to drive traffic elsewhere: If you now want to focus views on uploads or other platforms, clearing old streams simplifies things.

The ability to delete live stream recordings gives you control over your channel’s content and creative direction. As your marketing objectives shift, removing outdated or irrelevant broadcasts ensures your YouTube presence aligns with current goals.

As we’ve covered, deleting your live streams completely from YouTube is straightforward once you find the Video Manager. Navigate to your list of live broadcasts, hover on the video in question, select “Delete” from the Actions menu, and confirm your choice. Though YouTube makes uploading and streaming user-friendly, they’ve buried the ability to remove videos. By following the steps here directing you to easily erase live streams after the fact, you can maintain full control over your channel’s content. Whether you’re pivoting creative directions or covering up a streaming slip-up, this guide equips you to properly delete those YouTube live videos for good.

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