How to Check and Increase Your YouTube Playlist Views?

How to Check and Increase Your YouTube Playlist Views?

YouTube playlists allow you to curate and share collections of videos around topics you love. As a creator, optimizing your YouTube playlists is a great way to increase viewership and promote your content. But how do you know if your playlists are actually attracting viewers? This guide will teach you how to check YouTube playlist views so you can better understand your audience and boost your visibility.

What Do YouTube Playlist Views Mean?

When viewers watch a video that’s part of a public or unlisted YouTube playlist, it counts as a playlist view. This metric allows creators to track how appealing their playlists are to viewers.

More playlist views signal that a playlist successfully targets audience interests and encourages binge viewing. Playlists with high view counts tend to rank better in YouTube search and suggested videos. YouTube’s algorithm favors playlists that consistently attract viewers.

Checking your playlist views provides valuable insight into:

  • Audience interest in your playlist topics
  • How well your playlists convert viewers
  • Which playlists drive the most traffic

Analyzing playlist performance helps you identify opportunities to improve discoverability and watch time. Read on to learn how to monitor your YouTube playlist views.

How to Check YouTube Playlist Views

Checking the number of views for your YouTube playlists is simple with just a few steps:

Step 1 – Navigate to YouTube Studio

To see analytics for your YouTube playlists, you first need to go to the YouTube Studio dashboard. This is the back-end area where you can access data and tools for your channel.

To get there, click on your profile icon in the top right corner of YouTube, then select “YouTube Studio” from the dropdown menu. This will open up the Studio dashboard.

Navigate to YouTube Studio to Check YouTube Playlist Views

Step 2 – Navigating to Your Content On the left side of the menu bar

You will see a list of Channel content including Video, Shorts, Live, Posts, Playlists, Podcasts, Promotion, Beta.

Navigating to Your Content On the left side of the menu bar

Step 3 – Click on Playlists

In the left-hand menu bar of YouTube Studio, you will see a section called “Channel Content.” Click on the “Playlists” option.

This will open up a list of all the playlists associated with your YouTube channel.

Click on Playlists

Step 4 – Select a Playlist and  View Analytics

Browse the list of your playlists and click on the one you want to view analytics for. This will open up the details for that individual playlist. With your playlist open, click on the “Analytics” tab in the top menu. This will display all the key stats for that playlist, including total views, average percentage watched, and traffic sources.

Select a Playlist

The total view count will be prominently displayed, so you can quickly see how many times your playlist has been viewed.

View Playlist Analytics

Analyze the other metrics to get a better understanding of your playlist’s performance. Check this regularly to see how your view counts trend over time.

Curious exactly how many playlists you can create on YouTube? Get the real answer – click here for the details.

Decoding Playlist View Metrics

When you check playlist views, pay attention to these key analytics:

Total Playlist Views

This top-level metric shows how many times your playlist has been viewed. Higher totals indicate better performance.

Shoot for at least 100 views per playlist as a starting goal. Top-performing playlists often have tens of thousands or more views.

Average Percentage Viewed

This metric under the Views tab shows the average percentage of your playlist viewers watched.

Higher percentages signal better engagement and relevance to audience interests. Strive for at least a 50-60% average viewed.

Traffic Sources

The Traffic Sources report reveals where your playlist views come from – YouTube search, suggested videos, channel pages, etc.

This helps you double down on the highest-converting sources.

View Graphs

Charts showing peaks and valleys in daily, weekly, or monthly views help you spot viewer trends and seasonality.

Analyze when your best-performing playlists gain traction to guide your content calendar.

Top-Viewed Playlists

Sort your Playlists report to quickly see which playlists attract the most views.

Identify your hit playlists to replicate their success.

Audience Retention

This graph displays at what points in your videos viewers drop off.

Look for steep cliffs signaling content misses the mark. Shorter retention indicates less relevant or engaging content.

Optimizing Your Playlists for Peak Performance

Now that you know how to check your YouTube playlist views, here are some best practices to increase views and engagement:

Create Playlists Around Specific Themes

Curate each playlist around a focused topic that attracts your target audience. For example:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Knitting
  • Running Vlogs
  • Book Reviews

Consistent themes retain viewers longer.

Choose Captivating Thumbnails

Spend time designing thumbnails that capture attention. Use bold graphics, contrasting colors, and compelling text.

Thumbnails are the first touchpoint for clicks and views.

Optimize Titles

Include keyword-rich titles using formulas like:

  • “Full Guide to [Topic]”
  • “How to [Skill]”
  • “[Number] [Topic] Tips”

descriptive titles signal helpful content at a glance.

Sequence Videos in Order

Organize playlists to view videos in a logical learning path or story arc. Numbered playlists work well for tutorials.

Cohesive order keeps viewers watching further into playlists.

Feature Various Content Formats

Include different styles like tips, demos, interviews, case studies, and tutorials for diverse interest.

Format diversity maintains viewer curiosity.

Update Frequently

Add new videos regularly so viewers have fresh content to watch. Feature your latest and most popular uploads first.

Newness incentives return visits and binge watching.

Limit to 15-30 Videos

Keep playlists focused and scannable with around 15-30 videos each.

Longer playlists become too overwhelming for viewers.

Share Playlists Prominently

Link playlists on your channel homepage, video descriptions, end screens, and social channels.

More visibility drives more views. Feature your best performers first.

Run Playlists As Ads

Use YouTube video discovery ads to promote your playlists to targeted audiences. More impressions equal more views.

Analyze and Iterate

Check playlist analytics weekly to learn and refine your strategy. Double down on tactics that work and try new ideas.

Consistent optimization boosts performance over time.


YouTube playlists offer an excellent opportunity to engage viewers, promote your brand, and increase watch time. But their performance depends on attracting audience interest. Checking playlist views provides the necessary data to make smart optimizations.

Following this guide will teach you how to monitor key YouTube playlist metrics using Creator Studio, YouTube Studio Classic, and the mobile app. Use these insights to amplify your best content, fix underperforming playlists, and better resonate with your audience.

Curating captivating playlists around focused themes, updating frequently, and driving external traffic are proven ways to convert more views. Apply the playlist best practices outlined here to unlock your channel’s full potential.

Let analytics guide your YouTube strategy to keep making improvements over time. With the right structure and promotion, your custom playlists can become a valuable source of views, subscribers, and revenue.

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