How To Avoid Spoilers On Youtube In 4 Simple Ways

How To Avoid Spoilers On Youtube In 4 Simple Ways

In today’s techie world, YouTube’s the place to be for all kinds of videos. Whether you’re into shows, movies, or watching folks game, it’s got it all. But man, navigating without bumping into spoilers? That’s a challenge! If you’re like me, trying to figure out how to avoid spoilers on youtube, trust me, you’re not the only one. Random spoilers can totally ruin the vibe. But don’t stress! With a bit of smarts and staying on your toes, you can dodge those annoying spoilers and really get into the stuff you love.

How to Avoid Spoilers on YouTube

We all know the drill. You’re diving into some cool teaser vids of a game or show you’re hyped for, and then boom! YouTube, thinking it’s helping out, throws a spoiler right at you. Happened to me with all the chatter about ‘Tears of the Kingdom.’ YouTube’s like, “Hey, you liked the trailers, how about this boss fight from a leaked version?” Thanks but no thanks, YouTube. Some things should stay a surprise.

Clearing Your Viewing History 

So, what do we do? It’s all about playing around with what YouTube remembers about you. Wipe out some of that watch history, and you get to steer YouTube on what it should suggest. Here’s my quick how-to:

how to block spoilers on youtube
  • On your computer: Start on the YouTube homepage. Hit the three lines and go for ‘History’.
  • On your phone: Pop over to the ‘Library’ tab. There, you’ll find ‘History.’

Hop in and start hunting for those spoiler-y vids. Look for stuff like “Tears of the Kingdom” or just “tears,” and get rid of those from your list. That’s how I make sure YouTube doesn’t throw spoilers my way and let me enjoy my stuff without any spoilers crashing the party.

The Power of the “Not Interested” Button

So, you know how YouTube tries really hard to show us stuff we’ll like? Sometimes it tries too hard and ends up spoiling our fave shows or games. YouTube’s got this cool thing I use all the time – the “Not Interested” button.

When I see a vid on my homepage or sidebar that looks spoiler-y, here’s what I do:

  • Hover over the sketchy video.
  • Hit those Three Dots
  • Hit “Not Interested”

Doing this, I’ve made my YouTube pretty spoiler-proof. Trust me, the spoiler-free you will totally high-five you for it.

Dive in to unravel the mystery: How to fix Account Not Yet Eligible for YouTube? Read on!

The Danger of Comment Sections

Venturing into the world of YouTube comments can be a risky affair, especially when you’re passionate about a storyline and are trying to avoid spoilers. Trolls and overly zealous fans often lurk in these spaces, dropping bombshells without warning. My excitement for titles like the Zelda franchise or Tears of the Kingdom has sometimes been marred by these unexpected revelations, especially when I’ve wandered too deep into Reddit threads.

Here’s my golden rule: Stay away from comment sections. If you’re watching a video on a topic you hold dear and want to keep the storyline fresh, avoid scrolling down. Comments can be a minefield of spoilers.

And as a side note, given the very nature of this topic, I’ve taken the precaution of disabling comments on this piece. After all, prevention is better than cure, and I’d rather keep our discussions spoiler-free!

Harnessing Browser Extensions to Block Spoilers

When I’m just hanging online, checking out my usual sites or reading up on some blogs, I’ve got these tools that hide any spoiler-y words or phrases. It’s easy: instead of the spoiler, there’s this cover-up banner. So, the suspense stays alive until I decide to peek.

youtube spoiler blocker

I’ve been using this cool tool called Spoiler Protection 2.0 for Chrome. It’s kinda like Twitter’s mute button. I just type in words or stuff I’m avoiding, and bam! If they show up while I’m surfing, they’re hidden behind a big red banner.

But hey, heads up: this add-on, like others, asks for some permissions. It wants to see your browsing data. So, always know what you’re signing up for.

Sometimes, Spoilers are Inevitable

Look, even with all the tricks up our sleeves, spoilers can pop up outta nowhere. Online, offline – they’re sneaky. With so much going on everywhere, avoiding every spoiler is like trying not to get wet in the rain.

Remember when those Harry Potter fans were waiting for their books and someone just blurted out the ending? Spoilers aren’t always just on paper; sometimes they’re right in front of you, being shouted out loud.

But here’s my take: great stories stand tall, spoiler or not. Knowing a twist doesn’t ruin the whole thing. Like with Breath of the Wild, it was all about the adventure for me. And as I dive into ‘Tears of the Kingdom’, it’s the ride that matters, not just the plot shocks.

To wrap it up, dodging spoilers on YouTube is kinda like a game. But with the right moves, figuring out how to avoid spoilers on YouTube gets easier. Whether you’re using add-ons, avoiding comment chaos, or just rolling with the spoilers, you can make your experience epic. It’s a big digital playground, and it’s all about the fun and memories. So, keep your eyes peeled and have a blast on TubeLoop Youtube Loop!

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