10 Famous YouTubers that live in California In 2024

10 Famous YouTubers that live in California In 2024

California has long been a hotspot for influencers, creators, and YouTube stars looking to make it big. With the promises of fame, fortune, and perfect weather, it’s no wonder so many prominent YouTubers call California home. In 2024, some of the biggest names on YouTube reside in the Golden State, constantly creating content for their millions of subscribers. From comedians to gamers to beauty gurus, California boasts an impressive roster of famous YouTubers within its borders.

In this blog post, we’ll count down the 10 most famous YouTubers that live in California in 2024. From MrBeast to Mark Rober, these hugely popular creators have chosen California as the backdrop for their viral videos, skits, tutorials, and streams. As the top YouTube stars calling California home right now in 2024, these 10 famous YouTubers dominate the platform and pop culture. Keep reading to find out which prominent creators made the top 10 ranking of famous YouTubers residing in California today.

10 famous YouTubers living in California Overview

YouTuber Subscribers Known For
MrBeast 234 million Outrageous stunts and massive giveaways
Markiplier 36 million Offbeat gaming content and animated sketches
Emma Chamberlain 12.8 million Creative vlogs and quirky lifestyle videos
Mark Rober 29.6 million Creative engineering and fun science experiments
ZHC 26.3 million Hyperrealistic drawings and art tutorials
LARRAY 9 million Comedy skits and reactions
Brent Rivera 29 million Comedy sketches and vlogs
Rebecca Zamolo 15 million Adventure challenges and mystery videos
Collins Key 24 million Magic tricks and challenges/pranks
FaZe Rug 25 million Gaming videos turned to IRL challenges and pranks


With over 234 million subscribers, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is the undisputed most popular YouTuber residing in California. Known for his outrageous stunts and massive giveaways, MrBeast has taken YouTube by storm from his base in California.

Originally from Greenville, North Carolina, MrBeast moved to Los Angeles several years ago to grow his YouTube channel. Since relocating to California, MrBeast has staged elaborate videos including real-life Squid Games, massive influencer competitions with hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, and eccentric challenges. His prominence on the platform continues rising exponentially – he became the first solo YouTube creator to hit 200 million subscribers in late 2023.

As the face of the MrBeast brand empire, Donaldson works with a veritable army of over 250 employees. His main MrBeast channel rakes in mind-boggling viewership, including YouTube Shorts videos garnering over 1 billion views. With an estimated net worth approaching $500 million, the 25-year-old MrBeast shows no signs of slowing down as YouTube’s top earner and most subscribed star in California.



Mark Edward Fischbach, better known to his 36 million YouTube subscribers as Markiplier, stands tall as one of the most prominent internet personalities calling Los Angeles home. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1989, Markiplier later relocated to LA to grow his budding YouTube channel focused on offbeat gaming content.

Over the past decade, Markiplier has earned fame for his over-the-top playthroughs of horror and survival games. Yet his channel offers more than just screams and laughs while battling zombies. The versatile 33-year-old creator has also produced animated sketches, tear-jerking mini-series, interactive choose-your-own-adventure stories, and everything in between.

While Markiplier first joined YouTube back in 2012, his charismatic charm and consistent creativity has earned him over 21 billion lifetime views and counting. Even after ten years uploading off-the-wall reactions, challenges, lore videos and more, Markiplier’s legions of dedicated fans eagerly await each new side-splitting or meme-worthy moment from one of YouTube’s most popular gaming personalities in California.

Ranging from premium quality narratives to admitted “meme-able garbage,” Markiplier’s ever-growing video archive truly offers something for everyone. Those intrigued by gaming, comedy, animation, or simply watching a quirky personality overreact on camera will find endless entertainment from this famous YouTuber repping California.


Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is a social media phenom born in San Bruno, California. She launched her self-titled YouTube channel in June 2016 and posted her first video in 2017. Since then, her creative vlogs, lifestyle content, and quirky sense of humor have attracted over 12 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views.

As of early 2023, Emma’s channel boasts over 12.8 million subscribers and 1.7 billion lifetime views across 291 popular videos. She films primarily out of her home state of California.

Emma became famous practically overnight. In 2018, she won the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator. The next year, Time Magazine named her one of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet and for their Time 100 Next list.

Her videos focus on fashion, beauty, lifestyle topics, and giving fans a peek into her life. Emma connects through her honest, funny, down-to-earth personality. She has leveraged her YouTube following into successful collaborations with major brands like Louis Vuitton.

At just 22 years old, Emma Chamberlain has become one of the most recognizable and fastest-growing social media stars from California. With some of the highest engagement rates on YouTube, her future looks bright as she continues charming fans with her unique brand of content.

Emma Chamberlain

Mark Rober

Mark Rober is a YouTube sensation known for his creative engineering skills and fun science experiments. With over 29.6 million subscribers and 4.7 billion views across 137 videos, he has become one of the most popular YouTubers from California.

Originally from Texas, Rober now resides in California where he films his viral videos. He joined YouTube back in October 2011 and has accumulated an immense following over the past decade. His channel merges entertainment and education as Rober invents gadgets, pulls pranks, and explains complex science in hilarious and simple ways.

Rober worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for nine years before leaving to pursue YouTube full-time. He uses his advanced engineering skills to create unique inventions that often go viral like his glitter bomb trap and dart board that guarantees a bullseye. Brands like Google and Jimmy Kimmel Live have taken notice, featuring his creations on their platforms.

Mark’s viewers range from young kids to adults who tune in to see inventions like robot dogs, flying food, and holiday decor that fends off package thieves. No matter the viewer, Mark Rober brings science and tech to life in his trademark enthusiastic, joyful style. His one-of-a-kind brand of edutainment keeps earning him around 50 million views per viral video these days.

At just 42 years old and fewer than 150 videos in, Mark Rober is poised to remain one of California and YouTube’s brightest inventor-entertainers for years to come. His real-world skills and passion for innovation shine through in every project he undertakes to the delight of tens of millions of subscribers.

Mark Rober


ZHC, aka Zach Hsieh, is a young artistic talent who has gained immense popularity on YouTube. With over 26.3 million subscribers and 3 billion lifetime views, he stands as one of the most prominent creators from California.

Though born in Michigan, ZHC built his channel after moving to California to attend the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He began uploading hyperrealistic drawings and art tutorials in 2013 while still a college student.

Initially going viral for his unique reimagined portraits of pop culture figures, ZHC has since branched out into stunt philanthropy, contests, celebrity collaborations and more. He hosted Season 2 of YouTube Original’s reality competition Instant Influencer in 2021.

Now 24 years old, Zach films out of his new studio in Los Angeles. Each video highlights his artistic talents, whether through spray paint art, epic challenges, or surprise giveaways. Popular uploads feature ZHC creating a real-life Iron Man suit for Robert Downey Jr. or redrawing fan art.

ZHC connects with fans through his humble and grateful personality despite massive fame. He remembers his small-town Michigan roots through charitable initiatives like funding the education of thousands of kids in need.

With over 300 videos uploaded in under a decade, ZHC produces creative content that leaves viewers simultaneously entertained and inspired. His YouTube channel stands out as a unique showcase of art meets personality that has captured the hearts of tens of millions of subscribers. Still only 24, ZHC has already left an artistic legacy but surely has much more in store in the years ahead.



LARRAY is the online persona of 25-year-old comedian and entertainer Larri Merritt. Born in Oakland, California, LARRAY has amassed over 9 million YouTube subscribers with his funny videos.

LARRAY began gaining fame on the now-defunct platform Vine in the early 2010s. When Vine shut down, he transferred his bright personality and humor to YouTube in August 2011.

Over a decade later, LARRAY has over 1.2 billion channel views across a variety of viral content. He posts comedy skits, reactions, personal vlogs, music videos, challenges and more for his loyal fanbase. Popular uploads include reaction commentary, diss tracks about other influencers, and comedy skits about relationships.

LARRAY stands out for his bold sense of humor and critique of internet culture. He interacts directly with fans in an humble, unfiltered way they find refreshing. Alongside content creation, LARRAY has embarked on sold-out live tours across the United States.

Still based in California, the 25-year-old has already accomplished online fame few achieve. Expected to hit 9 million subscribers and 1.2 billion total views in early 2023, LARRAY continues charming young audiences with his unique brand of creative comedy.


Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera is a wildly popular YouTube personality known for his comedy sketches and vlogs. With a following of over 29 million subscribers and 7.5 billion lifetime views, he stands as one of the most subscribed creators from California.

Rivera, now 28 years old, has been entertaining online audiences for over a decade. He began acting and making videos at just 11 years old back in his hometown of Huntington Beach, CA.

He joined YouTube in 2009 and quickly charmed fans with his funny skits and likable personality. Rivera then exploded in popularity on the former platform Vine, amassing 8.5 million followers at his peak.

After Vine’s shutdown, Rivera returned his focus to YouTube. Today his channel uploads new comedy sketches, parodies, challenges and vlogs every Monday for his loyal fanbase now nearing 30 million subscribers strong.

Brent Rivera has collaborated with many top internet stars over the years including David Dobrik, Eva Gutowski and Superwoman Lilly Singh. However, he connects most through his energetic personality and mission to spread smiles through lighthearted, family-friendly content.

Now pursuing content creation full-time, the California native continues his rapid subscriber growth. With nearly 600 videos uploaded, Brent Rivera’s pledge to stay true to himself has allowed him to emerge as one of YouTube’s biggest and most recognizable young stars.

Brent Rivera

Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo is a family-friendly YouTuber renowned for her fun adventure challenges and mystery videos. With over 15 million subscribers and 7 billion lifetime views, she has become one of the top female creators from California.

Originally from Virginia, the now 40-year-old Zamolo began her self-titled YouTube channel in 2011 after moving to California. She quickly charmed families with her bubbly personality and competitive nature as she took on physical challenges, mystery puzzles and real-life multiplayer games.

Popular uplaods include testing mysterious products fans send her, competing in laser tag or ghost hunting adventures, and hiding clues for her husband to find. She also posts daily vlogs checking in with her loyal viewers.

Rebecca is known for her high energy and determination stemming from her years training in competitive gymnastics. Alongside fun videos for all ages, she uses her platform to advocate positivity and belief in oneself.

10 years since launching her channel, Rebecca Zamolo has solidified her influence on YouTube through consistency, quality content and strong audience connection. With over 20 million views per video, she continues bringing smiles to millions of subscribers each day through her contagious spirit and passion.

Rebecca Zamolo

Collins Key

Collins Key is a popular magician-turned-vlogger from California boasting nearly 24 million YouTube subscribers. He launched his channel at just 16 years old back in 2011.

Originally from Oregon, Key showcased his unique illusions and magic tricks when starting his YouTube career. An early appearance on America’s Got Talent further boosted his profile.

Over the past decade, Key has expanded into more general entertainment content like challenges, pranks, life hacks and Q&As to continue charming his young fanbase. Popular recent videos feature trying kid’s food hacks, Halloween tricks like severed fingers, and testing viral illusions.

Now 27 years old, Key films out Los Angeles where he currently resides. He connects with fans through his humble personality and passion for magic. However, his YouTube channel has evolved to highlight his comedic timing and charisma just as much as his wizardry skills.

With over 250 videos and 6.6 billion lifetime views, Collins Key reminds audiences that magic is real through his inspiring story of turning a childhood hobby into renowned fame and success at a young age. The sky’s the limit for the charming illusionist as he approaches nearly 25 million loyal subscribers.

Collins Key

FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug, real name Brian Awadis, is a YouTube mega-star known for his viral challenge videos and pranks. The 27-year-old boasts over 25 million subscribers and 8.2 billion lifetime views, earning him elite status among famous content creators from California.

Originally born in San Diego, FaZe Rug launched his channel in 2012 focused on Call of Duty gameplay and eSports commentary. His skills caught the eye of the elite FaZe Clan competitive gaming collective, who recruited Rug in 2013.

As one of the early members of FaZe Clan, Rug has since helped grow it into an entertainment powerhouse. While still an avid gamer, his content shifted toward real-life challenges, stunts and collaborations with other internet stars. Popular recent videos feature destroying his backyard with explosives, extreme eating challenges or extravagant spending sprees.

With over 2,200 videos uploaded, FaZe Rug built his influence through unrelenting creator passion and consistent content. His loud, goofy personality allows him to connect directly with fans. Rug’s journey from teen gamer to co-owner of an empire stands as inspiration for many young fans.

Now a business mogul with venture capital investments, FaZe Rug continues to evolve. But his YouTube fame still serves as the core of his growing brand and fortune at just 26 years old. His content simultaneously entertains and relates to tens of millions of loyal subscribers.

FaZe Rug

Final Thought

California has emerged as a hub for some of YouTube’s biggest stars. With promises of fame, fortune, and idyllic weather, the Golden State has attracted an impressive roster of prominent YouTubers to settle within its borders.

As of 2024, the most famous YouTubers that live in California boast enormous audiences spanning over 200 million subscribers. MrBeast leads the pack as YouTube’s top earner and most subscribed individual creator based in California at over 234 million loyal followers.

But MrBeast is far from alone in his California dominance. Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach, and Jimmy “MrBeast Donaldson rank as the top three most subscribed individual YouTubers in the world – and all currently reside in California.

The list continues with internet sensations like Emma Chamberlain, Collins Key, Brent Rivera and the FaZe Clan gaming crew calling the state home too. These creative forces produce a huge breadth of content from beauty tips to magic tricks that accumulates billions of views.

From Magnolia Park in Burbank to lavish LA mansions, famous YouTubers that live in California film everywhere imaginable across the state. Their zealous fanbases eat up the glorious Californian backdrops and locations as they react, unbox, invent and more in each chaotic video.

So for those seeking influencer sightings, California remains a top spot to potentially catch one of YouTube’s elite stars filming their next viral hit. The state nurtures and rewards these creative geniuses with the ultimate backdrop to produce content and build their personal brands to astonishing proportions.

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