Top 10 Famous Asian Youtubers Worth Watching In 2024

Top 10 Famous Asian Youtubers Worth Watching In 2024

YouTube has become a global phenomenon, with content creators from all over the world finding an audience on the platform. Asia is home to some of the most popular and fastest growing YouTubers today. From comedy to music to lifestyle vlogs, Asian YouTubers are creating diverse and engaging content that resonates with millions of viewers.

In 2024, Asian YouTubers remain as influential and entertaining as ever. As the YouTube community continues to expand, a new generation of Asian creators are gaining popularity by sharing their unique talents and perspectives. Some have garnered record-breaking viewership and subscribers, showing that language and cultural barriers are no match for good content.

In this post, we will highlight 10 of the most famous Asian YouTubers who are worth watching right now. From viral sensations to talented musicians to lifestyle vloggers, these Asian creators have become staples of YouTube culture. Whether you’re looking for comedy skits, beauty tips, or simply some wholesome entertainment, these YouTubers have something valuable to offer their diverse global fanbases. Read on to learn about the top Asian talents leading the way on YouTube in 2024!

10 Famous Asian Youtubers Worth Watching Overview

Name Nation Subscribers Total Views Known For
Jenn Im Korean-American 3.25 million 384 million Fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger
QPark Korean-American 11.2 million 1.9 billion Outrageous public prankster in NYC
CarryMinati Indian 41.3 million 3.6 billion Former roast comedian turned youth icon
Jess No Limit Indonesian 45.3 million 5.8 billion Mobile gaming pro dominating tournaments
Nigahiga Japanese-American 21 million 4.3 billion Pioneering and legendary comedy creator
Jimmy Zhang Chinese-American 1.51 million 322 million Fearless Asian American prank channel
Tingting ASMR Chinese-American 2.43 million 655 million Soothing ASMR artists who whispers relaxation
Atta Halilintar Indonesian 31 million 4.8 billion Entrepreneur and business motivation vlogger
HikakinTV Japanese 12.5 million 12 billion Family-friendly hip hop dancer and beatboxer
Ricis Official Indonesian 42.6 million 7.1 billion Indonesia’s pioneer female creator influencer

Jenn Im

With over 3 million subscribers and nearly 400 million total video views, Jenn Im has established herself as one of YouTube’s most popular Asian fashion and beauty creators. Born and raised in Los Angeles to Korean immigrants, Jenn began her YouTube channel in 2010 to share her personal style, beauty tips, and lifestyle advice.

What sets Jenn’s content apart is her energetic and friendly on-camera persona. Her videos feel more like you’re talking with a supportive best friend rather than just watching another beauty guru. Jenn comes across as very genuine and transparent with her viewers – she’s not afraid to share personal struggles along with makeup tutorials and outfit ideas.

While the majority of Jenn’s videos focus on affordable fashion hauls, Korean skin care recommendations, and easy day-to-night looks, she also vlogs more vulnerable topics like handling hate comments, coping with anxiety, and recovering from burnout. Her fans feel connected to her very real, unfiltered outlook on life.

Now with nearly a decade of influence on YouTube, Jenn Im has truly mastered social media stardom while staying true to her roots. For an authentic look into beauty, style, and lifestyle – with a Korean-American twist – Jenn’s channel is a must-follow.

Jenn Im


f you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you started dancing wildly or acting strangely in public, QPark has already tried it – all in the name of comedy. This Korean-American jokester has earned over 11 million subscribers through his outrageous and hilarious public prank videos.

Based in New York City, QPark takes to the streets to create unexpected moments that shock, confuse, and delight pedestrians. His videos show him dressed in crazy costumes, challenging strangers to dance-offs, and acting as an over-the-top tour guide to unaware visitors. The candid reactions he captures range from bafflement to concern and almost always end in laughter.

What makes QPark so entertaining is his bold personality and contagious energy. He fully commits to every prank scenario with high-intensity enthusiasm. It’s this dedication to random absurdity that breaks tensions and wins over crowds of smiling onlookers.

With over 1.9 billion lifetime views, it’s clear QPark has tapped into the human appetite for silly, harmless fun. While his humor may seem wacky on the surface, he ultimately aims to spread joy and bring levity to otherwise ordinary spaces. For sidesplitting public pranks guaranteed to brighten your day, subscribe to QPark today!

QPark Youtuber


With over 41 million subscribers and 3.6 billion views, Ajey Nagar, better known as CarryMinati, stands tall as India’s most popular YouTube star. He began in 2014 by roasting viral videos and mocking online trends, earning fame as an edgy comedian with a biting wit. However, CarryMinati soon pivoted his content towards more positive messaging and motivation for Indian youth.

Behind his savage on-screen persona is a grounded young man who overcame real struggles to reach the top. Despite facing financial hardships, he persevered with the full support of his family – the bedrock that kept him going. CarryMinati’s journey from modest beginnings to global fame resonates deeply with his predominantly young Indian audience.

While CarryMinati still entertains fans with the occasional roast video, he focuses mainly on leveraging his influence to uplift his viewers. He raises awareness on mental health issues like depression and suicide that are often taboo in India. His music videos tackle social issues too, delivering meaningful messages about female empowerment and resurrecting one’s dreams.

Named one of Time Magazine’s most influential youth leaders and honored by Forbes 30 under 30, CarryMinati proves that social media influencers can educate and inspire just as much as they can entertain. With a potent blend of humor, empathy, and sincerity, CarryMinati has become the role model Indian youth needs today.


Jess No Limit

In the rapidly growing world of mobile gaming, one YouTuber towers above the rest in Southeast Asia – Jess No Limit. The Indonesian gaming superstar has amassed over 45 million subscribers and nearly 6 billion lifetime views since launching his channel in 2017.

Jess’ rise to fame centered around Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, an immensely popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game in the region. His elite skills and aggressive playstyle quickly set him apart as he dominated tournaments and ranked matches. Devoted fans lived vicariously through his journey to become the world’s #1 ranked Mobile Legends player.

However, Jess connected with viewers not just through his gaming prowess, but his humble and friendly off-screen personality. His face reveals a shy, boyish smile belying his 26 years of age. Interviews highlight his modest upbringing, playing games in internet cafés and overcoming early life struggles.

Now the Michael Jordan of Mobile Legends, Jess has transcended his niche to become a general gaming and lifestyle influencer. He collaborates with mega-brands like Samsung and YouTube, cementing his fame across Indonesia. For aspiring mobile gamers and streamers, Jess No Limit represents the new wave of digital stardom achieved through dedication, skill, and being #1.

Jess No Limit


Ryan Higa, better known online as Nigahiga, stands tall as one of YouTube’s pioneering creators – an Asian American icon who opened doors for future stars. Launching his channel way back in 2006, Ryan honed his quirky, magnetic style of humor through original skits and pop culture parodies.

What set Ryan apart was his ability to tackle complex social issues with intelligence and nuance beneath the goofy comedy. He brought Asian American representation into mainstream internet video at a time when it barely existed.

Over the years, Nigahiga evolved with the YouTube landscape while staying true to his roots. Ryan took on acting gigs, launched multiple side channels, and collaborated with mega-stars like Dwayne Johnson. However, his original channel, rebranded to Nigahiga, remains his creative haven.

With over 21 million subscribers and 4.3 billion lifetime views, Ryan Higa has undoubtedly left an lasting impact on entertainment and culture. Through unpredictable humor and heartfelt takes on life, he represents the best of YouTube – a one-of-a-kind personality who shaped the creator world for future generations.


Jimmy Zhang

While prank videos have become commonplace on YouTube, few creators take the candid camera concept to the extremes of Jimmy Zhang. This Chinese American jokester directly engages strangers on the streets of California with outrageous questions, awkward challenges, and embarrassing dares. His brazen style elicits shocked reactions and inevitable laughter from the public.

Jimmy sets himself apart from other pranksters through his bold fearlessness and contagious enthusiasm. He wholeheartedly commits to bizarre stunts like wearing a skin-colored morph suit in public or asking people extremely personal questions. The cringe-worthy moments he captures makes his viewers squirm while rooting for more.

While Jimmy began his channel in 2016, his subscriber base exploded during the pandemic as his wild antics provided some much-needed comic relief. He racked up over 300 million lifetime views with viral hits like “Asking Girls Extremely Inappropriate Questions” and “Messing With People Wearing Invisible Camo.”

For those seeking some secondhand embarrassment peppered with fall-off-your-seat funny moments, Jimmy Zhang’s channel delivers. His willingness to make a spectacle of himself shows that when it comes to comedy, no topic is too sensitive and no risk is too daring.

Jimmy Zhang

Tingting ASMR

As ASMR videos continue gaining popularity for their soothing effects, Tingting ASMR emerges as a standout creator. This Chinese American artist immerses viewers in an oasis of calming sounds and positive affirmations. Her ASMR roleplays and whispered meditations transport millions of fans to a state of tranquility.

Tingting sets herself apart through the intentionality behind her content. She conveys an aura of self-love and self-care while tapping on cosmetics, crinkling bags, and brushing microphones. Her videos feel like an experience specially crafted to ease anxiety and welcome restful sleep.

However, Tingting adds her own splash of charm through her bubbly personality. Even while speaking softly, her joyful presence and radiant smile shine through. Fans feel cared for by a compassionate friend rather than just a faceless ASMRtist.

With over 2.4 million subscribers and 650+ million video views, Tingting ASMR has clearly tapped into a demand for healing and mindful content. Her whispers pierce through life’s daily noise, transporting viewers into her oasis of positivity. For ASMR that soothes both the mind and spirit, Tingting delivers an experience unlike any other.

Tingting ASMR

Atta Halilintar

As the son of a nomadic Indonesian family, Atta Halilintar learned the value of business and entrepreneurship early on. He began selling goods in elementary school out of economic necessity, building his skills in sales and commerce. This grit carried into his teens years when he launched several successful tech startups.

However, Atta shot to fame in his early 20s as the eldest son of the wildly popular Gen Halilintar YouTube family. Viewers were drawn to his charisma and inspiring journey to self-made success. The contrast between his modest upbringing and his current fortune resonated with millions seeking motivation.

Today, Atta stands as a testament to the Indonesian dream – where persistence and courage can override any obstacles. Between managing multiple companies and leading his famous YouTube family, he makes time to invest in aspiring entrepreneurs. His memoir Becoming a True Boss at a Young Age details this mindset.

With over 30 million subscribers, Atta Halilintar proves that business and entertainment can intersect powerfully. By blending real stories of his personal growth with fun YouTube challenges, he motivates Indonesian youth to take charge of their futures.

Atta Halilintar


As one of Japan’s first wildly popular YouTubers, Hikaru Kaihatsu (HIKAKIN) paved the way for an entire generation of online video stars in the country. Launching his channel in 2011, Hikakin charmed viewers with his infectious enthusiasm for hip hop dance and beatboxing. His channel became a wholesome outlet for families and teens alike.

However, Hikakin resonated not just through his skills, but his kind-hearted spirit. He actively avoids controversy and drama, maintaining an inclusive tone even amidst fame. Alongside his own viral videos, Hikakin boosts other creators by co-founding Japan’s largest multi-channel network.

After over a decade of positive impact, HIKAKIN remains a beloved personality upholding YouTube’s highest ideals. While trends come and go, he stays true to himself – a humble, smiling guy who just wants to make people smile. With 12 million loyal subscribers, Hikakin proves nice guys can finish first. His story shows aspiring YouTubers they don’t need manufactured personas or shock value to succeed – just an authentic desire to spread joy.


Ricis Official

Long before the rise of TikTok and Instagram stardom, Ria Ricis paved the way for digital content creators in Indonesia. Launching her YouTube channel in 2016, her quirky personality and relatable video ideas attracted millions of dedicated fans. Now with over 40 million subscribers, Ricis stands tall as Indonesia’s most popular female YouTuber.

Ricis shot to online fame by filling a void for female creator representation, especially in the Asian market. While starting off with lighthearted content like squishy toy reviews, she soon embraced her platform’s potential. Her vlogs and sketches highlight social issues affecting Indonesian women and youth.

However, Ricis also stays true to her roots by maintaining an aura of positivity. She focuses on female empowerment, spreading messages of self-love and chasing your dreams. Her story of triumph over early life struggles resonates with fans as an inspiring testament to perseverance.

As the Indonesian influencer industry matures, Ria Ricis reminds upstarts to lead with authenticity and heart. She proves celebrities can uplift their nation beyond just entertainment. For Indonesian girls today, Ricis remains the pioneer – a symbol of courage and conviction rising to the top.

Ricis Official

Asian YouTubers continue leading the way on YouTube in 2024, showcasing immense talent and creativity. From comedy to gaming to lifestyle content, these top Asian creators have honed their unique brands of entertainment that resonate with millions globally. Their stories stand as inspirations for aspiring YouTubers in the region to find their voice and share their passions with the world. As the platform keeps growing, Asian YouTubers remain at the forefront wowing fans across cultures.

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