10 Must-Watch Catholic Youtube Channels for Inspiration

10 Must-Watch Catholic Youtube Channels for Inspiration

Seeking spiritual nourishment and inspiration for your faith journey? YouTube offers a treasure trove of Catholic channels that can lift your spirits with gospel readings, thoughtful reflections, news updates and more. We’ve compiled 10 must-subscribe Catholic YouTube channels that are sure to strengthen your connection to Catholic teachings and community.

As part of our ongoing mission to categorize popular YouTubers and make discovery easier, we’ve spotlighted these exceptional Catholic channels worth adding to your feed. Whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge, find motivation to act on your values or simply fill your day with uplifting content, these Catholic YouTubers have something for you.

Get ready to be moved and inspired by the top 10 Catholic YouTube channels for illumination. As you’ll see, the Catholic faith comes alive across YouTube in many impactful ways – from personalities radiating positivity and warmth to programs that stir your soul through storytelling. We’re shining the spotlight on those making a difference.

10 Must-Watch Catholic Youtube Channels Overview

Channel Subscribers Video Count Total Views Founded Key Highlights
KTO TV 773K 42.6K 316M 2009 French Catholic media channel featuring news, debates and more
Ascension Presents 897K 1.6K 140M 2014 Evangelization ministry with popular priest Fr. Mike Schmitz
Pints with Aquinas 488K 2.6K 100M 2013 Interviews on faith hosted by Matt Fradd
Sensus Fidelium 287K 9.8K 86M 2010 Talks, lectures & classes on church teachings
Fr. Mark Goring 241K 1.9K 68M 2013 Daily inspiration from passionate priest
Thomistic Institute 113K 509 9.4M 2017 Philosophy grounded in St. Thomas Aquinas
Bishop Robert Barron 980K 1.3K 158M 2007 Leading Catholic media voice
Catholic Productions 96K 587 13M 2007 Scripture analysis by Dr. Brant Pitre
EWTN 901K 53.5K 330M 2006 Largest religious media network
TradCatKnight 150K 1.9K 38M 2013 Critique of post-Vatican II liberalism


With over 773,000 subscribers, KTO TV (KTO) brings French Catholic perspectives to YouTube users around the world. Launched in 1999, this popular Catholic media channel offers a robust library of content spanning news, reflections, debates and more.

True to its mission of faith formation and spiritual growth, KTO uploads multiple videos daily to engage and inform viewers. Its video catalogue exceeds 42,000 uploads and 316 million views, speaking to its wide audience over 13 years on YouTube.

Expect thoughtful explorations of Catholicism across politics, culture, society and daily life. The channel often features clergy and theologian interviews for context on events related to the Catholic Church. Documentaries, testimonials and productions by Catholic associations also take center stage.

For news junkies, KTO keeps its community updated on happenings at the Vatican and abroad. Viewers can deepen their understanding of papal leadership and current priorities. And whether following news or other content, French language learners can hone their listening skills with authentic video from native speakers.

With broad programming and active publication, KTO presents Catholicism’s role in shaping identities and communities in France and beyond. Subscribers gain a guide through current dialogues, teachings and experiences centering their faith.


Ascension Presents

With nearly 900,000 subscribers and over 140 million views, Ascension Presents brings first-rate Catholic programming to the digital space. As an evangelistic ministry of Ascension, a global Catholic media network, this YouTube channel enriches faith for modern followers of Christ.

Offerings span Scripture reflections, real-world advice, documentary series and more. Viewers consistently tune in to popular priest Fr. Mike Schmitz of the Diocese of Duluth, whose Bible in a Year podcast hit #1 among 2021’s U.S. religious podcasts. Plans for a Catechism in a Year series are also underway for 2023.

Beyond Fr. Mike’s wisdom, Ascension Presents videos average 10 digestible minutes for accessible Catholic guidance. Playlists compile guest speakers like Jackie and Bobby Angel on marriage while special series journey through saints and sacraments. With over 1,500 video uploads since 2014, production value matches message quality.

The channel notes its role as an evangelistic platform sharing the relevance of Catholicism today through varied voices. Fellow clergy Fr. Mark Mary, Fr. Chris Alar and Fr. Gregory Pine have all contributed alongside lay voices like Jason Evert and Matt Fradd.

Viewers continue to find community, perspective and hope through Ascension Present’s outreach. Any seeking Christ can discover compelling storytelling and compassion here.

Ascension Presents

Pints With Aquinas

With nearly 490,000 subscribers, Pints with Aquinas serves up rich Catholic dialogue for the YouTube audience. Host Matt Fradd steers fascinating exchanges with theologians, religious, apologists and everyday Catholics living their faith.

Spanning over 2,600 videos and 100 million views since 2013, the channel captures the complexity and joy of life in Christ through unscripted discourse. Guests run the gamut from clergy like Fr. Gregory Pine and Fr. Mark Goring to prominent Catholic voices Christopher West and Dr. Peter Kreeft.

Fradd’s laidback approach allows for candid storytelling and nuanced takes not found elsewhere. Listeners gain wisdom applicable to daily joys and struggles while better understanding church teachings. Certain episodes run hours for a profoundly human glimpse at a shared journey of faith.

Beyond long-form interviews, the channel offers Fradd’s commentary, debate footage, humor and promotional spots for his other Catholic programming. Of note is his Catholic lo-fi playlist – an ambient, chillhop mix perfect for reading, relaxing or working.

However one engages, Pints with Aquinas serves its purpose: building connection through meaningful exchange. As Fradd notes, he aims to create space for enriching dialogue that informs, inspires and reinforces why truth and beauty underpin Catholic tradition.

Pints With Aquinas

Sensus Fidelium

With over 286,000 subscribers and 86 million views, Sensus Fidelium serves as a robust portal to Catholic teaching across the ages. This YouTube channel features talks, lectures, homilies and interviews for those seeking spiritual wisdom rooted in church tradition.

Uploads compile timeless insights from saints, clergy, theologians and lay voices grounded in Scripture and magisterium. Popular contributors include exorcist priest Fr. Chad Ripperger and Thomistic philosopher Dr. Taylor Marshall alongside church documents given new life through visual presentation.

Subject matter spans apologetics, church history, spiritual warfare and everyday living as a follower of Christ. The channel notes its aim to educate and inspire increased Catholic devotion through multimedia engagement. Podcasts grow the catalog alongside video drawn from conferences, classes and more.

Noteworthy offerings in the nearly 10,000 video uploads provide examination of current events from a Catholic lens. By spotlighting intersections of faith and culture, the channel reveals Catholicism’s enduring relevance.

For those looking to deepen their knowledge and connection to two millennia of Catholic faith, Sensus Fidelium offers a rich reference point. Subscribers praise the perspectives and renewal of spirit this content brings their personal faith journeys.

Sensus Fidelium

Fr. Mark Goring

With over 240,000 subscribers and 68 million views, Fr. Mark Goring brings fiery faith to his YouTube flock through daily inspiration. As a priest with the Companions of the Cross, his passion for Scripture and saving souls shines in brevity.

Videos average just minutes to deliver a spiritually-packed punch. Goring tackles hot topics in the church and culture while grounding each message in biblical truth and encouragement. His words both challenge and comfort as a shepherd guiding his digital parish.

Having walked his own pilgrim’s path to Catholicism after an atheist upbringing, Goring resonates with the modern struggle to wholly trust God and live out one’s beliefs. He preaches the Gospel without pretense, inviting all to develop a heart aflame for Christ like his own.

Thousands now start their day with his wisdom or turn to him for perspective in chaotic times. Comments praise his balance of mercy and conviction as a reminder that God meets his people wherever they are.

Nearly 2,000 videos since 2013 reveal a priest spreading light with depth, authenticity and care. When he closes each message with “becoming fire, igniting lives,” listeners feel stirred to transform their lives through faith.

Fr. Mark Goring

The Thomistic Institute

Boasting over 113,000 subscribers, The Thomistic Institute brings scholarly heft and modern appeal to Catholic thought on YouTube. As an initiative from the Dominican House of Studies’ Pontifical Faculty in Washington D.C., its content centers the teachings of renowned theologian St. Thomas Aquinas.

The channel features Aquinas 101, an approachable video series unpacking Thomistic philosophy. Complex topics become accessible through sharp analysis and striking visuals. Animated segments, in particular, relay abstract concepts effectively to reinforce key points.

In addition to introductory explorations, The Thomistic Institute offers lectures from today’s leading Catholic academics and clergy. Audience members gain wisdom applicable to current ethical dilemmas and debates while seeing Thomism’s continued relevance.

Uploads aim to strengthen intellectual formation across digital spaces – whether in universities, personal study or public discourse. Videos model charitable, nuanced defense of Catholicism as a reasonable, persuasive worldview for life’s deepest questions.

Spanning hundreds of videos and millions of views since 2017, the channel provides a wealth of resources to dive deeper into the rational splendor undergirding Catholic faith. By mining the church’s rich philosophical tradition, viewers better understand God’s truth and their place within it.

The Thomistic Institute

Bishop Robert Barron

As one of Catholic media’s most influential voices, Bishop Robert Barron advances the faith with intelligence and zeal on his YouTube channel. With over 980,000 subscribers and 158 million views, he brings Gospel truths to the digital sphere with clear commentary on culture through a Catholic lens.

From questions of ultimate meaning to social challenges of the day, Barron models reasoned discourse and compassionate evangelization. Videos feature the bishop directly alongside content from Word on Fire, his global media ministry producing films, articles and more.

Notable for many are Barron’s illuminating documentaries on saints and spiritual giants like Thérèse of Lisieux. His productions capture the wonder of these figures while highlighting their continued relevance. Other videos provide education ranging from Catholic Social Teaching to apologetics to book recommendations.

Overall the channel reveals Barron’s mastery of modern media in conveying timeless wisdom. He speaks the language of today’s skeptics, seekers and believers with insight gained from decades ofcross-platform evangelization. His content remains a shining light for nourishing mind, heart and spirit.

Bishop Robert Barron

Catholic Productions

With nearly 96,000 subscribers, Catholic Productions unlocks the richness of Sacred Scripture for the YouTube flock. As a ministry focused on Bible study resources, its videos explore biblical texts and themes with insight to enlighten faith.

Popular Catholic scholar Dr. Brant Pitre offers exegesis on Sunday Mass readings in numerous uploads, drawing out profound connections in salvation history. His expertise sheds new light on the unity of Old and New Testaments.

Beyond exegetical analysis, the channel catalogs thematically as well – compiling explorations of Mary, the Eucharist, Hebrews and other key aspects of Christian revelation. Brief introductory videos promote the ministry’s physical and digital education offerings in biblical literacy too.

In all featured content, viewers gain renewed awe at the tapestry of references and typologies woven through divine inspiration. Granular look at passages reveals both the astonishing intricacy of biblical canon and the Church’s integral role as guardian of meaning.

Spanning nearly 600 videos over 13 million views since 2007, the channel proves Scripture and Tradition remain vibrant sources of encounter with the living God. For those seeking Christ through His Word, Catholic Productions offers valuable

Catholic Productions


As the largest religious media network in the world, EWTN brings Catholic programming to over 300 million TV households globally. Its YouTube channel alone draws nearly 1 million subscribers and over 300 million views.

Since its 1981 founding by Mother Angelica, EWTN has delivered news, teachings and spiritual nourishment through multimedia formats. Options span 24-hour TV, radio, online, print and more across language groups numbering 145 countries.

On YouTube, EWTN’s 53,000+ videos inform and inspire the faithful with daily Mass readings, show interviews, animated series and talk segments. Featured guests include leading Catholic voices and clergy addressing current issues or questions of faith through ethical and theological lenses.

With channels tailored across demographics like families, Spanish-speakers and youth, content entries attract millions of views each. EWTN’s multimedia success reveals the universal hunger for meaning it strives to satisfy – upholding church tradition while speaking to modern spiritual seekers.

As a non-profit evangelist outreach urging viewers to “find your miracle!,” EWTN and its YouTube channel bring Christ to billions through powerful storytelling on paths of devotion. Silencing skeptics since 1981, it continues leading many home.



With over 150,000 subscribers and 38 million views since 2013, TradCatKnight stands out among Catholic channels in its critique of post-Vatican II church leadership. Videos and commentarydecry liberalism that host Eric Gajewski attributes to the Second Vatican Council and its aftermath.

Uploads aim to awaken viewers to an endangered Catholic orthodoxy as modernism and relativism infiltrate doctrine. Gajewski sounds alarms over syncretism, eco-religion and other alleged perversions of tradition threatening Christ’s true church.

While confronting corruption claims, the channel also covers prophecy and mystical phenomena like Marian visions. Analysis of culture wars, civil unrest and economic instability feature too under a lens forecasting divine chastisement.

Such dire assessments reflect TradCatKnight’s stance as a remnant holding firm amid a Church hijacked by global elites furthering a demonic New World Order. Gajewski calls faithful to join the resistance recovering Sacred Tradition from internal assault.

With strong stances on hot issues like immigration and pandemic responses, the channel attracts praise and criticism alike. But Gajewski continues fighting perceived evil forces undermining Catholic purity and freedom from secular society’s grasp.


As we’ve seen, Catholic YouTube channels are thriving – bringing spiritual wisdom and community to millions globally. From news and inspiration to catechesis and apologetics, these top 10 channels reveal the many ways Catholicism engages modern seekers through digital media. Whether just starting your faith journey or desiring a digital boost, Catholic YouTube channels offer truth and nourishment for the soul.

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