10 Best Prank YouTube Channels by Pranksters To Follow

10 Best Prank YouTube Channels by Pranksters To Follow

Looking for some belly-laugh inducing entertainment? Then you need to check out the top prank YouTube channels that are masters of delivering epic pranks guaranteed to brighten your day. From elaborate hidden camera pranks to outrageous public stunts, these top pranksters have perfected the art of pranking and know how to capture hilarious reactions from unsuspecting victims.

Get ready to cry-laugh as you watch people get bamboozled by clever hoaxes. With endless funny reactions and nonstop hilarity, these pranking savants are sure to leave your sides splitting. Here are 10 of the best prank YouTube channels you need to follow for outrageous pranks and endless laughs.

10 Prankster Youtube Overview

YouTube Channel Subscribers Signature Style
Roman Atwood 15 million+ Over-the-top stunts and family pranks
Just For Laughs Gags 14 million+ Elaborate hidden camera pranks
VitalyzdTv 10 million+ Edgy and controversial public pranks
MagicofRahat 7 million+ Blends magic and lighthearted pranks
Jesse 10 million+ Couple and girlfriend pranks
Rémi Gaillard 7 million+ Bold French prankster, public stunts
Coby Persin 6 million+ Pushes societal boundaries
howtoPRANKitup 3 million+ Pranks tips, tricks and tutorials
DM Pranks 5 million+ Intense horror clown pranks
PrankCity 1.5 million+ Outrageous and chaotic public pranks

Roman Atwood

Roman Atwood first made waves on YouTube back in 2009 with his outrageous prank videos. His over-the-top stunts like covering his house in toilet paper or faking dramatic accidents quickly earned him millions of viewers. Fans couldn’t get enough of his bold style of pranking.

Within a few years, Atwood had become one of the most popular personalities on YouTube. His charismatic on-screen presence and constant creativity really resonated with fans. He pioneered a new era of YouTube pranksters.

Today, Atwood’s influence is undeniable. Though he left pranking behind in 2016, his classic videos remain hugely popular. You can’t talk about YouTube pranks without mentioning Roman Atwood. He paved the way for so many others in the genre.

While he’s moved on to family vlogs now, I’ll always remember Atwood for his hilarious early pranks. Seeing him push boundaries and pull off stunts no one else dared to try was really entertaining. Gotta respect the OG prankster who started it all.

Roman Atwood Vlogs

Just For Laughs Gags

With over 14 million devoted subscribers, Just For Laughs Gags stands tall as one of YouTube’s most popular hidden camera channels. Since launching their channel in 2007, they’ve amassed an impressive 7 billion views.

The team behind Just For Laughs originated from a classic TV show in Canada. Using ingenious pranks captured by hidden cameras, they’d catch ordinary folks off guard and capture their hilarious real reactions. Bringing their antics to YouTube let them build a global audience.

In airports, malls, beaches, doctor’s offices – no place is safe from their comedic hijinks! I’ll never forget how hard I laughed at their prank where a “dog” starts shedding its fur in an airport waiting area. The reactions of disgusted travelers were priceless!

On the surface, their pranks seem simple. But behind the scenes, the Just For Laughs crew puts in tons of preparation to pull them off. Their comic timing and production quality is unmatched after decades doing hidden camera comedy.

So how long can you watch their videos before laughing out loud? After over 15 years perfecting their brand of humor, Just For Laughs Gags isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We’ll keep laughing as long as they keep pranking!

Just For Laughs Gags


When it comes to bold public pranks, VitalyzdTv is in a league of their own. They’ve amassed over 10 million devoted subscribers and 1.4 billion views with their outrageous stunts.

VitalyzdTv first launched in 2011 and quickly made a name with pranks that push societal boundaries. Their provocative style often involves masks, fake cops, public coughing, and even fake raids to terrify strangers.

While controversial at times, VitalyzdTv pranks garner attention precisely because they break taboos. Love him or hate him, Vitalyzd knows how to craft viral prank content.

Some criticize his edgy style of humor, but VitalyzdTv has carved out a huge audience that lives for his chaotic stunts. His outlandish personality adds to the appeal for fans.

After over a decade of ostentatious pranking, VitalyzdTv continues churning out new ideas. He clearly enjoys testing the limits of what he can get away with in public. Buckle up – things will likely only get more extreme.



Magician and prankster Rahat Hossain has amused over 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel MagicofRahat. Since starting his channel in 2007, he’s racked up over 1.4 billion views with his unique blend of magic tricks and hidden camera pranks.

A classically trained illusionist, Rahat combines his magic skills with playful public stunts. His popular drive-thru and delivery pranks use sleight-of-hand to confuse and delight unsuspecting participants. I’ll never forget his hilarious Omegle prank where he impersonated celebrities using masks and voice changers.

While maintaining his charm and humor, Rahat pushes boundaries with his original prank ideas. Fans love that he has integrity and avoids mean-spirited gags.

After over 15 years bringing smiles on YouTube, MagicofRahat continues to release new videos regularly. His talents both as a magician and comedic prankster have earned him an army of devoted followers. Rahat’s joyful personality adds to the infectious fun.



Back in 2009, Jesse Wellens and his girlfriend Jeana Smith launched a new kind of YouTube channel called PrankvsPrank. It chronicled their outrageous pranks on each other as a couple.

Jesse pioneered the couple prank genre with stunts like gross food challenges and public pranks on Jeana. Fans loved the hilarious chemistry between these two. Their early cinnamon challenge video and vomit pranks set the stage for more outrageous ideas.

Even after the couple split, Jesse continued the spirit of PrankvsPrank on his 10-million-subscriber self-titled channel. He carried the torch of couple pranking with new girlfriends and content.

Today, “boyfriend vs girlfriend” prank wars are hugely popular on YouTube. But Jesse deserves major credit for kicking off the trend over a decade ago. His bold style laid the groundwork for an entire genre.

While his pranks have evolved, Jesse maintains his commitment to humor and fun-loving spirit. He’ll keep pulling pranks on his partners for as long as he can get away with it!



With over 7 million devoted followers, French prankster Rémi Gaillard has made a global name for himself on YouTube. He’s racked up nearly 2 billion views since launching his channel in 2007.

Rémi became known for his daring public pranks, unafraid to cause a stir. He’s done audacious stunts like disrupting major sporting events, pranking celebrities, and orchestrating elevator chaos. His elaborate costumes and sketches have inspired laughs worldwide.

While controversial at times, Rémi’s provocative style has challenged norms and expectations for online videos. He fully commits to embodying absurd characters, from dinosaurs to video game figures come to life.

Some criticize his edgy stunts, but Rémi’s fans find them hilariously subversive. His bold personality and fearless approach help him dream up new comedic chaos constantly.

With his motto “You become whoever by doing whatever,” Rémi shows no signs of toning down his signature brand of humor. The French prank pioneer will keep pulling bold public stunts for the laughs.


Coby Persin

Coby Persin has made a name for himself on YouTube with his outrageous and often controversial public pranks. With over 6 million subscribers, he’s become one of the most popular pranksters on the platform.

Initially a model, Coby found his true calling with social experiments and pranks that test societal limits. His provocative style crosses lines with pranks like faking emergencies in public or using disguises to deceive people.

While his edgy stunts have garnered criticism, Coby leans into his persona as an unrelenting prankster. His fans love that he goes further than most would dare.

Inspired by legends like Roman Atwood, Coby has carved out his own brand of chaotic humor. His commitment to risk-taking pranks that trick unsuspecting people is unmatched.

Love him or hate him, Coby Persin has made a career out of executing outrageous pranks that live on in infamy. His boldness and creativity keep gaining him new followers eager to see what chaotic stunt he’ll pull next.

Coby Persin


Dennis Roady lives up to his channel name by showing over 3 million subscribed pranksters the ropes. Since starting howtoPRANKitup in 2013, he’s uploaded hundreds of prank ideas, tips and tricks for fooling friends and family.

Dennis covers it all – from epic holiday pranks to messing with people in public. He shows the preparation and effort that goes into next-level pranks, not just simple gags. I loved his video revealing a fake lottery ticket prank on his dad – the behind-the-scenes work showed his commitment to the bit!

While keeping things lighthearted, Dennis pushes boundaries just enough to stay surprising. He knows when a prank goes too far. His knowledge of prank gear and gadgets is seriously impressive too – the dude knows his stuff!

For anyone aspiring to become a top-notch prankster, howtoPRANKitup is a must-watch. Dennis’ passion and insight into executing epic pranks makes learning look fun. He definitely deserves the title of Prank Master!


DM Pranks

When it comes to creepy clown pranks, DM Pranks is the pioneer. Italian prankster Matteo Moroni has terrified over 4 million subscribers by donning a freaky clown mask and stalking people with weapons like hammers and chainsaws.

DM Pranks launched in 2013 and quickly went viral for its scary clown antics. Matteo commits fully to the unnerving clown persona, sneaking up on people in parking garages and dark alleys. The unsuspecting victims’ shocked reactions feel viscerally real.

While undoubtedly controversial, DM Pranks has tapped into the cultural fascination with creepy clowns. For devoted horror fans, seeing the Killer Clown stalk strangers provides a wicked adrenaline rush.

Some argue the clown pranks go too far, but Matteo dismisses critics. His fans can’t get enough of the creepy clown’s manic energy and deranged laughter.

Love him or hate him, the Killer Clown of DM Pranks delivers terrifying pranks that have become the stuff of internet legend. He’s forever etched in our minds as the creepiest clown on YouTube.

DM Pranks


When it comes to bold public pranks, the team at PrankCity is unmatched. They’ve racked up over 1.5 million subscribers since launching their channel in 2012.

PrankCity delivers a steady stream of outrageous pranks filmed in public places. They’re willing to make a scene with stunts like fake fights, water dousing, and slapstick gags. Their pranks toe the line between humor and chaos.

While controversial, PrankCity gains viewers who love edgy stunts. Seeing pranksters pose as celebrities or pull gags in unsuspecting gyms makes for addictive viewing.

Some criticize their provocative style, but PrankCity leans into the infamy. They know their outrageous pranks will get attention – good or bad.

With over 500 prank videos and counting, PrankCity churns out new ideas constantly. Their fearless attitude and commitment to unexpected public pranks keeps their fans coming back for more.


With channels ranging from legends like Roman Atwood to newcomers like PrankCity, YouTube offers a diverse selection of the Best Prank YouTube Channels. Though styles vary, the top pranksters commit fully to humor and chaos, daring to push boundaries. These channels provide endless laughs and entertainment for devoted prank fans.

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