10 Baking Youtube Channels to Follow and Subscribe

10 Baking Youtube Channels to Follow and Subscribe

Baking channels on Youtube have exploded in popularity over the last decade. What started with shows like Cake Boss has turned into an endless online catalog of baking tutorials, recipes, and relaxing videos to watch. From professional pastry chefs to self-taught home bakers, Youtube is now flooded with some seriously talented bakers sharing their knowledge.

Whether you’re looking to actually learn baking skills or just enjoy watching the mesmerizing process of sweets coming together, Youtube has no shortage of baking channels to follow. Some teach the secrets of perfect macarons while others share creative cake decorating techniques. You can get lost for hours watching the mixing, piping, and decorating.

To help you navigate the many Baking Youtube Channels out there, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorites. From tried and true classics to exciting up-and-comers, these channels should definitely be on any baking lover’s subscription list. Read on for the best Youtube has to offer for satisfying your baking obsession.

10 Baking Youtube Channels Overview

Channel Host Subscribers Videos Most Popular Theme
Rosanna Pansino Rosanna Pansino 14.5 million 1,378 Nerdy/Themed Desserts
How To Cook That Ann Reardon 4.95 million 516 Baking Myth Testing
Bigger Bolder Baking Gemma Stafford 2.75 million 804 Basic Baking Techniques
The Icing Artist Laurie Shannon 4.71 million 381 Elaborate Cake Decorating
Cupcake Jemma Jemma 2.46 million 838 Cupcakes and Cakes
My Cupcake Addiction Elise Strachan 3.02 million 489 Creative Cupcake Designs
How To Cake It Yolanda Gampp 4.26 million 827 Hyper-Realistic Cake Sculpting
Bake Like a Pro Professional Chef 623,000 1,101 Back-to-Basics Baking
Joy of Baking Marsha 1.57 million 736 Classic Baking Recipes
Gretchen’s Bakery Gretchen Price 223,000 783 Vegan Baking

Rosanna Pansino

If you’ve spent any time searching baking videos on YouTube, you’ve likely come across Rosanna Pansino and her insanely popular series Nerdy Nummies. With over 14 million subscribers and nearly 5 billion views, she has topped the charts with the most viewed cooking video on all of YouTube.

Rosanna originally started posting baking videos back in 2010 while working as an actress. Her quirky personality and unique baking creations quickly garnered a loyal following. What began as a hobby turned into a full-time gig as her channel experienced meteoric growth.

While her content has expanded beyond just baking these days into more lifestyle topics, her baking videos remain some of her most popular. She puts unique spins on desserts with fun nerdy themes like Game of Thrones or Star Wars. Fans love her bubbly on-screen presence and ability to transform their favorite fandoms into sweet treats.

It’s safe to say that Rosanna Pansino is the undisputed queen of baking on YouTube. She helped pioneer the popularity of following along with baking tutorials from home. With over a decade of content featuring hundreds of themed creations, it’s no wonder she remains one of the most subscribed baking channels today.

Rosanna Pansino

How To Cook That

Another massively popular baking channel on YouTube comes from Ann Reardon of How To Cook That. With nearly 5 million subscribers and over 900 million views, Ann has been sharing her baking knowledge and testing viral trends since 2011.

While How To Cook That features all kinds of recipes and cooking content, baking is a primary focus. Ann’s baking tutorial videos range from foolproof basics to masterpiece cakes decorated to look like everyday objects. Her unique angle is putting various baking hacks and claims to the test. Does browning butter in chocolate chip cookies really make them better? Can you bake rainbow cake in a rice cooker? Ann fearlessly experiments so you don’t have to.

Beyond just tutorials, Ann actively engages with her growing community of nearly 5 million. Along with the main channel, she shares shorts featuring recipe tips, behind-the-scenes looks, and answers burning questions. Ann’s sense of humor combined with captivating experiments and recipes makes How To Cook That a must-watch.

With subscriber growth showing no signs of slowing down, Ann is poised to remain one of the top baking celebrities on YouTube. For both entertainment and easily followed recipes, How To Cook That really delivers.

How To Cook That

Bigger Bolder Baking

Yet another wildly popular baking channel on YouTube comes from professionally trained chef Gemma Stafford of Bigger Bolder Baking. With over 2.75 million subscribers and nearly 300 million video views, Gemma has baked her way into fans’ hearts and kitchens since 2013.

As a classically trained chef specializing in pastry from Ireland, Gemma brings a wealth of baking knowledge to her videos. She teaches techniques and recipes for bakers of every skill level with a warm and welcoming approach. Her hundreds of tutorials range from cookie recipes your kids will love to intricate layered cakes – and everything in between.

What sets Gemma apart is her ability to simplify baking techniques that often intimidate home cooks. She offers tips and tricks for everything from whipping egg whites to getting picture-perfect frosting. Every Thursday brings a new video on topics like bread, desserts, holiday baking and more.

In just over a decade, Gemma has built an impressive digital baking empire. She continues sharing her passion for baking while building an engaged community. With hearty comfort foods and dazzling desserts alike, Bigger Bolder Baking has something for all tastes and abilities.

Bigger Bolder Baking

The Icing Artist

When it comes to truly jaw-dropping cake art, look no further than The Icing Artist by Laurie Shannon. With over 4.7 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views, Laurie’s Canada-based baking channel has exploded since she joined YouTube in 2013.

What started as a passion project showcasing her self-taught cake decorating skills quickly captured worldwide fans. Each week brings a stunning new cake creation themed to holidays, fandoms, or seasonal favorites. Laurie intricately hand-pipes intricate sugar flowers, animated characters, perfectly smooth fondant, and other next-level details.

While many top creators stick to simpler decorating tutorials aimed at beginners, Laurie’s channel is perfect for intermediate or advanced decorators looking to elevate their skills. Beyond the tutorials, she reviews baking tools and demonstrates baking trends and TikTok challenges.

For anyone seeking next-level cake art inspiration, The Icing Artist is a true stand-out. Laurie continually raises the bar with incredibly detailed decorations that look too perfect to eat. It’s no wonder her fanbase and view counts continue surging upwards by the millions. When it comes to baking channels delivering pure eye candy, few can compare to Laurie Shannon’s sugary masterpieces.

The Icing Artist

Cupcake Jemma

Across the pond comes one of England’s most popular baking celebrities, Jemma of Cupcake Jemma. With over 2.4 million subscribers and 250+ million views, Jemma shares her passion for baked goods from her London cake shop and kitchen.

Jemma runs Crumbs & Doilies, a wildly popular bakery specializing in creative cupcakes and cakes. Her YouTube channel gives a glimpse into the daily operations and exceptional creations coming out of her kitchens. She uploads new videos weekly featuring recipes, decorating tutorials, baking challenges and more.

What sets Jemma apart is her down-to-earth charm and ability to turn out professional-quality bakes from a home kitchen. Her recipes range from classic cookies and tarts to 3D sculpted cakes that look like everyday objects. She makes even the most advanced techniques approachable for hobby bakers.

For a taste of Britain’s exceptional baking scene with a likable guide, Cupcake Jemma hits the spot. Jemma built an international following by sharing her passion for baking through videos. Thanks to her easy-to-follow tutorials and drool-worthy creations, at-home bakers feel like they can master it all.

Cupcake Jemma

My Cupcake Addiction

One of the OG baking channels on YouTube comes from Australian baker Elise Strachan of My Cupcake Addiction. With over 3 million subscribers and 450 million views, Elise has been sharing her passion for baking since 2011.

What started as a home baker making sweet treats for her family turned into one of the internet’s most popular baking channels. Elise’s down-to-earth personality and awe-inspiring cake creations quickly amassed a global following. Now her videos bring in millions of views every month.

While her channel name suggests a cupcake focus, Elise’s videos run the gamut of baked goods. From epic cakes decorated to look like designer heels to rainbow Skittles cookies, her creativity seems endless. Yet she presents every recipe and technique in an accessible way for home bakers.

In over a decade of baking online, Elise has published best-selling cookbooks and appeared on popular cooking shows. But her YouTube channel remains her primary way of sharing new recipes and decorating tutorials each month. For wonderfully creative bakes explained by a relatable Aussie, My Cupcake Addiction is a beloved go-to.

My Cupcake Addiction

How To Cake It

When it comes to turning nearly anything into cake form, look no further than Yolanda Gampp of How To Cake It. With over 4 million subscribers and 500+ million views, her Canada-based channel has taken the cake since launching in 2015.

Each week, Yolanda shocks and delights viewers by unveiling incredibly life-like cakes modeled after everyday objects and foods. It’s mesmerizing to watch her transform elaborate cake sculptures into delicious edible art. Beyond the viral illusion cakes, she teaches recipes and techniques for everything from essential frostings to fondant work.

What sets How To Cake It apart is the community Yolanda has built around baking. Fans of all ages and skill levels come together to marvel at her magic and learn skills themselves. She offers a welcoming vibe that sets home bakers up for sweet success.

For next-level cake inspiration sprinkled with some Canadian charm, Yolanda Gampp truly delivers. Her illusionary cakes continue raising the bar, while her teaching style empowers anyone to develop their skills. With new mind-blowing creations each week, How To Cake It deserves a subscribed spot in every baker’s kitchen.

How To Cake It


If you’re looking to bake like a seasoned professional, the aptly named Bake Like A Pro is an excellent resource. Though not the flashiest big-name baking channel, it delivers simple recipes and techniques from an experienced teacher.

The channel is run by a retired professional chef who dedicated over 30 years to restaurant kitchens. By distilling complex techniques down to easy-to-grasp concepts, beginners can churn out bakery-quality results at home. Recipes cover everything from flaky croissants to decadent chocolate cakes with detailed visual guidance.

While many top baking channels focus on elaborate cakes and decorating, Bake Like A Pro is all about the fundamentals. Learn to make bread so perfect you’ll never buy packaged again. Master basics like pie dough and cookie textures that can be endlessly customized. With over 1,100 videos and 100+ million views, this channel breaks baking down into unintimidating steps.

For bakers eager to level up their skills with back-to-basics guidance from a seasoned expert, Bake Like A Pro delivers. The chef’s simple style and foolproof recipes make even the most ambitious bakes approachable for home kitchens.


Joy of Baking

When it comes to back-to-basics baking guidance, Joy of Baking truly lives up to its name. This multiple award-winning channel makes baking pure enjoyment with chef Marsha’s warm and simple style.

While Marsha lacks the big personality and production value of bigger YouTube celebs, the focus stays on the food with her. Every recipe results in simple yet scrumptious baked goods a home cook can confidently recreate. Think classics like chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, apple pies and more.

What sets Joy of Baking apart is Marsha’s meticulous recipe development and testing process. She perfects ratios, textures, flavors and techniques so viewers don’t have to. By sticking to basics done exceptionally well, her subs count steadily grows past 1.5 million. Fans love her calm demeanor and how she distills baking down to smooth, unintimidating steps.

For splendid classic baked goods made enjoyable for bakers of all levels, Joy of Baking is a reliable go-to. Marsha draws in her fan base not through gimmicks but quality teachings paired with reliable recipes. Her traditional approach proves why the classics never fade from style.

Joy of Baking

Gretchen’s Bakery

Proving that specialized diets deserve delicious desserts, Gretchen’s Bakery makes vegan baking elegant. Pastry chef Gretchen Price shares her refined plant-based recipes after years running bakeries and graduating from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America.

While many YouTube baking stars stick to dairy and egg-filled sweets, Gretchen’s channel offers decadent replacements without compromising taste or beauty. She transforms fruits, nuts, plant milks and more into cakes and tarts that dazzle the senses. Yet her professional guidance makes intricate designs approachable for home bakers.

For those avoiding animal products who refuse to sacrifice flavor or artistry, Gretchen’s Bakery is a must. Her couture-like cakes and pastries reimagine what vegan baking can be. With simplistic ingredients elevated into marvelous treats, this channel proves the joy of baking belongs to everyone.

Gretchen's Bakery

With millions of loyal subscribers and billions of video views, it’s clear these Baking Youtube Channels have captivated audiences. From classic techniques to show-stopping cake art, there’s something to feed every baking obsession. So preheat your ovens and prepare for your newest kitchen addiction – these talented hosts are ready to inspire your next sweet creation and take your baking skills to the next level. Now grab a mixing bowl and let the baking binge begin!

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