10 Famous Youtubers That Live In Texas To Follow In 2024

10 Famous Youtubers That Live In Texas To Follow In 2024

Texas has become a hub for some of YouTube’s most influential and fastest-rising stars. From comedians to gamers to musicians, talented content creators across genres have emerged from the Lone Star State to find viral success on the platform. With thriving social media communities in cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas serves as home base for an impressive slate of popular YouTubers.

In this blog post, we highlight 10 must-follow YouTubers that live in Texas and have cultivated millions of subscribers with their funny, informative, inspiring, or entertaining videos. Whether they started out sharing comedy skits from their bedrooms, posting gaming playthroughs, or showcasing their musical talents, these influential Texan creators have won over legions of loyal fans—and the attention of YouTube itself.

Get ready to discover some of the biggest and brightest YouTube stars who live and create content right from the great state of Texas. From rising talent to bonafide celebs, here are 10 famous Lone Star State YouTubers you need to follow in 2024!

Famous Youtubers that live in Texas Overview

# YouTuber Subscribers Total Views Genre Location
1 Liza Koshy 17.2 million 2.1 billion Comedy, Lifestyle Austin
2 Aphmau 19.4 million 20.6 billion Gaming Houston
3 Austin Mahone 4.89 million 1.25 billion Music San Antonio
4 The Texas Bucket List 135,000 31 million Travel Texas
5 Scott Cawthon 3.03 million 145 million Gaming Houston
6 Brianna 12.5 million 4.7 billion Gaming Dallas
7 Jessica Bravura 1.27 million 24 million Animation, Gaming Houston
8 Scotty Kilmer 6.08 million 2.6 billion Cars Houston
9 Christian Guzman 990,000 263 million Fitness Houston
10 Dude Perfect 60 million 17 billion Sports, Comedy Texas

Liza Koshy

As one of the most popular social media stars today, Liza Koshy has amassed an impressive fanbase of over 17 million subscribers on YouTube. The Austin-based creator first shot to fame in 2013 thanks to her fun, quirky comedy videos sharing hilarious commentary on her life and relationships.

Known for her vivacious energy and goofy on-camera persona, Liza quickly charmed the YouTube algorithm with viral sketch videos and storytime reactions. After building an audience of millions in just a few years, the Texas native expanded her comedy empire. She created the YouTube Premium series Liza on Demand in 2018, which she both produces and stars in today.

Across over 140 videos, Liza has garnered over 2.1 billion lifetime views on her channel. And with an estimated net worth of $6 million, the talented Texan now stands tall as one of YouTube’s top creators. Liza continues breaking new ground in Hollywood too, landing acting gigs, endorsements, sponsorship deals, and more.

If you’re looking for hilarious videos guaranteed to brighten your day, be sure to check out Liza’s collection of lifestyle vlogs, comedy skits, challenge videos and other fun content. At just 27 years old, we can expect even bigger things to come from this famous Texas YouTuber in the future!

Liza Koshy


One of the most popular gaming creators on YouTube hails right from Houston, Texas – Aphmau. The animated channel run by Jessica Bravura has cultivated an astronomical fanbase of over 19 million subscribers since joining YouTube in 2012.

Known for her Minecraft gameplay videos, hilarious voice acting, and immersive roleplaying series, Aphmau has tapped into a clear demand for family-friendly gaming content. Her videos allow viewers to get lost in colorful worlds as they follow original characters on epic quests and wild adventures.

Across nearly 5,000 gameplays, parody videos, fan animations and more, Aphmau has amassed over 20 billion lifetime views to date. Her empire continues to thrive through merchandise, webcomics, and social media channels as well outside of YouTube.

While Aphmau keeps her personal life quite private, fans believe she still resides in the Houston area where her channel first took off. As one of the most influential gaming YouTubers today, the creative talent behind Aphmau inspires future creators in Texas and beyond with her original content.

Aphmau Youtuber

Austin Mahone

One of the original YouTube stars from Texas, Austin Mahone, shot to fame by posting cover songs from his San Antonio bedroom back in 2011. The singer-songwriter quickly amassed a loyal fan following and billions of views with his heartfelt vocal performances and pop-punk inspired style.

Over the past decade, Austin has evolved his eponymous YouTube channel into a thriving music hub with 5 million subscribers. While best known for breakout original hits like “Say Somethin” and “Dirty Work,” he first broke onto the scene with viral covers. As he honed his distinct sound and style, his channel became a go-to for fans wanting to keep up with new releases and tour announcements.

Now totaling over 400 uploads, Austin’s YouTube channel pulls together 423 videos blending live performances, lyric videos, official music videos, behind-the-scenes vlogs, and more. With over 1.2 billion lifetime views accrued, the popular Texan continues growing his subscriber base daily.

Beyond YouTube, Austin has become a bonafide teen idol through his music, modeling, and acting over the years too. But no matter how far his star rises, the influential San Antonio native remains rooted as an inspiration for the next generation of Texas music artists finding their voice on YouTube now.

Austin Mahone

The Texas Bucket List

For a true taste of Texas life, The Texas Bucket List YouTube channel offers a down-home look into the best food, attractions, and hidden gems across the Lone Star State. Texas native Shane McAuliffe has hosted this popular travel series sharing unique local experiences since 2013.

From hole-in-the-wall restaurants to world-famous landmarks, Shane journeys across Texas highlighting must-see destinations for tourists and locals alike. With his affable on-screen charm and encyclopedic Lone Star knowledge, he spotlights spots that should be on every Texan’s bucket list.

In just a few years, The Texas Bucket List has exploded to over 135,000 subscribers and over 30 million total views. With over 1,000 uploads packed with road trip inspo, Tex-Mex mukbangs, rodeo spotlights, and more, Shane shows no signs of slowing his quest to uncover the best of the best in Texas.

Through breathtaking cinematography, funny commentary, and insightful interviews, this channel captures the true heart and soul of Texas living. For those wanting to experience the sights, sounds, and flavors that make the state so special without leaving their home, The Texas Bucket List offers a virtual pass to adventure.

The Texas Bucket List

Scott Cawthon

One of the most influential figures in horror gaming rose to fame right from Texas. Animator turned video game designer Scott Cawthon has terrified and thrilled fans worldwide with his massively viral Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) series since first unleashing it in 2014.

While the Houston-based developer dabbled in Christian animation and family-friendly games beforehand, his breakthrough came with the independent survival horror franchise FNaF. The games cast players as a nighttime security guard fending off murderous animatronics, racking up billions of views as popular YouTubers reacted to the jump scares.

Scott’s YouTube channel now boasts over 3 million subscribers who tune in for rare updates, teasers, and more related to new installments in the series. And with the help of novels, guidebooks, merchandising, and more, the Texas-based creator has built FNaF into a multimedia empire beyond just the games.

Even as the franchise evolves with new stories and planned film adaptations, Scott remains the creative visionary driving the nightmare-inducing series forward right from his home state. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the astronomic influence he has had on gaming and internet culture at large.

Scott Cawthon


From full-time nurse to Minecraft YouTube phenom, Brianna Paige Arsement rapidly rose to fame in the online video world thanks to her popular channel BriannaPlayz. The charming and talented Texan creator got her start on the platform back in 2018 at the urging of her gaming influencer husband Preston Arsement.

What began as a casual hobby to connect with her partner’s passionate fanbase quickly took on a life of its own. Brianna’s fun, family-friendly gaming videos, vlogs, and challenges soon attracted over 12 million subscribers and billions of views. She even scored the coveted YouTube Diamond Play Button faster than most creators on the platform.

While no longer working in medicine, the Dallas native puts her caring nature and positivity to good use making content. Brianna provides laughs and comfort to viewers around the world with her magnetic on-screen presence. Fans feel like they know her after following along during monumental life milestones like her wedding and pregnancy journey.

With over 700 videos and counting detailing everything from Minecraft builds torecipe tutorials, Brianna continues captivating subscribers daily. Her meteoric rise proves that anyone in Texas and beyond can leverage online video to make deeper human connections.


Scotty Kilmer

When it comes to DIY car advice, Scotty Kilmer has become the most trusted name on YouTube. The New York native turned Houston resident has attracted over 6 million subscribers and billions of views since kickstarting his auto-focused channel in 2007.

Initially working as a professional mechanic for decades, Scotty decided to parlay his unparalleled experience troubleshooting vehicles into easily digestible videos. His candid, no-nonsense style paired with wealth of repair tips struck a major chord with viewers seeking car maintenance guidance.

Now with nearly 6,000 uploads and counting, Scotty’s garage has become a top destination for all things automotive. From reviewing models to diagnosing issues to mythbusting bad advice, his candid commentary and quick fixes resonate with amateur mechanics everywhere.

While Scotty keeps his personal life out of view, he’s built a special community around his straight-talking, humorous, and informative videos. Having earned his place among Texas’ top YouTubers, the helpful auto expert gives drivers of all ages the key tips to mastering DIY vehicle repairs and making smart purchasing decisions.

Scotty Kilmer

Christian Guzman

As one of YouTube’s foremost fitness authorities, Christian Guzman has motivated and inspired over 1 million subscribers with his training tips and vlogs. The Houston native launched his eponymous channel back in 2012, sharing his passion for health, exercise, and nutrition.

What began as humble workout “how to” videos evolved into a YouTube empire also spanning vlogs, entrepreneurship insights, lifestyle content, and more. Beyond just workout guides, Christian offers viewers an inside look at building an online personal brand and growing a supplement company.

Now nearing 300 million lifetime views across almost 1,500 uploads, Christian’s empire keeps expanding beyond YouTube. He runs the popular fitness apparel line Alphalete and owns an elite multipurpose gym under the same name in Texas.

While juggling successful ventures, the Houston influencer makes time to keep producing weekly videos tailored to fans. From gym routines to recipes to daily life updates, his authentic and engaging content continues captivating his loyal audience a decade later. For those seeking fitness inspiration and so much more, Christian Guzman sets the bar high.

Christian Guzman

North Texas Vegetable Gardening and Cooking

For a taste of wholesome country living in the Lone Star State, the North Texas Vegetable Gardening and Cooking YouTube channel delivers a hearty helping of gardening tips, recipes, and down-home charm. Texas natives Rob and Dana Wakefield invite viewers into their lush garden and cozy country kitchen since kickstarting their channel in 2013.

From planting to harvest to dinner prep, the couple documents their self-sufficient lifestyle for over 40,000 subscribers. Their collection of 900+ videos overflow with secrets to growing bountiful organic crops and then transforming the yields into mouthwatering preserved pickles, jams, soups, breads, and more.

While keeping production quality humble and budget-focused, Rob and Dana infuse charm and wit into each upload. Their contagious passion for sustainable living and made-from-scratch comfort food brings warmth to fans looking to adapt their gardening and cooking habits.

As their channel continues flourishing faster than their tomato vines, the Wakefields inspire both rookie and veteran gardeners in Texas and beyond to rethink their use of backyard space and get creative in the kitchen. For those craving farm-fresh content, North Texas Vegetable Gardening and Cooking delivers a hearty homemade feast.

North Texas Vegetable Gardening and Cooking

Dude Perfect

When it comes to sports entertainment, one YouTube channel stands tall above the rest – and they hail right from Texas. Garnering over 60 million subscribers and counting, the good ol’ boys of Dude Perfect have dominated YouTube with their jaw-dropping trick shots and stunts.

The quintessential group of Texan buddies, made up of twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney, formed their sports comedy juggernaut back in 2009. And the rest is YouTube history. With playful energy and undeniable on-screen chemistry, these creative talents from the Lone Star State dazzle fans with otherworldly basketball shots, nerve-wracking battles, and hilarious stereotype commentary.

Across over 400 videos and 17+ billion lifetime views, Dude Perfect has carved their own niche melding sports with entertainment. They’ve also successfully broken world records, landed their own TV show, headlined sold-out live tours, and more along the way.

While the hilarious hosts take fans on wild rides with each weekly upload, their Texas roots and long-lasting bond give the channel heart. For feel-good sports fun that inspires and impresses in equal measure, Dude Perfect always delivers a perfect bullseye.

Dude Perfect

Texas has emerged as a top state for breeding YouTube superstardom. With creator communities and opportunities thriving in cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, and beyond, the Lone Star State provides fertile ground for ambitious YouTubers to gain immense popularity from channels covering everything from comedy to gaming to fitness and more. With top YouTubers that live in Texas cultivating millions of loyal followers from their Lone Star State bases of operation, the state’s wealth of creative talent continues fueling the platform and inspiring the next generation of viral video sensations.

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