10 Famous YouTubers in New York to Subscribe To 2024

10 Famous YouTubers in New York to Subscribe To 2024

New York City’s concrete jungle is home to a new breed of star – famous YouTubers who have made a name for themselves by sharing their lives online. From comedy sketches to beauty tutorials, these digital creators have built empires on personality and clicked subscribe buttons. Their hustle echoes the ambition of the city itself. Follow along as we explore the lives and content of famous YouTubers in New York. Whether you’re looking for laughs, lifestyle inspiration, or just a glimpse inside the world of internet fame, these talented vloggers give you a front row seat.

10 Famous YouTubers in New York Overview

Here is a draft table overview of 10 famous New York-based YouTubers:

YouTuber Content Focus Subscribers Total Views
Casey Neistat Daily vlogs 12.6 million Over 3 billion
Kelsey Simone Fashion, lifestyle 1.59 million 67 million
Emily Kim (Maangchi) Korean cooking 6.35 million 731 million
LaurenzSide Gaming 8.24 million 3.7 billion
Brad Mondo Hair, beauty 8.18 million 1.74 billion
QPark Reaction videos 11.2 million 1.93 billion
Brett Conti NYC lifestyle 793,000 131 million
Tess Christine Fashion, beauty 2.29 million 111 million
Erik Conover Travel, real estate 2.5 million 438 million
Michelle Choi Wellness, lifestyle 2.14 million 189 million

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is one of the original vlogging pioneers on YouTube. He began sharing slice-of-life videos on the platform back in 2010, and his cinematic, storytelling style has inspired generations of creators since.

Key facts about Casey’s channel:

  • Started his YouTube channel in February 2010 and quickly amassed millions of loyal subscribers
  • Known for high-quality, multi-angle vlogs that take viewers along on his daily adventures and travels
  • His innovative approach to vlogging established many of the norms that remain popular today
  • As of early 2023, has over 12.6 million subscribers and more than 3 billion total video views
  • Uploads less frequently now than in his daily vlogging days, but maintains his high production value
  • Focuses his recent videos on specific topics or experiences rather than broad documentation of each day

Though the vlogging landscape has evolved, Casey Neistat remains an influential voice given his trailblazing impact on the genre. His commitment to thoughtful, cinematic storytelling continues to captivate millions of viewers over a decade later.

Casey Neistat

Kelsey Simone

Kelsey Simone is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber known for giving an inside look at the glitz and glam of living in New York City.

Key facts about Kelsey’s channel:

  • 21-year-old creator living in NYC and vlogging about her experiences
  • Joined YouTube in 2013 and has grown her channel to over 1.59 million subscribers
  • Takes viewers shopping at boutiques for designer fashion, clubbing on weekends, and brunching at trendy cafes
  • Her style embodies the energy and culture of life in New York that followers find aspirational
  • Also shares relatable vlogs chatting with friends, keeping her channel authentic
  • Has over 200 videos and 67 million total views, with her NYC lifestyle content being most popular

Kelsey gives her audience a taste of big city living, from the fashion to friendships. She leverages her life in New York to provide fun, aspirational content that resonates with her predominantly young female demographic.

Kelsey Simone

Emily Kim

Emily Kim, better known as Maangchi, is the undisputed queen of Korean cooking on YouTube. Her New York-based channel has earned her fame worldwide for teaching authentic Korean recipes and techniques.

Key facts about Maangchi’s channel:

  • Started her YouTube channel in April 2007 as one of the first Korean cooking channels
  • Has over 6 million devoted subscribers and 800 million total video views
  • Known for her clear, detailed instructions on making classics like bibimbap and kimchi
  • Called “the Julia Child of Korean cooking” for her expert teaching yet friendly approach
  • Shares cultural context behind the food to deepen appreciation of Korean cuisine
  • Active website and best-selling cookbooks further showcase her mastery of these dishes

With her warmth, passion, and mastery of traditional cooking, Maangchi has become the ultimate ambassador for Korean food and culture. She makes Korean cooking accessible and fun for millions of fans worldwide.

Emily Kim


LaurenzSide is a beloved gaming YouTuber who has been entertaining audiences with her videos since 2007.

Key facts about LaurenzSide’s channel:

  • Started off as a vlogging channel but pivoted to focus on gaming content
  • Has over 8 million subscribers and 3.7 billion total views after 15+ years on the platform
  • Best known for her lively playthroughs of The Sims, Minecraft, and other strategic games
  • Adds humor and engaging commentary, making gameplay entertaining versus just skilled
  • Uploads frequently, with over 2,100 videos published across a variety of game titles
  • Her magnetic personality and quirky sense of humor delight fans year after year

LaurenzSide breathes new life into any game she plays with her relatable reactions and charm. She demonstrates how creators can leverage personality rather than just gaming prowess to build an audience on YouTube.


Brad Gesimondo

Brad Mondo is a celebrity hairstylist who has built an online hair empire thanks to his YouTube fame.

Key facts about Brad’s channel:

  • Started his YouTube channel in 2015 and now has over 8 million subscribers
  • Shot to fame with his viral “Hairdresser Reacts” videos critiquing DIY hair blunders
  • Also provides educational tutorials and tips to help people improve their hair skills
  • Leveraged his YouTube following to launch successful haircare and hair color product lines
  • Has over 630 videos and 1.7 billion total views, with his reaction and tutorial content being most popular
  • Got his start in the industry at just 12 years old before becoming a digital sensation

With his charismatic personality and industry expertise, Brad Mondo has become the go-to hair guru for millions of subscribers. His channel informs and entertains in equal measure.

Brad Gesimondo


QPark is a popular YouTube reactor who has been entertaining audiences with his commentary since 2007.

Key facts about QPark’s channel:

  • Started his channel in 2007 focused on reaction videos
  • Has over 11 million subscribers and nearly 2 billion total views
  • Reacts to a diverse range of topics – pop culture, weird gadgets, snack reviews, and more
  • Adds humor and quirky commentary to make any video engaging
  • Recently branched out into music, releasing an original song
  • Uploads frequently, with over 400 videos published across 15+ years

QPark’s lively personality and adaptability are key to his longevity on YouTube. He can pivot from lighthearted to thoughtful discussions, always staying genuine. After over a decade, QPark continues to win over new fans with his charm.


Brett Conti

Brett Conti is a popular New York City-based YouTuber who takes viewers along on his urban adventures.

Key facts about Brett’s channel:

  • Joined YouTube in 2006 and has grown his channel to over 790,000 subscribers
  • Films cinematic vlogs exploring all that NYC has to offer from a local’s perspective
  • Also documents his travels to unique destinations around the world
  • Has over 400 videos and 130 million total views, with his NYC content being most popular
  • Uploads weekly vlogs to give his audience a glimpse into life in a busy global city
  • Leverages his filmmaking skills to showcase the energy and diversity of New York

Brett Conti has cultivated an engaged community eager to explore the Big Apple and beyond through his entertaining first-person videos. His channel stands out for authentically capturing the vibrancy of New York City.

Tess Christine

Tess Christine is a fashion and beauty YouTuber based in New York City. She started her YouTube channel in April 2008 and has amassed over 3 million subscribers and 150 million total views. Some key facts about her channel:

  • Created her channel in April 2008, making her one of the earlier beauty YouTubers on the platform
  • Posts fashion lookbooks, makeup tutorials, reviews, and vlogs
  • Has over 3 million subscribers and her videos average around 800,000 views each
  • Total channel views are over 150 million
  • Gave birth to her first child, a baby boy, in July 2021. She’s shared her pregnancy and motherhood journey on her channel
  • Her content has evolved over the years from just beauty to include pregnancy, motherhood, and family
  • One of the top female lifestyle YouTubers based in New York City
  • As of January 2024, she has 2.29 million subscribers, 249 videos, and over 111 million views

Tess Christine provides quality beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content to millions of subscribers. She’s grown her audience and adapted her videos over the years, while still staying true to her original mission of creating useful tutorials and reviews.

Tess Christine

Erik Conover

Erik Conover is a New York-based YouTuber who focuses on travel, lifestyle, and real estate content. He started his YouTube channel in March 2012 and has grown it to over 2.5 million subscribers.

Some key facts about Erik’s channel:

  • Creates cinematic travel vlogs showcasing exotic destinations around the world
  • Films lifestyle videos focused on his life in NYC, including luxury apartment tours
  • Works as a real estate agent and shares property tours around New York
  • Uploads 6-8 videos per month without a fixed schedule
  • Has accumulated over 235 million total views across 180+ videos as of early 2022
  • Reached 2.5 million subscribers in 2023 after steady growth over 10+ years on YouTube
  • His luxurious NYC real estate and apartment tours are especially popular with subscribers
  • Started YouTube as a passion project but has turned it into a full-time career

Erik Conover’s high-quality lifestyle videos allow his millions of subscribers to live vicariously through his New York life and travels. His consistency and loyalty to his fans have allowed him to become one of the top male YouTubers from New York.

Erik Conover

Michelle Choi

Michelle Choi is a lifestyle YouTuber based in New York City focusing on health, wellness, and solo living content. She joined YouTube in June 2012 and has grown a substantial audience over the past decade.

Some key facts about Michelle’s channel:

  • Creates vlogs about her experiences living alone in NYC in her popular “Living Alone Diaries” series
  • Covers topics like nutrition, fitness, mental health, personal growth, and self-care
  • Has accumulated over 1.3 million subscribers and 100 million views as of early 2023
  • Uploads new videos 1-2 times per week to her 190,000+ subscribers
  • Her channel continues to grow steadily and crossed 2 million subscribers in 2023
  • Has 245 videos and nearly 190 million total channel views
  • Joined YouTube in June 2012 as one of the early female Asian American creators

Michelle Choi provides motivation and advice to her mostly female audience through candid storytelling about her own experiences. She’s become one of the top solo living and wellness YouTubers from New York City.

Michelle Choi

New York City is home to some of YouTube’s biggest stars across every genre, from comedy and gaming to fashion and food. These famous YouTubers in New York provide a digital window into the style, culture, and hustle of the city. Their diverse content and devoted followings are a testament to both their talent and New York’s vibrant energy. For an authentic inside look at life in the Big Apple, subscribe to these talented NYC-based creators making it big on YouTube.

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